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Trusted credit specialists serve the Spanish community with training, consultation and analysis

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April 20, 2022

WEST NEW YORK, NJ, April 20, 2022 (Newswire.com) –
NJ Credit Repair, founded by Rolando E. Nunez, is New Jersey’s leading provider of credit education, analysis and repair. Rolando Nunez, also known as Mr. Credit, started this business to help the Spanish community achieve their financial goals through education and empowerment. NJ Credit Repair prides itself on helping customers improve their credit, save more, and pay off debt. Nunez and his team are on a mission to enable their clients to live happy lives on their own terms.

Mr. Credit specializes in helping people with weak and poor credit. After engaging the affordable services of NJ Credit Repair, clients can make their dreams come true. For example, past customers have been able to buy cars, buy houses, start businesses, and get insurance. At NJ Credit Repair LLC, the mission is to ensure that every client has the opportunity to build wealth and achieve all of their dreams. To start, every customer receives a free credit consultation and analysis. At that time, NJ Credit Repair can identify any negative items that may impact a credit score. Once the negative targets are identified, Nunez and his team get to work. NJ Credit Repair works diligently and aggressively on behalf of its clients.

In-depth knowledge, aggressive challenge tactics and expert strategies are key at NJ Credit Repair. In addition to fighting tirelessly for its clients, NJ Credit Repair also provides helpful training on how to use credit properly and speed up the process of improving credit. NJ Credit Repair typically delivers results within 30-45 days and provides unlimited disputes. Clients receive their credit enhancement results through an encrypted and secure portal every thirty days. NJ Credit Repair offers several customer-centric packages, including individual and couple monthly packages. Clients in the Spanish community choose NJ Credit Repair as their trusted financial advisor.

Great customer service! Rolando was very clear and took the time to explain everything. I didn’t feel overwhelmed or overwhelmed by all the information and advice he gave me. Using NJ Credit Repair has definitely helped clear a lot of issues/problems, and I am now on a definite path to rebuilding my credit. Definitely give them the opportunity to help you!!” – Louis O.

As a bilingual community member with extensive experience in the financial industry, Rolando E. Nunez has found his calling in helping others achieve their dreams and goals. Nunez, President and Founder of NJ Credit Repair, is passionate about improving the Spanish community through valuable financial education and credit counseling. To schedule a free credit consultation today, please visit NJ Credit Repair’s convenient appointment scheduler. For more information about NJ Credit Repair LLC and its services, please visit www.njcreditllc.com.

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