Credit repair – Purple Payday Thu, 18 Nov 2021 20:00:22 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Credit repair – Purple Payday 32 32 Here’s what you need to know about credit repair Thu, 18 Nov 2021 09:55:25 +0000 One of the most important steps in getting your finances in order is getting out of debt. Credit card debt makes up the majority of most people’s financial obligations and can affect your ability to get credit when making major purchases. So, it’s worth fixing your credit history, among other steps, by paying off your […]]]>

One of the most important steps in getting your finances in order is getting out of debt. Credit card debt makes up the majority of most people’s financial obligations and can affect your ability to get credit when making major purchases.

So, it’s worth fixing your credit history, among other steps, by paying off your credit card debt. You can seek help from a credit repair company, but this is not always the best course of action.

Here’s what you need to know about credit repair companies, if they’re worth contacting, and how you can fix your credit reports on your own.

What Are Credit Repair Companies?

A credit repair business is an institution that helps you understand your credit by analyzing your credit report and repairing it by disputing any inaccuracies with your creditors and credit bureaus.

Are Credit Repair Companies Worth It?

If it is a legitimate business like Lexington’s LawIt may be worth it to hire a credit repair company. Its professionals may be better equipped to deal with credit problems than you. They are familiar with the provisions of federal consumer laws and have experience helping many customers challenge their credit history.

Either way, the companies that offer credit repair services have gained a bad reputation over the years. The reason is that many crooks have infiltrated this service and are using the platform to prey on unsuspecting customers who want to fix their credit scores quickly.

The business is so prone to fraud because it is easy to start a credit repair business. Anyone, absolutely anyone, can do it. Although federal laws regulate the activities of companies once they are operational, the laws are silent on the requirements of individuals or companies wishing to do business.

Since the Internet made it easier to start online businesses, many people have started credit repair businesses. They don’t have to take any training or license to get started. They’re probably watching a few videos on the internet, learning a few tips, and starting to advertise their business.

So, to answer the question of whether credit repair companies are worth it, we strongly advise against them unless they are proven companies like Lexington Law.

You could do the credit repair yourself

On the other hand, companies like Lexington Law don’t do anything that you can’t do on your own for free. In other words, you can do credit repair yourself. It only has four easy steps.

Step 1: Get your free credit reports from to find out what information they contain.

2nd step: Check if there are any errors or incorrect information on the report. If you find even the slightest mistake, it is worth disputing. The error could be in your name, spelling, address, social security number, and credit history.

Check the credit cards listed, your major purchases, and the amount of debt as well. If there is an error, print the report, highlight the error, and gather the documentation you need to dispute the information.

Step 3: Write your letter to the credit reporting agency (TransUnion, Experian, or Equifax) and point out the error. Explain it in detail and attach copies (not originals) of the report and your documentation.

The credit reporting agency must respond within 30 days. They must correct any proven errors and notify you in writing of the changes made. The company also sends notifications of these corrections to affected parties who received your report within the past six months.

Step 4: With your credit errors fixed, it’s time to work on your credit status. Decide to start paying off your debt, pay your bills on time, and avoid more credit problems. Live within your means and work to achieve your preferred scores.

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X-Quisite Financial Solutions Launches Top Level Credit Repair Solution and Free Consultation. Mon, 25 Oct 2021 18:29:18 +0000 X-Quisite Financial Solutions is a Florida-based professional credit repair services company. The company will help correct credit scores and provide 15 minutes of free consultation. X-Quisite Financial Solutions is proud to announce tailored credit repair solutions to increase or correct credit scores based on the customer’s credit report. X-Quisite Financial Solutions has been in the […]]]>

X-Quisite Financial Solutions is a Florida-based professional credit repair services company. The company will help correct credit scores and provide 15 minutes of free consultation.

X-Quisite Financial Solutions is proud to announce tailored credit repair solutions to increase or correct credit scores based on the customer’s credit report. X-Quisite Financial Solutions has been in the credit repair and financial for many years. They have worked with thousands of clients to correct their credit reports and achieve a better credit score. Company owner and credit repair specialist Cameshia K. Dempsey explained: “At X-Quisite Financial Solutions, we have been trained on recent credit reporting practices, statuses and laws. We can increase your credit score to a higher level than you currently have. And don’t forget that a good credit score is enough to get a loan or credit. We know which elements of your report affect your score the most, and we can offer you a solution to increase or correct your credit score quickly.

X-Quisite Financial Solutions is a Florida-based certified financial company. They specialize in credit repair solutions to bring smiles back to their customers and give them peace of mind by increasing their credit score. Their scope of services includes; audit credit reports, contact creditors, send documents back and forth, and more. “As soon as you can correct your incorrect credit reports, you can easily access loans, credit cards and other forms of credit.” Said Cameshia K. Dempsey, Founder of X-Quisite Financial Solutions and Author of “KEYS TO HAVE AN X-QUISITE LIFESTYLE DIY CREDIT REPAIR PLAN”.

X-Quisite Financial Solutions offers credit repair solutions with cutting edge technology. Customers can get their private customer portal where they can check the progress of their credit repair and see the number of negative items removed from their credit. That way, they can check the progress 24/7 with their company-provided login username and password.

X-Quisite Financial Solutions

X-Quisite Financial Solutions is a Florida-based certified credit repair company. They offer top level credit repair solutions to remove bad credit items and increase credit scores based on customers’ credit reports. The company was founded by Cameshia K. Dempsey, an experienced credit repair specialist and the author of “DIY CREDIT REPAIR BLUEPRINT”. For more information on X-Quisite financial solutions, please visit

About Cameshia K. Dempsey

Cameshia K. Dempsey is the owner of X-Quisite Financial Solutions, a credit repair specialist and author of an eBook titled “THE KEYS TO HAVE A DIY X-QUISITE LIFESTYLE CREDIT REPAIR PLAN”. The ebook explains the easiest and most effective way to improve credit scores and reap the benefits of a higher score. The ebook is suitable for those who want to save thousands of dollars and increase their hassle-free credit repair. The ebook is written based on the author’s experiences in improving credit scores. For more information on DIY solutions to improve credit scores, CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO GET YOUR COPY NOW:

Media contact
Company Name: X-Quisite Financial Solutions
Contact: Cameshia K. Dempsey
E-mail: Send an email
Telephone: 850-713-5068
Country: United States

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Should You Use A Credit Repair Service? Wed, 13 Oct 2021 03:33:45 +0000 If you have tried to improve your credit score, you may be considering hiring a credit repair service to help you. These companies aim to strengthen your credit by disputing outdated or incorrect information on your credit reports, tracking results, and monitoring to make sure errors don’t reappear. Credit repair can cost around $ 100 […]]]>

If you have tried to improve your credit score, you may be considering hiring a credit repair service to help you. These companies aim to strengthen your credit by disputing outdated or incorrect information on your credit reports, tracking results, and monitoring to make sure errors don’t reappear.

Credit repair can cost around $ 100 per month and take several months, with no guarantee that your credit score will be higher in the end.

Note that credit repair can’t do anything you can’t do on your own, and it can’t remove negative marks of your credit reports if they are accurate, timely and verifiable.

Know how your credit is rated

See your free score and the factors that influence it, as well as information on how to keep building.

