Credit repair company banned from doing business in Georgia

Attorney General Chris Carr recently announced a $145,750 settlement with Above 701, Inc. and its sole owner and operator, Darius Williams, alleging they violated Georgia’s Fair Business Practices Act by operating an illegal credit repair.

According to Georgia law (OCGA § 16-9-59), the practice of credit repair, which is the marketing or selling of services to improve a buyer’s credit record, history, or rating, with unpredictable results, is generally illegal in the state. from Georgia. In addition to alleging that Above 701 violated the aforementioned provision of the law, the Attorney General’s Office alleges that the company further violated Georgia law by:

  • request and accept payment from consumers for its credit repair services before such services are provided; and
  • making misleading claims that bankruptcies and debts could be permanently removed from consumers’ credit reports, without adequately disclosing that negative credit information cannot be erased from a consumer’s credit report if the information is exact.

In response to these allegations, Above 701 entered into a consent judgment with the Attorney General’s office requiring it, among other things, to:

  • cease all ongoing business operations in the state of Georgia
  • cease advertising, offering, selling, or engaging in credit repair services in the State of Georgia or to residents of Georgia;
  • offer compensation to the consumer in the amount of $110,000; and
  • pay a civil penalty of $35,750 to the state, $10,000 of which will be waived if the company fully complies with the terms of the settlement.

Refunds for consumers

Anyone who paid Above 701, Inc. or Darius Williams for credit repair services may be entitled to compensation under the settlement and must complete and submit a prescribed claim form, along with supporting documentation, to the Georgia Department of Law. . Claim Forms must be postmarked, faxed or hand delivered no later than 5:00 p.m. EDT on June 2, 2020 be considered for restitution.


Claims must be submitted by or on behalf of identified consumers who:

  1. can demonstrate that they have made payment to Above 701, Inc. or Darius Williams for credit repair services; and
  2. have not received full reimbursement of payments from the parties named above or from a third party.

File a claim

Consumers can download a complaint form here.

Completed applications should be faxed to the Georgia Department of Law-Consumer Protection Division at (404) 651-9018, mailed or next day delivery, or hand delivered to:

Georgia Department of Law-Consumer Protection Division
ATTN: Return program greater than 701
2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr., Suite 356
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-9077

Claims must be postmarked, delivered by hand or fax no later than 5:00 p.m. EST on June 2, 2020.

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