The Credit People Credit Repair Review

The benefits explained

  • Affordable price: Credit People’s initial job fee is just $19, a small fraction of competitors’ prices. Monthly fees remain competitive at $79.
  • Money-back guarantee: The Credit People guarantees that customers will never pay for something they are unhappy with.
  • Unlimited Disputes: The credit people don’t limit the number of credit disputes they will file on your behalf each month.
  • Credit monitoring included: Most credit repair companies charge extra for credit monitoring (if they offer it), but The Credit People includes it in your monthly fee.
  • Many educational tools: Credit People’s help area is a great resource for informational guides, videos and more.

Disadvantages Explained

  • Markets a six-month prepaid plan: The Credit People tries to convince customers to pay six months in advance by offering an early payment discount, but that’s not really good for most people.
  • Single service option: There is only one set of services available.
  • No web chat or mobile app: Although The Credit People’s website is full of great digital tools, the company does not offer live web chat or a mobile app version.

Kinds of services

The Credit People lists several services in its single package, covering both traditional credit repair and a few related areas. All are included in the same monthly plan.

Credit disputes

Credit disputes are the bread and butter of the credit repair process. Like most companies, The Credit People manages this by first reviewing your credit reports in detail and identifying items that may be incorrect or out of date. They will then send letters to the credit bureaus on your behalf requesting that the errors be removed.

Credit monitoring

Along with your membership fee, you will also receive free credit monitoring. This is an ongoing service that is incredibly helpful during the credit repair process. Credit monitoring gives you real-time updates as the contents of your credit file changes and your score changes. Most credit repair companies charge extra hidden fees for this service or don’t offer it at all.

Debt Validation

Although not strictly part of the credit repair process, The Credit People also offers debt validation. This involves asking creditors to provide proof that they have the legal right to collect the debt they say you owe. The credit people can also validate difficult claims on your report, one of the few companies to only mention this service.

Power User Tip: Disclaimer

If you have reason to believe that a creditor or collection agency is trying to collect a debt that you don’t owe or shouldn’t have to repay, a debt validation letter can clarify the situation. However, you should be hesitant to let a credit repair company send a debt validation letter regarding a legitimate account. This may prompt creditors to step up their collection efforts, as they may see the request as a sign that you have no intention of repaying the debt.

Optional add-ons

It is quite common for credit repair companies to make optional add-on services available to customers who want a more inclusive service. However, The Credit People does not offer any. Since the company’s unique service package already contains a wide range of services, there is no pressing need for them to sell anything else.

Customer service

Credit People’s customer service presentation is in line with industry averages. Representatives can be contacted by phone or email, and an online customer portal provides an easy access point to track progress and upload documents. However, there is no live web chat or mobile app similar to what some competitors offer.

Expert advice: Advice

When you sign up for The Credit People service, you will be assigned to a team of credit repair professionals to manage your file, usually consisting of three people. If you prefer to work one-on-one with a dedicated case manager, the option is available, but you will need to make a specific request.

Company reputation

We generally use third-party data sources to gather customer opinions about the companies we review. In the case of The Credit People, little information is available. The company has a fairly negative presence with the Better Business Bureau, receiving a C+ rating and an average customer review score of just one out of five stars.

Even so, we try to take these notes with a grain of salt since the Better Business Bureau is not an official government agency but a private organization.

If you have a complaint about the services of a credit repair company, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or call 877-FTC-HELP.

Contract duration

The Credit People does not lock clients into long-term contracts. The monthly service can be canceled at any time. In fact, with The Credit People’s Satisfaction Guarantee, the company will even refund your last payment if you decide to cancel because you’re unhappy with the service you receive. Unlike most money-back guarantees advertised by competitors, this one is not tied to any specific outcome; you can request a refund even if items have been removed from your report.

Although The Credit People does not require customers to sign contracts, the company markets a prepayment plan that attempts to entice customers with a $74 discount when they pay for six months of service upfront. The satisfaction guarantee also applies to this plan.

Power User Tip: Disclaimer

Credit repair companies cannot guarantee results within a specific time frame. There’s no way to predict if your case will take exactly six months, so prepaying for that service period probably isn’t a good idea. If you pay monthly, you’ll be free to cancel whenever you feel you’ve taken full advantage of all the services the company has to offer.


The price of The Credit People’s credit repair plan is extremely affordable compared to alternatives. The initial labor fee is only $19 and the ongoing service costs $79 per month. If you opt for the six-month prepaid plan, you’ll be charged $419, for a total savings of $74.

The competition: The Credit People vs. Sky Blue Credit

The Credit People and its competitor Sky Blue Credit both charge $79 per month for their credit repair service, the main difference being that The Credit People only charges $19 in initial labor costs while Sky Blue Credit charges $79 . Unlike The Credit People, Sky Blue Credit does not offer credit monitoring; customers who want this service will need to purchase it separately from another company. Sky Blue Credit also imposes a limit of 15 credit disputes per month, only five with each credit bureau, for each month of service. People Credit offers unlimited monthly disputes with its package.

The one area where Sky Blue Credit stands out is buying a home. The company specializes in the mortgage application process and can help you polish your credit before applying for a loan. However, if you’re not looking to get credit repair specifically for the purpose of getting approved for a mortgage, The Credit People offers better value.

The credit people sky blue credit
Year of foundation 2001 1989
Offered services Credit disputes, credit monitoring Credit disputes, credit reconstruction, debt management
Customer Service Touchpoints Telephone, e-mail, customer portal Telephone, e-mail, customer portal
Upfront costs $19 n / A
Monthly fee $79 $79


It’s hard to argue with The Credit People’s affordable pricing structure that covers a better range of services than competitors’ more expensive plans. Unlimited monthly credit disputes and credit monitoring add value and usually incur an extra fee, but each is included in The Credit People’s flat rate. Our only caveat is to stay away from the company’s plan which requires a prepayment of six months of service upfront. Even with a discount, you might end up paying more than you need.

How We Review Credit Repair Companies

We use a quantitative scoring method to evaluate credit repair companies in the most unbiased way possible. Our rating system considers the scope and quality of credit repair services offered, the types of packages available, and the cost associated with each plan. Each business is assigned a score for each category, which we use to calculate an overall score and compare the services to the competition.

Learn more: Read the full credit repair review methodology here.

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