Is Credit Repair Legal?

There are legitimate companies providing credit repair services, but the area is also notorious for scams, so it is important to check out any company you are considering hiring.

The Federal Trade Commission cautions against using credit repair services that guarantee they can remove accurate negative information or say they can help you establish a new identity using a credit privacy number.

The Credit Repair Agencies Act requires companies to provide you with a firm total of costs and an estimate of how long it will take to get results. It also gives you three business days to cancel the services free of charge.

A reputable company should coach you on how to manage your existing credit accounts to avoid further damage. Moreover, a reputable company will not guarantee a certain result or encourage you to lie.

What Can Credit Repair Services Do?

Legitimate credit repair services check your credit reports for information that shouldn’t be there and dispute it on your behalf. Many of them also verify that the information does not reappear.

When information on your credit reports is disputed, the credit bureaus have 30 days to investigate. However, they do not have to investigate disputes which they deem “frivolous”.

Among the errors that can be corrected:

  • Accounts that don’t belong to you.

  • Bankruptcy or other legal actions that are not yours.

  • Spelling mistakes, which can mix with negative entries belonging to someone with a similar name – or can mean that positive entries don’t show up when they should.

  • Negative marks too old to be included.

How much does a credit repair cost?

You pay a monthly credit repair service fee, typically $ 69 to $ 149, and the process can take several months to a year. You can also pay a setup fee to get started.

Sometimes credit repair services are offered in tiered packages, adding related services, such as credit monitoring or accessing credit scores, at higher tiers.

How can I repair my credit myself?

Start by checking your credit reports with the three major credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion – in using Then follow these steps:

  • Look for information that is accurate but cannot be substantiated. Unverifiable information should be deleted, although it can be reinstated if verified later. An example could be a debt owed to a retailer that has gone out of business; unless the retailer sells the debt to a collection agency who can prove ownership, it may be unverifiable.

  • Work on your payment history. Your record of paying bills on time is the most important factor affecting your credit score. Missed payments can lower your score.

  • Use less of your available credit. The portion of your available credit card limit that you use is known as the credit utilization rate. The lower it is, the better for your score. If you can afford it, consider making several small payments during the billing cycle, as well as others. strategies to reduce credit use.

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Best Credit Repair Companies: What to Know First Before Using! Sat, 09 Oct 2021 06:36:52 +0000 Having good credit is what most people, if not all, dream about. This is mainly because of the many benefits that come with fantastic credit scores. For instance, with good credit, one can get better car insurance rates. You can also get utility services more efficiently and have a better chance at credit card and […]]]>

Having good credit is what most people, if not all, dream about. This is mainly because of the many benefits that come with fantastic credit scores. For instance, with good credit, one can get better car insurance rates. You can also get utility services more efficiently and have a better chance at credit card and loan approval. Of course, we cannot forget that good credit scores help one access more housing options.

You probably heard about these benefits before but have never experienced any of them. This may mainly be because you have poor/bad credit. Well, there are several ways of repairing credit scores. One of them is hiring professionals. This simply means getting a credit repair company to help you fix your credit.

If you ask around or go online, you will find/hear about so many credit repair companies. All of this may confuse you as you would be left in limbo, not knowing which one to choose. Now that is why we are here.

We are aware that the selection process might be a bit challenging for many. That is why we came up with this list which should help you select the company/service perfect for your needs.

The Best Credit Repair Companies & Services in 2021

Below is a list of the top credit repair companies and services:

  • Sky Blue Credit
  • Credit Saint
  • Lexington Law
  • TransUnion
  • Credit Sesame
  • Credit Karma
  • The Credit Watcher
  • Credit Monkey
  • MyFICO
  • CuraDebt
  • FreeScore360
  • The Credit People
  • Leap Credit

Sky Blue Credit

For decades, the Florida-based company has helped clients fix their credit score issues. With this, it has been able to cement its position at the top.

Sky Blue Credit helps its clientele by offering a wide range of services. Some of these services include; Credit monitoring, debt validation, and score assistance. All of these perks can be availed to you for just $79 a month.

Suppose Sky Blue Credit’s services do not help you in any way; you can always be refunded. This is because the company offers a 90 days money-back guarantee.

With Sky Blue Credit, you can also enjoy the professional analysis of your credit scores. State law research for debt collection issues and custom disputes are also services that can be availed to you by this firm.

All in all, if you want top-notch credit repair services, you should consider Sky Blue Credit.

Credit Saint


Next on our list, we have a top-notch credit repair company known as Credit Saint. This right here is truly a beast in the industry. For years it has been able to maintain a continuous A+ rating with Better Business Bureau. It has also been ranked high on several personal finance websites.

The company helps clients get better credit scores by assigning each one to an advisory team. For the time they will be with you, the team will constantly communicate with the credit bureau. As relevant information is relayed to them, you will be updated as well.

To serve you better, Credit Saint offers its services in 3 essential packages. These packages include; credit polish, credit remodel, and the credit slate plan.

The cheapest option is the credit polish, and it costs $79.99 per month. Credit remodel costs a little bit more, that is $99.99 monthly. Lastly, the Clean Slate costs $119.99 per month. All of these plans vary in terms of the services included in each of them. You can choose the one that suits you best according to your needs and pockets.

Lexington Law


Since its formation, Lexington Law has kept a spotless reputation. The company has been known to deliver fantastic results in each of its undertakings. In fact, over the past 16 years, it has been involved in over 56 million removals for its clients.

If you would like to get Lexington Law’s services and you are low on funds at the moment, do not worry! The company has credit repair plans for every budget. The plans start at $89.85 and can go up to $129.95 per month. The Concord Plan is the cheapest, and it is sometimes referred to as the basic package. Taking it mandates the firm to challenge the bureau to enforce the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Next, we have the Concord Premier Plan (CPP). Here the firm offers continuous credit tracking and monthly credit score analysis. This is, of course, on top of what is provided in the basic plan. CPP costs $109.95 per month.

The all-inclusive plan, Premier Plus package, costs $129.95. It includes FICO score tracking and analysis, monitoring, and identity theft insurance. It also contains legal help in dealing with auctioneers and debt collectors.

m provides a straightforward yet efficient model to tackle credit score issues.

The firm helps clients by evaluating their credit reports for discrepancies and disputes. It then allows the bureaus to verify the validity of the information. The law requires bureaus to erase any entries that they cannot prove. That is what the firm follows up on to ensure everything in your report is accurate. By doing so, Credit improves your credit score immensely.

The platform has offered over 19 million disputes and challenges since its inception. In addition, they have played an active role in helping over 1.5 million clients with removals. You, too, can enjoy these services for just $99.95 per month.

If you are skeptical about giving them your money, you can start by trying out their free services. One of these services is getting a review of negative items. You can also receive a summary of credit scores and an improvement plan for the same. Again, these services are available free of charge.

You start by checking out their free services and see whether or not you would like to go for their paid plans.



TransUnion helps you to fix your credit and protect it from future alterations. It does this by providing credit repair and other related services.

With TransUnion, clients can track their credit scores. They can also get access to several financial resources. The resources include; Identity Theft Insurance, Credit Compass, and Credit Lock Plus.

