Trinity Credit Services Credit Repair Review

If you are located in Texas or Louisiana, you may have heard of Trinity Credit Services, a regional credit repair company that offers personalized plans and one-on-one credit assistance. There are many benefits to choosing a local company for credit repair, not the least of which is more personalized attention. But can Trinity Credit Services really stand up to the competition from national credit repair giants? Our review revealed a few surprises about this company and one major red flag you need to be aware of before moving forward.

The benefits explained

  • Free credit report evaluation: Trinity Credit Services’ free consultation goes much further than most competitors, including free copies of your credit reports and a one-on-one review with a specialist.
  • Adapts the services to your objectives: If you are looking for credit repair services for a specific reason, such as buying a home or a car, Trinity Credit Services can help you get your credit where it needs to be.
  • Offers Money Back Guarantee: Trinity Credit Services offers a refund if you don’t see results, although there are no specific guidelines dictating when or how to request one.
  • Track progress via an online portal: The company provides its clients with an online portal that shows the progress of each individual dispute.
  • Provides a credit survival guide: Trinity Credit Services’ exclusive guide walks you through the credit repair process and teaches you other ways to improve credit. Customers receive it by mail within 10 days of signing up for the services.

Disadvantages Explained

  • Texas and Louisiana Limited Service Area: You can only register with Trinity Credit Services if you live in one of the 14 metropolitan areas of these two states.
  • Does not disclose prices: Trinity Credit Services will not tell you how much their services cost unless you call and ask. Most reputable credit repair companies clearly display this information on their website for transparency purposes.
  • Mixed customer reviews: While many reviews for Trinity Credit Services are positive, there are also complaints with third-party organizations.
  • Call required to register: The company does not allow you to get in touch or request a quote online. The only way to request services is to pick up the phone and call.
  • Credit monitoring not included: Some credit repair companies provide credit monitoring for free or for an additional monthly fee, but Trinity Credit Services does not offer it entirely.

Kinds of services

Trinity Credit Services presents a relatively limited range of credit repair services compared to competitors. Other than basic credit disputes, the company won’t do much for you. That said, Trinity Credit Services goes above and beyond to provide clients with outstanding educational tools and resources.

Credit disputes

The main reason most people hire a credit repair company is to have someone handle the credit dispute process. According to Trinity Credit Services, they start sending disputes to the credit bureaus fairly quickly, within five days of registration. The offices then send their decisions directly to the client’s home address. To help manage correspondence, Trinity Credit Services sends each client a packet of labels to attach to all communications received before forwarding them to their case manager.

credit education

It’s not out of the norm for credit repair companies to provide customers with educational tools, but Trinity Credit Services makes it a core part of their product. The company sends each customer a credit survival guide with lots of information and resources. They also encourage customers to attend free webinars and complete e-learning programs.

Optional add-ons

If a credit repair company’s standard plan doesn’t quite fit the bill, sometimes you can take advantage of optional add-ons to create a custom package. Trinity Credit Service offers something similar through its Credit Ready program, a plan that takes a more goal-oriented approach than the standard service. Through Credit Ready, the company will work with you to achieve a specific financial outcome by combining credit repair services with a credit enhancement strategy and education.

Loan approval assistance

If you want to improve your credit before getting a home or car loan, Trinity Credit Services will continue to work with you after the credit repair process is complete. Once your credit score is in the best possible shape, the company will guide you through the process of applying for and getting a loan, ideally helping you get better terms than you otherwise would.

Credit repair companies often make money through affiliate partnerships, earning a commission each time they refer customers to a third-party service. If you are working with Trinity Credit Repair to secure a loan, keep in mind that this may affect the lenders they recommend. Do your homework and get rates from your own lenders to compare terms first.

Preparing the job application

Some jobs may check your credit report before offering an offer. If you work in a finance-related industry or hold a position that requires a security clearance, bad credit could hurt your career. Trinity Credit Service offers a dedicated option for job seekers worried about things in their report that might put them in a negative light.

Customer service

Trinity Credit Services is a regional credit repair company that only serves customers in Texas and Louisiana. Representatives, whom the company calls credit browsers, are available during business hours by phone and email. Customers located in the Celina, TX area are also encouraged to visit the Trinity Credit Services office in person.

Company reputation

Depending on where you look for information about Trinity Credit Services, you will find a very different mix of customer reviews. The company has an excellent average rating of 4.5 stars on its Google listing, with dozens of rave reviews and only a handful of negative ones.

Most third-party complaints relate to questionable business practices, including asking for several months of fees up front and promising specific results. However, no formal complaint has been filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The Credit Repair Organizations Act prohibits credit repair companies from promising a specific result to customers who pay for their service. If a credit repair service guarantees you will see some results, find another company to work with.

If you have a complaint about the services of a credit repair company, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or call 877-FTC-HELP.

Contract duration

Trinity Credit Services does not officially lock customers into a monthly contract and warns on its website against working with credit repair companies that do. However, several testimonials from past customers claim that the company provided an estimated length of service and requested upfront payment based on that expected period. This is potentially problematic because credit repair companies have no way of accurately predicting how many months it will take to complete the credit dispute process.

Despite this, Trinity Credit Services offers a money back guarantee on its credit repair service. If you don’t see any results, you have the right to request a refund. However, the company does not provide details on how long customers should wait before requesting their refund. Most competitors with warranties give a specific time period, usually 60 or 90 days.


Our most pressing concern with Trinity Credit Services is that the company does not publicly disclose its pricing information. The company asks customers to call and ask for prices.

There’s no good reason to work with a credit repair company that isn’t transparent about its pricing structure. The vast majority of reputable services clearly display prices on their website to allow customers to decide if they can afford it before picking up the phone. Those who neglect to show this information often do so to get customers on the phone, where they can more easily be convinced to sign up through high-pressure sales tactics.

The competition: Trinity Credit Services vs. The Credit People

We compared Trinity Credit Services to The Credit People, a competitor that provides credit repair to customers across the country. Like Trinity Credit Services, The Credit People has also been known to ask customers to prepay for multiple months of services, although the latter clearly discloses this on its website with a monthly option.

The Credit People charges a low initial work fee of $19 and a flat ongoing service fee of $79 per month. With this fee, you will also get free credit monitoring, which is not available through Trinity Credit Services. Even though The Credit People’s library of educational materials doesn’t quite meet the high bar set by Trinity Credit Services, The Credit People still emerges as the clear winner for its transparency and value.

Trinity Credit Services The credit people
Year of foundation 1996 2006
Offered services Credit disputes, financing assistance Credit disputes, credit monitoring
Customer Service Touchpoints Phone, email, in person, customer portal Telephone, e-mail, customer portal
Upfront costs Contact for quote $19
Monthly fee Contact for quote $79


Trinity Credit Services offers personalized service to small businesses and emphasizes client education. Unfortunately, this is overshadowed by a pricing structure that lacks transparency and does not work in favor of the customer. Those located in Trinity Credit Services’ limited service area in Texas and Louisiana should consider alternatives before remitting several months of service fees up front.

How We Review Credit Repair Companies

Despite strict legislation governing credit repair, the companies that make up the industry have been known to bamboozle customers with lofty promises that often cannot be delivered. To help you navigate the pitfall-laden world of credit repair, we review companies using a strict set of guidelines based on expert feedback and industry standards. Our rating system considers all aspects of credit repair, including type of services offered, fee structure, company reputation and customer feedback.

Learn more: Read our full credit repair review methodology here.

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