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Check the websites of many credit repair companies and you’ll find charges well in excess of $100 per month for services that simply aren’t worth the cost. Enter This company offers one of the most affordable credit repair plans in the industry, with a flat monthly fee of $49.99 for unlimited credit disputes and interventions. So what’s the problem ? We dove into the services of to find out if there is one.

The benefits explained

  • Low monthly fees: charges an initial fee of $49.99 (billed five days after signup) and only $49.99 per month for ongoing service.
  • Unlimited litigation and letters to creditors: Not only is the company not limiting monthly disputes, but it will also send as many letters as necessary to creditors.
  • Open 24/7: Whenever you need to contact us, is available by phone 24 hours a day.
  • In business since 1997: The company has decades of experience in credit repair.

Disadvantages Explained

  • Not customizable: offers only one credit repair package and no add-on services.
  • Does not provide warranty: Some competitors issue refunds if they are unable to remove errors from a customer’s credit report, but does not provide this guarantee.
  • Credit monitoring not included: If you want to monitor your credit with a monitoring service, you will need to register with another company.
  • Obsolete website: Customers accustomed to a more modern digital experience may be disappointed with’s cumbersome digital tools.

Kinds of services streamlines its credit repair solutions into one plan. The package includes a fairly standard number of services divided into two areas: credit disputes and creditor interventions. All services are provided in unlimited amounts per month, a step up from many competitors who cap the number of disputes they will send each billing cycle.

Credit disputes

When you first register with, the company will appoint a licensed attorney to review your credit reports and check for potential errors. They will then start sending disputes to the credit bureaus on your behalf to request that the incorrect items be changed or removed. This includes credit account details, difficult inquiries and your personal information such as your name and address.

Interventions by creditors

Although not all clients need it, also offers unlimited creditor interventions with their monthly service fee. This refers to a series of requests that the company can send to lenders or collection agencies asking them to make changes on their end. Goodwill letters, debt validation requests, and cease and desist notices are all included.

Many credit repair companies advertise debt validation and cease and desist letters as part of their services, but few explain the potential negative ramifications of pursuing these actions. While both are useful if you’re dealing with debt you think is wrong, you should use them sparingly. Both can cause lenders to pursue more aggressive action against you (including legal action) if they believe you will attempt to evade debt.

Optional add-ons

While some credit repair companies allow you to customize services, doesn’t offer any extras outside of its basic package. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to purchase add-ons such as credit monitoring directly from the company. If this is a service you are interested in, you will need to check with other providers.

Customer service has a very strong customer service offering. It is one of the few credit repair companies that offers 24/7 phone service. Representatives are also available via web chat and email.

Despite access to industry-leading customer service,’s website is significantly less user-friendly than most competitors. Locating information can be frustrating due to a long outdated site design. However, the company offers a customer portal for convenient account access at any time.

Company reputation

Credit repair companies tend to rack up negative reviews and complaints from past customers. In the case of, there is not much information available.

Contract duration

Customers who register with do not face any long-term contracts. Service can be canceled at any time without penalty, although the company recommends customers plan to pay around 12 months of service on average. Fees are billed at the end of each month, which is a welcome change from many credit repair companies that bill customers before the month’s services have been rendered.

Cost’s credit repair package costs $49.99 per month, with an initial first job fee of $49.99 that is billed five days after signup. Overall, it’s significantly cheaper than the vast majority of comparable plans from similar companies.

The competition: vs. Credit Repair USA

To illustrate how competitive’s service fees are, we’ve compared it to Credit Repair USA, a competitor that offers an almost identical credit repair package. Both companies provide a fairly standard service consisting of an initial analysis of the credit report and pending credit disputes, as well as creditor interventions.

Still, the price differences between the two couldn’t be more apparent. Credit Repair USA has no upfront fee, but charges $99 per month for ongoing service, which is double’s fee. Credit Repair USA offers an expedited program, although it involves additional fees. Without other considerable differences, is the clear winner. Credit Repair in the United States
Year of foundation 1997 2004
Offered services credit repair credit repair
Customer Service Touchpoints Phone, email, web chat, customer portal Telephone, e-mail, customer portal
Upfront costs $49.99 $0
Monthly fee $49.99 $99.00

Verdict is one of the most economical credit repair services you can find. Although the company does not offer customizable plans or additional add-ons, their value still far exceeds what the majority of competitors offer. 24/7 customer service is a major benefit for anyone with a busy schedule who cannot make calls during normal business hours. As long as you don’t mind navigating old systems online, this is definitely an option to consider for affordable credit repair.

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How We Review Credit Repair Companies

We review credit repair companies using a strict set of standards to identify reputable providers and weed out scams. Our rating system looks at the variety of services offered, price details, company reputation, and more. We collect the majority of the data we use ourselves, although we also rely on third parties such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Better Business Bureau for additional information.

Learn more: Read our full credit repair review methodology here.

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