Subscribing to their identity theft insurance gives you a $1 million cover. This means that if your details are illegally used to buy something, you will be refunded. Credit Lock Plus protects your credit reports. Finally, CreditCompass offers valuable tips to help you set your scores on the right path. All of these services are available at a monthly fee of $25.



CreditSesame focuses on monitoring and tracking your financial commitments and making recommendations. The firm also examines your transactions to see if other credit cards provide the same at a lower interest rate. Furthermore, its systematic algorithms look at trends and previous behaviors. With this, they can forecast future beneficial outcomes.

One can access these services through their site. You can also get them on your phone since Credit Sesame has an excellent mobile app for Android and iOS. This makes it simple to check and restore your credit score on the go.

Either way, customers get a clear view of every issue on their credit report for free. They are also given insider knowledge about what their credit score entails. All of these things go a long way in improving your credit scores.

Credit Karma


There is a widespread belief by several credit repair firms that providing the relevant tools to people to make the right financial decisions themselves is the best way for them to better their credit scores. One company that lives by this is Credit Karma.

Headquartered in California, USA, Credit Karma is a fantastic firm geared towards financial progress for all. In essence, it helps people improve their credit scores.

For the past 14 years, the firm has provided its services to over 100 million users via its application. Through the app, you can be able to enjoy an in-depth explanation of your credit score and reports. You will also get offers on things like mortgages, accounts, loans, and auto financing. Bundled up, all of this information can help boost your credit score if used properly.

The Credit Watcher


This is another incredible company that helps people spot inaccuracies that may be detrimental to one’s credit. In essence, the firm lets you get Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian credit reports and scores and go through them keenly.

The Credit Watcher also monitors your credit files from major credit bureaus. They then send you alerts in case of any changes. Furthermore, if you employ their services, you get access to various financial tools.

This credit repair company allows you to enjoy its services for a flat rate of $39.90 a month.

Credit Monkey


Credit Monkey is a reliable, premier credit repair company that debuted in 2012.

The team at Credit Monkey uses pieces of software to repair items on a credit report. This is all done to boost customers’ credit scores.

Their software is designed to go through every minute detail in your credit score report. This helps them do away with various mistakes or errors. An excellent example of such a mistake is bankruptcies. You may also find things like charge-offs and collection issues.

The firm offers its services packaged in a set of plans. If you are new to all of this, do not worry. You will get a free consultation to help you select services that suit your needs.

Upon signing up, Credit Monkey will start preparing credit disputes on your behalf. The company promises positive changes in just ten days. Furthermore, Credit Monkey has a 90-day, risk-free guarantee.

Signing up grants you an opportunity to choose any of their six packages. The cheapest plan costs $99 per month, and the highest option (VIP Package) costs $499. The VIP Package comes with five credit cards, a $10,000 credit line, ID theft alerts, bankruptcy, and judgments.



Launched in 2001, MyFICO focuses on assisting people in getting their credit reports without using a third party.

The firm helps clients understand FICO scores for proper credit tracking. MyFICO does this by offering services such as:

  • Comprehensive credit monitoring
  • Checking Your FICO scores
  • Prompt credit report alerts
  • 24/7 credit restoration

In essence, when you hire them, you will be able to check your FICO scores against credit scores from the three main bureaus. Doing so is vital as these scores are usually used by more than 90% of top lenders.

The premier plan is $39.95 per month. You can also subscribe to an advanced program where you pay $25.95 per month. There is also a basic plan that costs $19.95 per month.



Debts can accumulate due to various reasons, such as divorce, job loss, or overspending. Nose diving into debts can affect your credit score negatively.

The good thing is you can get help from a reliable credit repair company like CuraDebt.

CuraDebt has been helping customers with debt issues for over 20 years. Throughout this time, the company has gained experience in dealing with a large number of financial problems. Therefore, when you sign up to their platform, you can trust you are in reliable hands. In essence, they can help you with matters surrounding unsecured debt, credit cards, and even medical bills.

What happens is that CuraDebt enters into negotiations with your creditors. The discussions are aimed at helping you settle your dues for less than what you owe in total. Before you ask, yes, this includes interest, balances, and fees.

The good thing about CuraDebt is that you do not pay any upfront fees. You only part with 20% of the total amount of each debt CuraDebt settles for you in fees. The total cost usually depends on the following factors:

  • The fee charged
  • Credit balances
  • Monthly contribution into the program
  • Creditors



Started in 2000, Freescore360 has grown to become one of the most trusted credit repair firms.

Using a set of unique financial tools, the firm ensures your credit report is not fraudulently filed. It also provides customers with daily credit alerts to help them stay updated.

Unlike many credit repair companies, Freescore360 offers a 7-day free trial. With this, you can get an overview look and feel of the available options and then choose what suits you best. The monthly membership is only $29.95, suitable if you have a tight budget.

The Credit People


Credit repair doesn’t have to be a daunting, stressful process, as many people describe it. This is because The Credit People is always ready to help you out.

Like any other credit repair company, The Credit People ensures that the reporting agencies file a fair report. They do this by reviewing your report and highlighting areas where there could be repairs.

The company then disputes any questionable item that may have been included in the credit report. Doing so goes a long way in raising your credit score.

One can get started with a monthly membership of $79. Alternatively, you can subscribe for a flat rate membership and pay $419 for six months’ worth of services. Doing so will save $74.

Leap Credit


Leap Credit is a dedicated company that strives to help you meet your financial needs. It does this by advancing loans to clients regardless of their credit scores.

Many people love the firm because of two main reasons. The first one is because the loan application process is easy and quick. All one needs is a smart device and internet access, and they are good to go.

The other reason is that they are accommodating and understanding. For instance, if one takes a loan and the agreed repayment plan causes financial hitches, they can always seek a review. During the examination, the client can be accorded a payment schedule suitable for them.

How We Ranked The Best Credit Repair Companies

None of the companies in this article made it here by chance. Neither was there any form of guesswork implemented to compile this list. In essence, our editors developed a unique set of ranking tools in which they used to filter out the best from the rest. These methods are as follows;

Ability to Improve the Credit Score of a Client

When we were ranking the above companies, we considered the number of points a client gained. Some companies may increase credit scores by only a few points. At the same time, others cross the 100 point threshold. Those companies that added more points were quick to capture our attention. This meant that they were good credit repair companies.

Value and Cost of Their Services

When we ranked these companies, those that offered high-quality services at lower cost were considered the most.

However, as you have noted, some companies on our list are a bit expensive. This does not mean you should not consider them. All of the firms here are good credit score repairers and offer exceptional services.

Transparency and Honesty towards Their Customers

Customers need the plain truth about your services. But far too many companies do not offer complete and truthful information. Most of them are driven by profits rather than problem-solving. During our ranking, companies that showed signs of dishonesty were dropped immediately.

Realistic Estimates about Credit Score Increases

Companies use previous data to estimate the credit score increases of their current clients., for instance, averages its credit score increases from 50 to 180 points. This is realistic since they have been doing the same for their previous customers. Now that is why such a company is on our list.

Repairing Credit Score Rather Than Monitoring It

Credit repair and monitoring are two commonly confused words. Many people think they refer to the same thing. The truth is, they are two different phrases.

