Limitless Culture CEO Mike Meza uses TikTok to increase credit repair literacy for younger generations

Culture Unlimited, LLC

Culture Unlimited, LLC

Culture Unlimited, LLC

Whitsett, North Carolina, 06 Dec. Feb. 2, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — New FICO data reveals the average U.S. credit score is a healthy 716, up from 686 at the same time last year — and a TikTok breakout. star is helping Gen Z, millennials, minorities and others clean up their finances and achieve even higher scores.

Mike Meza, CEO of Limitless Culture, is a credit repair specialist who started the company TikTok with the goal of empowering others to take control of their credit the right way. The company has since grown its audience to nearly 500,000 people through a frequently updated stream of videos offering crucial information and insider tips on all aspects of setting your FICO score. Some of the most recent hits cover areas from thwarting debt collectors to what not to do when buying a car, and from major credit bureau flaws to the quickest ways to remove credit inquiries from your credit score.

The videos are a modern and engaging way for Limitless Culture to educate and empower younger generations about the world of credit repair, which offers a full range of credit repair services. Their TikTok channel provides just a glimpse of the comprehensive help Mike offers clients looking to repair their credit reports, such as one-on-one credit coaching, credit monitoring, steps to build and rebuild credit, and Moreover.

Just as Limitless Culture uses emerging social media to grow its customer base, it also embraces the latest technology to offer perfectly organized and customer-specific credit support. For example, the company uses what’s called Metro 2 Compliance Coding, which allows it to tailor unique credit repair solutions to each customer’s needs.

“So many other credit repair companies don’t really understand credit and give out so much misinformation or rely on outdated technology that has minimal benefits,” Mike says.

The information provided by Limitless Culture is relevant to people of all ages, as credit scores are fundamental to many aspects of life in the United States. This three-digit number can be the deciding factor for some of life’s biggest financial decisions, including buying a home for the first time, getting a vital loan for a business, or buying a new car.

But the advice Mike offers particularly resonates with millennials and Gen Zers who might feel overwhelmed entering the world of credit but not sure how to navigate it – a situation he once faced: “I got credit 10 years ago because I don’t know.

Mike, a Latino himself, said, “I wanted to be able to teach my kids and my family the importance of credit because being Latino we never heard of credit because our families only believed cash.” Another audience that Limitless Culture focuses on is Latinos, some of whom prefer to do most of their transactions in cash. This can create complications when it comes to establishing a credit score, as there is less conventional financial evidence that FICO and other credit data companies rely on to generate a credit score. ‘an individual.

Limitless Culture wants its customers to be temporary. Mike talks about it saying, “We live, eat and sleep all credit and we don’t use old failed methods for credit repair. We have no interest in keeping a client forever. We want to get you to graduation day as soon as possible.

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