Credit repair power couple Dylan and Theano Shively take their mission to the next level with 7 tips for 7 figures

SAN ANTONIO, TX/ACCESSWIRE/January 4, 2022/ Despite the influence of credit repair companies to help individuals solve their problems, they are often stigmatized for their lack of efficiency, which makes it difficult for several brands to get by. Dylan and Theano Shively are the proud owners of James Warren Group, a business that saw them join the CRC Millionaire’s Club. Since reaching new heights, they have turned their attention to helping other entrepreneurs in the credit repair industry break the stigma through their brand, 7 Tips for 7 Numbers.

7 Tips for 7 Figures founder Dylan Shively is an Army veteran and published author who started his band James Warren in 2017 to help his client achieve the impossible. Theano Shively brings 12 years of banking experience to the table, sharing her husband’s vision.

Since founding their business, Dylan has been recognized by multiple media outlets and featured in FORBES magazine and Yahoo finance as an industry leader in credit repair and overall small business growth. Additionally, the entrepreneur is known for helping others in their businesses and portrays himself as a leader within the community, living up to the quote “Do what’s right, not what’s easy.”

Dylan and Theano Shively wanted to create a place where other credit repair business owners could learn how to build careers similar to the couple’s. Having been in the industry for over seven years, Dylan and Theano had already established a solid reputation in the industry, consistently garnering tons of positive reviews and earning recognition as moral and ethical business owners.

7 Tips for 7 Figures was created to address the declining reputation of credit repair. Besides the economic crisis that peaked after the global pandemic shook the world, there have been credit repair companies that have sold high promises that yield little or no results.

“Seeing that the credit repair industry doesn’t have the best stigma, we want to be able to change that,” shared the founders of 7 Figures 7 Tips. “We understand that this changes only through our efforts, but also through the efforts of all business owners in our industry. If we can help them, we can help more people and change the awful stigma.”

Dylan and Theano Shively have already taught over a hundred other credit repair business owners how to grow and scale their business the right way, giving them more than enough experience and knowledge to help 7 tips for 7 figures to thrive. While there are other companies in the same space, the Shivelys can stand out with their years of experience in the industry.

“We have a real business and have been successful in the business,” they said. “As we continue to grow, we continue to share all of our knowledge and inject our students until they succeed.”

Dylan and Theano Shively have consistently pushed the envelope, going the extra mile with the James Warren band and hoping to repeat the same success with 7 tips for 7 figures. “Our goal is to help at least 15,000 or more credit repair business owners have successful credit repair businesses,” they revealed.

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