Credit monitoring involves the tracking of all activities on a credit card to detect any changes. It is known to guard consumers against identity theft, fraud, and unauthorized buying patterns.

On the other hand, credit repair is a technique that involves correcting or fixing a person’s credit score. It is often done when one is said to have poor or bad credit.

When we were ranking our companies, we put all of this into consideration.

The best credit repair companies on our list offer more than monitoring services. They went far and beyond to remove erroneous data on clients’ credit reports. Doing so played a vital role in increasing their credit scores.

Methods of Repairing Clients’ Credit Scores

If you were keen on the first section where we were ranking the credit repair companies, you must have seen that a majority work by challenging incorrect records on credit reports. That is something simple that everyone can do.

Now what makes a company stand out is its ability to go beyond doing away with such entries. We are talking about providing a unique set of services. Firms that did this stood a better chance of getting to the list.

Existence of an Active Refund Policy and Satisfaction Guarantee

A satisfaction guarantee shows a company’s determination to change your credit score. But being a challenging undertaking, only a few companies promise positive results.

On our list, we had a few companies that promised to deliver what their customers wanted. If they failed, you would be refunded your money. An excellent example of such companies is Sky Blue Credit. The company has an active 90-day money-back guarantee. Customers could claim their money from the company; if they were unsuccessful in boosting their credit scores.

Attractive and User-friendly Websites

Most credit repair companies invest heavily in having attractive systems. Such systems help these firms attract clients to their platforms and keep them logged in.

Besides lovely layouts, user experience was also an important ranking factor. User-friendly systems leave positive and permanent impressions in the users’ minds. This is because they are easy to access and use. In essence, with a few clicks, a customer could see everything they needed.

Our preferences lean to those companies that provide a pleasant and “not-so-complicated” platform.

The Reputation of the Firm

Most if not all firms have everything to lose once their reputation is tarnished. Hence they are doing their best to keep their customers content.

When we were looking into reputation, age was a defining factor. Some companies, such as Lexington Law, have been in business for more than two decades. This shows their services are built on firm grounds of a positive reputation.

Benefits of Repairing Your Credit Score

Many people usually wonder why a lot of emphasis is put on improving one’s credit score. Although we talked a bit in the beginning about some of the benefits of good credit, here are more detailed explanations and a few other benefits;

Marrying Your Dream Partner

However crazy this might sound, most people want to have a partner with good credit. This is because poor credit is often considered a sign of irresponsibleness, according to many Americans. A survey done by Market Watch supports this finding. In the survey, Market Watch notes that over half of Americans don’t want to marry someone with a bad debt record.

These saddening statistics germinate further to dictate relationships before they even get serious. But why should you let a bad credit score become a red flag in your relationship? A credit repair company can help you avoid such embarrassment and heartbreaks. Just contact any of the firms mentioned above and be ready to take your relationship to another level.

Get Cheaper Car Insurance

It seems that in the USA, everything gets expensive with a poor credit score. On average, a person with a bad credit score will incur an annual car insurance cost of $2100. This is more than a third of what folks with good credit pay.

That is why you need to reach out to any of the companies we have highlighted and start your journey to good credit.

Receive Higher Credit Card Limits

A good credit score indicates that you can comfortably pay debts. Therefore lenders may increase your credit limit by up to 10 times.

Other than increasing your limits, some companies may offer cash-backs. This might even come with fabulous no-fee services. So, repair your credit card as early as possible to access cost-saving perks.

Access Better Mortgage Rates with Faster Approvals

A mortgage is another type of loan that runs the American economy. Research shows that out of 6 million houses sold in the USA, 64% of them are acquired through mortgages.

Without good credit, you might not even come close to your dream home. This is because lenders tend to avoid such clients in fear of losing their finances. Even if you find mortgagers willing to accept you, they will increase their rates. You may even get approvals very late.

With good credit, none of these things will be an issue to you. In essence, you will get great mortgage rates. The applications for such loans will also be approved quickly.

Get Easy Approvals When Renting a Home

Nowadays, most landlords don’t want to take a chance with their properties. They will check credit scores before renting out their houses. When you have a good credit score, the approval process will be smooth sailing.

Have Better Power to Negotiate Financial Deals

Having good credit is like being on top of the world. When you sit at a negotiating table, everything you say is put into serious consideration. This gives you a better negotiating power.

Talk More at Cheaper Phone Rates

Similar to insurance, phone companies associate with citizens with a good financial reputation. They offer them post-paid services without the need for a security deposit. Furthermore, they even qualify you for better call rates.

Utility Companies Will Not Require Security Deposits

Utility companies run on your monthly remittances. Thus, they will want to avoid the risk of late payment by charging you a security deposit if you have poor credit. Typically, a security deposit will range from $100 to $300, which is a lot of money for many Americans.

Cheaper Insurance Premiums for Many Homeowners

Insurance companies tend to penalize individuals with poor credit scores with high premium rates. The reason is that they think they are irresponsible citizens with no regard for credit. Therefore companies will want to compensate themselves before you forfeit payments.

Live a Confident and Better Life

Having good credit has been known to be a confidence booster. This indicates that you are paying your debts on time, meaning you have your finances in check. It also shows that you are responsible for your undertakings. When these things are put together, you will find yourself having high morale and leading a better life.

Credit Repair Company FAQs

We always try to explore every concept of credit repair services when discussing individual companies. But, with so much to cover, we use FAQs to break broader concepts into understandable bits. Here are some of the questions we have gathered from numerous sources. We hope they will help you understand this concept better.

Q: What do we mean by the term credit?

A: In simple terms, credit is obtaining goods and perhaps services with a promise to pay later. This promise is built on trust that money will be wired on or before the agreed time. Also, because credit is somehow an offer from a seller, interest is added to what you are supposed to pay. The interest is determined by the seller or the company giving you credit.

Q: What exactly is a credit score?

A: This is something that shows a consumer’s credit soundness. It is measured using numbers from 300 to 850. The latter indicates that you are an excellent borrower, and any company can trust you.

To come up with a credit score, companies consider many things. Among them are your credit payment history and the amount of credit you have been borrowing. If you pay all your credits on time, you will garner more points. You can also accomplish this using credit repair companies.

Q: Why do lenders need my credit score?

A: When lenders pull out your credit score, they need more information on your trustworthiness. They can do this by looking at FICO and other scores. Doing so enables them to calculate the risk associated with their loans depending on the clients’ scores.

Q: What is good credit?

A: This is any score that falls between 670 and 739. Such scores indicate that a person pays loans on time and is not a prolific loan defaulter. Anything above 740 is an excellent credit score.

Q: What is bad credit?

A: Anything below 670 is considered a bad credit score. Furthermore, the lower you go, the worse your credit score becomes. People with credit scores close to 300 are said to have a terrible reputation for borrowing. If you are one of them, don’t dally; seek help from any of the trustworthy credit repair brands listed above.

Q: What can clients do to lower their credit scores?

A: Credit scores lower very fast due to several reasons. Some of these reasons are; late payments, a concise credit history, and many requests for credit lines.

Q: For how long do the negative items stay on your report?

A: The item type and bureau determine how long negative things will remain on your report. In some cases, you may even find items staying for up to a decade.

Q: How many types of credit scores do I have?

