Shawana King, the credit repair authority on a mission to inspire and help people secure financial freedom



Financial freedom is a dream that not everyone manages to achieve. Not only do some people face the challenges that come with living paycheck to paycheck and the implications of that setup for their ability to secure a financially stable future, many may not be. in possession of the necessary tools and knowledge. in money management. For a considerable number of individuals, the general lack of understanding of basic and complex financial concepts has led them to ruin their credit, a problem that Shawana King made it his mission to solve. Through The Real Credit Pro, the goal-oriented fempreneur is focused on fixing bad credit and equipping those under her wing with the skills they need to take control of their finances.

Hailing from one of New York’s most popular neighborhoods, Shawana King is the star of Brooklyn’s ruggedness and desire to reach the top. Growing up exposed to all aspects of life, she knew early on that she wanted to accomplish more than an average town girl could do. Ultimately, this feeling marked the start of her journey to the world of finance: a journey that was far from smooth, but fueled the go-getter’s desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

Even then, New York was teeming with people who seemed to have none of the issues most Brooklyn natives had. They spent their day shopping in high-end stores and driving flashy cars. Wanting to taste the best side of life, Shawana King slipped credit cards and carried hordes of designer bags. Along the line, she was ultimately involved in credit card fraud, which landed her in jail at the age of sixteen.

Proving that people’s pasts cannot predetermine the course of their future, Shawana King is currently the head of a fast-growing company that aims to lead people off the path she started out on. What has now become an authority on credit repair and financial literacy first started as a joint initiative led by this well-respected figure and her friend, Aisha Hall. Together, they have helped women released from prison regain control of their lives by guiding them through the process of building their credit scores. After gaining a foothold in the industry, the power duo decided to solidify their reputation even further by launching The Real Credit Pro.

Since the inception of The Real Credit Pro, Shawana King and Aisha Hall have helped countless people achieve their financial dreams. “A lot of our customers have bought homes, cars and started their own businesses,” explained the largely accomplished duo.

But the extent to which their customers have achieved their financial goals cannot be attributed solely to the company’s efforts to repair their credit. Much of their success is the result of acquiring knowledge about fund management, an increased awareness facilitated by the team at the helm of The Real Credit Pro.

Today, Shawana King has come a long way since her time in prison. With an impressive portfolio of accomplishments attached to her name, she is a leading authority on credit repair and financial literacy and will continue to help people become masters of their own finances.


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