How to start your own credit repair business



Starting a credit repair business can seem daunting, but it’s less complicated than you might think. The demand for these services is high and you can build a profitable business if your strategy is thought out. This model was very rewarding. Here’s how to apply it.

Don’t expect it to be all the sun and rainbows at first. Become one of high end credit repair businesses take time and effort. You will need to adjust your prices, website, and methods as your business grows. Complying with the Credit Repair Organizations Act and implementing effective sales tactics are essential. So where to start ?

What is the mission of these companies?

If you are reading this article, you must have at least a basic understanding of the repair. This multi-step process helps consumers achieve better credit scores. By liaising with lenders and bureaus, vendors clear up reporting errors, increasing totals.

All services must be rendered in accordance with the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA), which protects consumers from unfair practices. These businesses can be run from home, but the largest suppliers are office type establishments. Obviously, any model requires creation of a business plan before launch.

Laws to know

Find out as much as possible about the applicable legislation. The aforementioned federal law regulates various aspects of your interaction with customers. Here are some of the stipulations:

  • Before starting work, a written contract must be signed by both parties.
  • You cannot request upfront payments.
  • Your customers should have the right to cancel the service within a specified time.

In addition, study the Fair Credit Reports Act (FCRA). Without it, this industry would not exist. It obliges offices to provide only verifiable information. As a result, all errors and unfounded entries can be removed through litigation.

Protect your customers

Your customers must be protected from any damage that may arise from the actions of your staff. You never know what may happen in the process when you view and edit reports. Obtain a credit repair bond to cover these risks. The procedure and the cost depend on your state.

How to register the business

Registration is required to open a bank account and become an official service provider. Different models are available – LLC, Sole Proprietorship, DBA, etc. Consult a tax professional to find the best system for your situation.

Shape your pricing structure

This industry is very competitive, so you need to offer attractive and clear prices. Currently, services cost between $ 79 and $ 129 per month. Some companies charge a setup fee, also known as a first job fee. It does not constitute a down payment (the company does some initial work before invoicing the customer) and is therefore legal.

Obtain training

Credit repair providers are not required to have any special certification or diploma. Nonetheless, you should be educated and certified to be credible, so consider relevant courses in your area. The experts will teach you the ins and outs of the repair, including the following aspects:

  • how to write and send effective protest letters;
  • how to analyze the reports;
  • how to help customers save money;
  • how the offices operate;
  • how to create bank and merchant accounts;
  • how to generate leads, etc.

Get reliable software

Efficient processes require top-notch software. It will allow you to automate and send protest letters, and to scale quickly. Popular products come with step-by-step guides to help you master the systems and promote your services.

How to Advertise Your Credit Repair Business

Today, digital marketing is king, and it requires an omnichannel presence. You can use different platforms, from Facebook to Instagram. The promotion includes useful content and paid advertising. Note that each system has its particularities, so your announcements and information must be adapted to each environment. For example, here are some tips for Instagram.

Create a professional account and use all the tools at your disposal. First of all, you need to post valuable content with relevant hashtags. Second, Instagram Stories will give your potential customers a ‘behind the scenes’ view, so they can make a personal connection with your business. Third, Reels and IGTV will help you get a flood of leads.

Describe your business’ results, post testimonials and offer free training. Companies should publish at least one post and one to three stories per day. Finally, you could pay to promote your posts and get lazy exposure.

Become a member of the Facebook communities dedicated to credit repair. These are usually created by service providers, so don’t promote your business explicitly. Instead, provide helpful advice to members and answer their questions. This will encourage them to check your profile, where you should include your business website. Learn as much as you can about other promotional channels and automated systems.


Before starting your business, there is a lot of research that needs to be done. Study the laws governing this industry. Develop a clear understanding of what your business will be doing and the tools and services you should be using. Create a comprehensive business plan. Pick an appropriate registration template, launch your business and start promoting it! Social media, email marketing, and other modern lead generation methods will help you gain referrals and trust!


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