A: You have three significant credit scores, each from the three main credit bureaus. This is because each bureau is different in the way it tracks your information. All in all, all three scores will provide the same opinion regarding your trustworthiness.

Q: How low can your credit score reach?

A: The lowest credit score is 300 points. Such a score is regarded as the worst rating available. With it, you won’t receive any lending services from creditors.

Q: What is the best credit score?

A: The best credit score is 850. With this score, every credit bureau will rate you as excellent or perfect. According to FICO’s recent statistics, only 1.6% of the population has a credit score of 850 in the USA.

Q: Who is responsible for tracking credit scores?

A: In America, we have three major credit bureaus. These bureaus are; TransUnion, Equifax, and Experia. These are the institutions that track all your credit-related information.

Q: How do creditors check my credit score?

A: Creditors pull out information about your credit score from the three major bureaus.

Q: What is a credit bureau?

A: A credit bureau is an independent company that tracks citizens’ credit information. They look for credit usages, changes in debt payment, and overall credit history.

Q: Credit score and credit report, what do they mean, and how are they different from each other?

A: A credit score is any three-digit value that falls between 300 and 850 that depicts your creditworthiness. The number changes frequently depending on your borrowing activities.

On the flip side, a credit report is a list of items that may positively or negatively affect your credit score. It may include items such as records of defaulted bills and bankruptcy.

Q: What is a FICO score?

A: This is a product of Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO). The score is an essential piece of information used by lenders in calculating the risks of their loans. The final answer comes as a three-digit number similar to a credit score. But, the company, FICO, does not track an individual’s credit information. They use data from the bureaus we have highlighted here to find the aggregate credit score.

Q: How can you calculate FICO score?

A: Before the FICO score is arrived at, the company considers the following top five factors. Payment history and amount owed contribute 35 and 30% of the score, respectively. The other three factors are credit history 15%, credit accounts 10%, and new credits 10%.

Q: What can you do to get a good credit score?

A: An average credit consumer can get a good credit score by paying bills on time. Also, if you use various types of credits, you will improve your credit score.

Q: How can I fix my credit?

A: You can do this by removing any erroneous entries on your credit card report.

Q: How do credit repair companies work?

A: They check your credit reports for incorrect entries and try to fix them. They may also challenge credit bureaus to prove entries on your credit card.

Q: What are the constituents of a credit report?

A: It has your score, tradeline, and payment records. It also contains your identifying information, credit inquiries, account names, and credit limits.

Q: Can your credit score influence whether or not you get employed?

A: Legally, employers are allowed to use your credit scores to figure out whether or not you would be an excellent addition to their company/organization. A poor credit score will reduce your chances of securing a job. It may also prevent you from landing a promotion.

Q: What credit score do you need to buy a home?

A: With a credit score of above 620, you can comfortably get a new home.

Q: What credit score do you need to buy a car?

A: Though you can obtain car credit with a credit score of 500, growing it to 550 will earn you diverse car loans.

Q: Can I get a credit report for free?

A: Yes, you can. Just call 1-877-322-8228, and the person on the other end will help you out. You can also visit the annual credit report website and get all the information you need.

Q: What is credit repair?

A: This is the process of improving your credit score. It is done by addressing negative items on your credit report.

Q: How long will it take a company to repair my credit?

A: Repairing credit will take anywhere from a few weeks to years, depending on the issues on your card. From our list, trustworthy companies like claim to increase credit scores by 10 points every month.

Q: Can you trust credit repair companies?

A: Some credit repair service providers are legit. They have a proven reputation for removing erroneous information from credit cards.

Q: Is credit repair expensive?

A: Credit repair is expensive depending on whom you contract for the job. Some companies offer free services while others charge thousands of dollars. For instance, if you hire a law firm to repair your credit card, they may even charge more than $1000.

Q: Can I fix my credit score?

A: Yes, you can repair your credit score by addressing inconsistencies on your card. One can do this by contacting credit bureaus and lenders for erroneous data on your card’s report.

Q: Will a defaulted student loan harm my credit score?

A: If you fail to pay any type of loan, including a student loan, your credit score will be negatively affected.

The Best Credit Repair Companies & Services in 2021 Conclusion

Many people living in America have errors in their credit reports. These errors result in poor credit scores. A bad credit score negatively impacts almost every aspect of your life. It will affect your insurance premiums, deny you a job, and cause you to pay higher phone rates. You can fix this by hiring the best credit repair company.

“You only live once.” You may have heard this saying over and over again; at this point, it probably feels cliché. Whether or not it has been overused is a topic for another day. What we would like to focus on is its relevance. You can only experience life and everything in it one time, and you are gone. So why not go through it peacefully, beautifully, and comfortably. There are many ways in which one can do so. One of them is by being financially stable, which mainly encompasses building and maintaining good credit.

Getting to a point where your credit scores are regarded as good/excellent is not easy. However, it is possible no matter how low your current score may be. You just need to put in the right financial strategies. An excellent place to start would be going through proper credit score articles like this one. With such a guide, you can understand how credit scores work and reputable companies that can help you build yours. If this is you, kindly go through the list again and every other particular that follows it. Doing so will ensure that you grasp every single minute detail availed here. This could go a long way in helping you choose the firm that suits you best.

Other than that, feel free to implement other valuable tips that may not have been highlighted in this post. Doing so will increase the effectiveness in which you can boost your credit score. However, be sure to give a chance to a number of the credit repair firms we have discussed here. This is because, as a team, we can vouch for these companies. Coming up with this list costs us a lot. It took our team many hours to scour through company profiles, filter out the mediocre firms, shortlist the best and pass this information to you. So, again you can be sure that only the best made it here.

Be sure to check back with us from time to time and go through this article again. This is because, as a team, we believe in staying up to date with current events and times. Essentially, we will be updating various parts of this article as we continue to gather new information.

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Affiliate Disclosure:

The links contained in this product review may result in a small commission if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you. This goes towards supporting our research and editorial team and please know we only recommend high quality products.


Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary as the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Best Credit Repair Companies: Top 5 Credit Repair Services to Check Out For Bad Credit Score [2021] Thu, 07 Oct 2021 07:25:17 +0000 A poor credit score can limit your loan options. For instance, you will struggle to get a mortgage, car, or personal loan. Even for the loans that you qualify for, you might end up paying higher-than-average interest rates. It can also affect your insurance premiums, among other areas of your life. Essentially, it makes things […]]]>

A poor credit score can limit your loan options. For instance, you will struggle to get a mortgage, car, or personal loan. Even for the loans that you qualify for, you might end up paying higher-than-average interest rates. It can also affect your insurance premiums, among other areas of your life.

Essentially, it makes things harder financially. The good news is, credit repair companies can help to improve your credit score, especially if there are errors on your credit report. Besides, these credit repair companies can make things easier for you by analyzing your credit, spotting any mistakes and disputing them directly with the major credit bureaus.

When you decide to enlist the assistance/services of a credit repair company, it will work with the credit reporting agencies to identify and challenge the negative items or errors on your credit report. However, you will only benefit from credit repair services if you choose a reliable and legitimate credit repair company. But with hundreds of companies to choose from, identifying the best credit repair company can be a challenge for most people.

The question is, how do you ensure that you choose a reliable and legitimate credit repair company? Well, you hardly need to worry about that. We’ve done the research, identified, and reviewed the best credit repair companies. All you need to do at this point is to kick back and follow us to the end of this piece.

Our Top 5 Credit Repair Companies

  1. Credit Saint: Overall Best & Top-Rated For Simple Credit Repair Options
  2. Runner-Up For Credit Repair
  3. The Credit People: Recommended For Best Credit Score
  4. SkyBlue Credit: Best Value Credit Repair Company
  5. Lexington Law: Known For Credit Monitoring, Credit Repair

#1. Credit Saint: Overall Best & Top-Rated For Simple Credit Repair Options

Launched in 2004, Credit Saint has grown to become one of the leading credit repair companies in the country. This credit repair company is based in New Jersey and has consistently ranked among the top in the industry. This is based on surveys conducted by third-party firms like Consumer Affairs.

It’s also among the few credit repair companies whose reputation is verifiable by the Better Business Bureau, having earned an A+ rating, the gold standard in the industry.

Credit Saint offers three different options to choose from. This, of course, depends on the level of credit repair that your report needs. They include Credit Polish, Credit Remodel, and Clean Slate.

Credit Polish is an entry-level credit repair package. It features five disputes of inaccuracies on your credit report per dispute cycle, a credit score analysis, challenges to the major credit bureaus, and an ongoing credit score tracker.

For the Credit Remodel package, you will get all the features present in the Credit Polish plan. You will also get inquiry targeting, ten negative disputes, and ongoing credit monitoring via Experian.

The Clean Slate package is an advanced-level credit repair plan and the most aggressive one among the three options. It comes with all the features present in the above packages. You also get unlimited disputes per billing cycle. With this membership, you can also ask Credit Saint to send cease and desist letters on your behalf.

Overall, Credit Saint offers excellent value for your money when it comes to credit repair. You get a panel of credit repair advisors. The company’s services are affordable with a 90-day money-back guarantee, and the entire process is transparent.


  • Wide range of credit repair services: Credit Saint provides its clients with a wide range of credit repair services. For instance, it can help to remove inaccurate negative items from your credit reports. These include late payments, liens, bankruptcies, credit inquiries, collections, judgments, and foreclosures, among others.
  • Personal credit repair advisors: With Credit Saint, you will be allocated a personal panel of advisors. These individuals will constantly monitor your credit score while ensuring all your issues are resolved on time.
  • Free initial consultation: Credit Saint offers a free initial consultation. There, you’ll get an opportunity to examine your FICO score with one of its credit repair professionals. This free initial consultation helps to identify the negative issues that may be present in your credit report.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee: Credit Saint credit repair services come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. So, if the company fails to remove the negative items from your credit history in 90 days, you can demand a full refund.
  • Flexible monthly basis: Another standout feature of Credit Saint is the monthly basis service. With Credit Saint, you don’t have to sign a fixed contract. This flexibility is highly beneficial for most clients. Thanks to this arrangement, you can cancel the services at any time, and Credit Saint will not charge you a penalty.
  • Commitment to transparency: Credit Saint is always committed to transparency. Your credit repair advisors will keep you in touch regarding the progress. Also, the entire credit repair process is done in line with the right regulations.


  • Free initial consultation
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Flexible credit repair packages
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • Great service


  • Not available in some states

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Credit Saint

#2. Runner-Up For Credit Repair

image1 is a renowned credit repair company that was launched in 2012. While it may be relatively new, this Utah-based company has already established itself as one of the top providers of credit repair services.

According to the information on its official website, the company has so far managed to remove millions of negative appearances from its clients’ reports since its inception. When you hire to repair your credit report, its credit repair professionals will retrieve your credit report right away and sift through it.

The initial assessment helps identify all the misleading, inaccurate, or invalid entries that may harm your credit score. From there, they will whip up a customized plan for you based on the level of repair your credit report needs. gives you three packages to choose from, depending on your needs. These are the Direct plan, the Standard plan, and the Advanced plan.

The Direct plan is designed for clients whose credit reports need minimal repair work. And while it may be an entry-level package, it comes loaded with handy features. With this plan, you will get 15 negative items disputes per month. You’ll also have three creditor challenges per month.

The Standard plan comes with all the services offered in the Direct plan. It also adds quarterly credit score analysis and 24/7 credit monitoring. If you sign up for this plan, you can also ask to send cease and desist letters to appropriate people for you.

The Advanced plan is designed for clients whose credit reports need a lot of repair work. This plan comes with 19 negative item disputes per month and six creditor challenges per month. With the Advanced plan, will also send you your monthly FICO score. You will also get identity theft protection insurance of up to $1 million as well as a wide range of personal finance tools.


  • Simple, flat-rate pricing: One of the main reasons continues to attract hundreds of clients every year is its simple, flat-rate pricing. You simply need to choose your preferred package, and you will be paying a single monthly rate for the services you will be getting. So, you don’t have to worry about long-term obligations.
  • Free Initial Consultation: Like other reputable credit repair companies, also offers a free initial consultation. Also, you will get a free audit of all your accounts, free access to your credit report summary, as well as a free credit score assessment. And after doing all the evaluations, will give you a personalized credit repair recommended approach.
  • Transparent credit repair process: maintains a transparent credit repair process. All the information that you need is clearly laid out on its website. Also, you can get in touch with the company’s customer service team if you have an issue or a query.
  • Helpful educational resources: also offers a wide range of valuable educational resources. You can use them to learn more about credit scores and the credit repair process. You will also get insights on identity theft, savings, and debt solutions, among others.


  • Free initial consultation
  • Great customer support
  • Handy library of resources
  • Simple, flat-rate pricing
  • Feature-packed plans


⇒ Visit the Official Website of

#3. The Credit People: Recommended For Best Credit Score


Established in 2004, Credit People is one of the most reliable credit repair companies on the market today. With no less than 15 years of experience in the industry, The Credit People is well versed in all the intricacies of the credit repair process. So, when you hire them, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Since it was launched, The Credit People has removed approximately 1.5 million harmful items from its client’s credit reports.

So far, The Credit People has served thousands of clients. From that number, 78% have been approved for auto loans, while 81% have been approved for new credit. Also, 71% have been approved for home loans, while 74% have been approved for refinancing.

It’s also among the few credit repair companies that have been featured in reputable publications like the Wall Street Journal, SmartMoney, and the New York Times.

The Credit People offers two main packages to choose from – a monthly membership and a six-month flat-rate membership. The monthly membership comes with a 7-day trial, which gives you the chance to assess the company’s credit repair services.

If you are dissatisfied with the company’s services within those seven days, you can simply cancel the membership. Regardless of the package you choose, you will have access to a wide range of vital credit repair services like credit disputes, debt validation, and credit monitoring.

The Credit People will clean up your credit report by removing negative items like late payments, charge-offs, foreclosures, tax liens, bankruptcies, judgments, collections, and repossessions, among others.


  • Score-driven results: The Credit People markets itself as a company that thrives on score-driven results. So, what exactly does this mean? Well, apart from helping to remove the negative items on your credit report and correcting credit issues, The Credit People will go a step further and actively help to improve your credit score.
  • Transparent and straightforward credit repair process: Credit People adheres to a transparent process. When you sign up for its services, you will have 24/7 access to your account. Therefore, you can easily monitor every step and view the company’s progress with the credit repair work.
  • No hidden fees: After paying for your preferred package, you will not incur additional charges. This is sometimes the case with some credit repair companies. But, thankfully, once you choose and pay for your package, The Credit People will not slap you with additional fees along the way.
  • Free credit reports and scores: Regardless of the package you choose, you will have access to your free credit report and credit score, thus allowing you to assess your current position. From there, you can then discuss with the company how to proceed with the repair process.
  • Dedicated credit repair professionals: When you sign up for its credit repair services, this company will assign you a team of credit repair professionals who will be handling your case. You can also choose to work one-on-one with a dedicated case manager, who will be specifically assigned to handle your case.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Unlimited disputes
  • Numerous educational resources
  • Toll-free customer support
  • 24/7 account access


⇒ Visit the Official Website of The Credit People

#4. SkyBlue Credit: Best Value Credit Repair Company


Sky Blue Credit is one of the longest-living and most renowned credit repair companies. It’s famous for its transparent pricing, reliable services, and excellent customer support.

Unlike other credit repair companies, you will have to pay for their services before you get a consultation. On a more positive note, you can end your subscription at any time within six days, and you will not be charged.

Beyond its transparent pricing, Sky Blue Credit also applies an honest approach as far as credit repair is concerned. When you contact and enquire about a particular service, one of the company’s credit advisors will tell you whether it’s possible or not.

Sky Blue Credit offers a single credit repair plan for all its customers. With this package, you can dispute up to 15 issues on your credit reports every 35 days. Some credit repair companies will only dispute items on your credit report every 45 to 60 days while charging you monthly. As you can see, Sky Blue Credit offers better value for your money.

After signing up with Sky Blue Credit, it will undertake a thorough analysis of your credit report and identify issues or items that may be harming your credit score. After identifying those issues, the company’s credit repair specialists will then send disputes on your behalf.

Some of the services you will have access to include professional credit analysis, credit disputes, and score rebuilding.

Sky Blue Credit doesn’t offer optional add-ons. As mentioned earlier, it provides a single, all-inclusive package. However, this single-all inclusive package comes with all the optional add-ons that you may get from other companies at no extra cost. They include debt validation, cease and desist letters, goodwill letters as well as mortgage preparation.


  • Couples’ discounts: Sky Blue Credit offers a discount for clients who sign up as a couple. Under this discount, the second person will earn a 50% discount on the initial and monthly fees. Its discount is one of the best, compared to those that the other credit repair companies offer.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee: Its services come with an unconditional 90-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are dissatisfied with its work during the first 90 days of your subscription, you simply need to notify the company, and you will get a full refund.
  • Excellent BBB rating: As much as Sky Blue Credit may not be accredited by the BBB, it has an excellent rating of A+. Also, it currently has a customer review rating of 4.27 out of 5 stars. And this goes to show that most of the people who have used its services have been satisfied.
  • Flexible pricing and packages: Sky Blue Credit doesn’t tie down its customers with long-term contracts. Furthermore, its cancellation policy is, without a doubt, one of the most customer-friendly on the market.
  • Pause membership. Sky Blue Credit also allows you to pause your membership at any time and resume it when you are ready. Thanks to this option, you will not have to renew your subscription when you continue.
  • Reliable customer support team: Sky Blue Credit customer support is available from Monday to Friday during regular work hours of 9 to 5. If you want to contact the company, you can do so via phone or just submit your question online. Someone from the Sky Blue Credit company will reach out to you and discuss your issue.


  • A reputable, transparent, and well-established company
  • Unconditional 90-day money-back guarantee
  • 50% couple discount
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • No long-term contracts


⇒ Visit the Official Website of SkyBlue Credit

#5. Lexington Law: Known For Credit Monitoring, Credit Repair


If what you need is a very experienced and reliable credit repair company, then you should consider hiring Lexington Law. Launched in 2004, Lexington Law has decades of experience in financial law. The company has a team of lawyers and paralegals who specialize in consumer law, consumer advocacy, and credit reporting practices.

With offices in Arizona and Utah, Lexington Law serves credit repair clients in almost all the states. The exceptions are North Carolina and Oregon. Apart from credit repair services, Lexington Law also offers legal counsel in criminal law and family law.

Lexington Law has three credit repair packages – Concord Standard, Concord Premier, and Premier Plus.

As the name suggests, Concord Standard is the company’s basic credit repair plan. It comes with almost all the credit repair services that you may need. Some of the services this plan offers include challenging negative items on your credit report and creditor intervention.

The Concord Premier plan features all the services offered in the Concord Standard plan. It also adds monthly analysis as well as ongoing credit monitoring. Concord Premier also has additional services like credit score analysis, TransUnion alerts, inquiry assistance, and report watch.

Premier Plus is the company’s most comprehensive plan. With this plan, you will get all the tools needed for thorough credit repair. It also adds premium services like FICO Score Tracker, cease and desist letters, personal finance tools, and identity theft protection.


  • Free initial consultation: Lexington Law offers a free first initial consultation. This free consultation offered by Lexington Law will give you a chance to consult with a credit repair professional, who will take you through the company’s credit repair process and the methods applied.
  • Faster credit repair process: Lexington Law has established digital partnerships with the three major credit reporting agencies in the country, making the transfer of information faster and easier. And with this approach, it’s able to work more quickly when it comes to challenging credit report errors.
  • Handy mobile app: Lexington Law also has a mobile app available on iOS and Google Play. Through this app, its customers can easily follow their credit repair progress.
  • Plenty of educational resources: The company website has plenty of educational resources, providing information on various areas such as how credit repair works. You can also find other articles covering topics like building credit, improving credit, fixing credit, and understanding credit.
  • Household discount: Lexington Law also offers a 50% household discount on all its plans. So, if both of you sign up for Lexington Law’s credit repair services, your spouse will earn a 50% discount.


  • Experienced legal team
  • 50% couples discount
  • A reliable credit repair company
  • Free online educational resources
  • Free initial consultation
  • Flexible pricing


  • 24/7 customer support is not available

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Lexington Law

How We Made the List

So, how did we make our list? First, we conducted a simple online search and created a list of some of the most popular credit repair companies.

From there, we took our selection process a step further by examining each of the companies deeply. We checked areas like stability, customer satisfaction, services offered, and costs and fees, among others. Then, we removed several credit repair companies from our list using this approach until we were left with around ten companies.

We narrowed down our list even further and ended up with the top 5 credit repair companies in the US market today.

What We Looked For

When narrowing down our list, we thoroughly examined each of the companies, looking at the following key areas:

  • Experience: We checked how long each credit repair company has been in the industry. If a company has a lot of experience, there’s a high chance that you will get the services you paid for before it goes out of business. To this end, we decided to choose companies that have been in the industry for at least five years.
  • Customer Satisfaction: For customer satisfaction, we checked the Better Business Bureau rating, online reviews, and customer experiences. With this approach, we were able to determine the level of customer satisfaction for each company. We narrowed our list further by choosing companies that had the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Services Offered: We checked the companies’ credit repair services and the number of disputes allowed per month. Using these criteria, we selected the credit repair companies that offered the most reliable credit repair services.
  • Additional Services: When selecting the best credit repair companies, those that offer additional services made it to the top of our list.
  • Cost and Fees: We finished off our selection process by evaluating the costs and fees that the different companies were charging. We checked various aspects such as pricing structure, upfront fees, monthly fees, discounts, and money-back guarantees. We settled on credit repair companies that appeared to offer the best value for money using these aspects.

Buying Guide – Important Factors to Remember Before Picking a Credit Repair Company

The best credit repair companies can help to clean up your credit report. However, credit repair scams are also common. And if you hire one of the unscrupulous credit repair companies, you will not only lose your money, but your personal information may also end up in the wrong hands.

Also, even some legitimate credit repair companies have been sued for charging illegal upfront fees, making false promises, and other malpractices. So, how do you ensure that you choose the best credit repair company? Here are the key factors to consider:

Company reputation is an essential factor to consider when choosing a credit repair company. When you are working with a reputable brand, you will enjoy professional services throughout the contract period. So, how do you ensure that you choose a reputable company?

First, you should check the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s complaint database. Here, you will find all the complaints that have been filed against a certain credit repair company.

Second, you can check with your state’s corporate commission and the state where the company has its headquarters. Such information will help you to determine whether you are dealing with scammers.

Third, a reputable credit repair company should explain your rights to you before signing the contract. It should inform you that disputing inaccurate information on your credit report is a free legal right, and you can do it by yourself.

Explaining your legal rights is a legal requirement for all credit repair companies. If it avoids or refuses to explain your legal rights, there’s a high chance that it’s a credit repair scam.

You also need to strongly consider customer satisfaction levels whenever you are choosing the best credit repair company. In this regard, customer reviews can help you. They will give you an idea of whether their customers are happy with the services offered or not.

If a credit repair company offers great services and customers are getting value for their money, then the reviews will be mainly positive. On the other hand, however, if most of the reviews you read are negative, it’s a clear indication that the customers are not getting what they are paying for. And it would be best if you avoided such credit repair companies.

Most of the leading credit repair companies usually offer a money-back guarantee. However, the guarantees offered vary from one company to the other. So, ensure that you study the contract carefully.

For example, one company may offer a no-strings-attached money-back guarantee. This means you can opt to cancel the contract at any point and for any reason, and you will get your money back. Another credit repair company may offer a 90-day money-back guarantee if it fails to deliver on the promises it had made.

A reputable credit repair company should give you a well-written and transparent contract. That contract should stipulate the services you will be getting, the contract duration, and the payment terms. If a credit repair company is not willing to provide you with a legally binding contract, you may likely be dealing with scammers.

Credit repair is a specialized profession. So, if you need a credit repair company right now, it will be very advisable to select a brand that has been in business for several years.

While there’s nothing wrong with hiring a recently-formed company, experience matters in this field, an experienced company will know how to handle the entire process and ensure everything goes smoothly. It’s only logical that you go for the most experienced in your search for the best credit repair companies.

Credit repair companies work by identifying and removing inaccurate data, errors or other issues that may be present on your credit report. By doing so, the best credit repair companies may help to improve your credit score considerably.

You should also note that the duration it will take to complete this process will depend on various factors. Examples include your current credit score and the extent of the errors in your report. All things considered, the entire process may take around three to six months.

For such reasons, the best credit repair companies will not guarantee you specific results. Therefore, if you encounter a company that promises to resolve your issue within a day or two, you might be dealing with scammers. The same principle applies if you come across a company that claims it can delete negative credit information from your report to achieve a specific score.

Even if they’re not scammers, they’re clearly inexperienced and do not understand how the industry works. You should stay away from such nefarious companies, regardless of how sweet the offer appears.

The credit repair process takes approximately 45 to 60 days. During this period, customers may have some questions regarding how the entire process is progressing. To this end, credit repair companies should provide a means for customers to contact them or monitor the progress on their own.

Hence, when choosing a credit repair company, you should ensure its contact information has been listed on the site and the customer support team is reachable. Without a means of reaching the customer support team, it will be almost impossible to monitor the progress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What do credit repair companies do?

Credit repair companies work on behalf of the client with the credit reporting bureaus. They may also work with the institution that reported the client to the credit reporting bureaus, mostly financial service companies. During the process of trying to fix your credit score, the credit repair company will examine your credit report and identify any inaccurate or misleading data on the report. The purpose is to have the credit bureaus remove the erroneous data. And if it’s not possible to remove the negatives, then the credit repair company may work with the bureaus. Together, they’ll modify the data in a favorable way to you.

Q2. Are credit repair companies worth it?

Yes. Credit repair companies are worth it. If you’re struggling with a low or poor credit score, you will find it extremely hard to qualify for a conventional loan. And if you do happen to qualify, there’s a high chance it will come with higher-than-normal interest rates. While you can opt to repair your own credit, the entire process can be time-consuming.

Furthermore, you may end up making a costly error, thus worsening the situation. And this is where credit repair companies come in. They will do the heavy lifting for you by handling the entire process. And since they have the experience, they know how best to handle every situation.

Q3. How much does credit repair cost?

Credit repair costs approximately $50 to $100 per month. The actual cost that you will pay will vary from one company to the other. Also, different companies use different pricing models. Some offer a subscription-based plan, where the credit repair company will charge you a fixed fee for services rendered during the previous plan. With this plan, you can cancel any time you want. Other companies offer a pricing model based on the negatives deleted from your credit report. You will only pay the credit repair company when a negative has been removed from your report with this method.

Q4. Does credit repair work?

Yes, a legitimate and reputable credit repair company will work with the credit bureaus to remove harmful items from your credit report. Also, legitimate companies will do it legally and transparently. And after removing the negatives, your credit score will improve. You will find it easier to qualify for a mortgage, car loan, or insurance at friendly interest rates.

Q5. How long does credit repair take?

How long the process will take will vary from one person to the other. It will depend on your current score and the extent of the negatives on your credit report. If your credit report only has a few errors, then the credit repair process will take a shorter duration than someone whose report is full of negatives. But generally, the entire process will take at least 45 to 60 days if you work with professionals.

Q6. Are credit repair services legitimate?

Like any other industry, some credit repair companies are legitimate while others are unscrupulous. Thankfully, there are different ways to sniff out scammers. For example, if a company claims that it can remove every negative from your report, you are likely dealing with credit repair scammers. Also, if a company wants to create a new identity for you, chances are it’s not legitimate. Therefore, you need to do thorough due diligence when you are looking for the best credit repair company.

Q7. Is credit repair legal?

Yes, credit repair is legal. In fact, it’s protected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which was set up by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, if credit report bureaus cannot verify an item on your credit report, then it must be removed. And this forms the foundation of credit repair.

However, some fraudulent credit repair companies can offer to create you a new credit file or start you on a clean slate. Such approaches to credit repair are illegal and can lead to prison time.

Q8. Can credit repair companies remove late payments from a credit report?

Yes. Credit repair companies can help to remove late payments from a credit report, as long as they are inaccurate. You simply need to prove that the late payments are inaccurate, and the credit repair company will collaborate with the credit bureaus to get rid of them. However, if the late payments are genuine, removing them from the credit report is impossible, regardless of whom you hire.

Q9. Can credit repair companies help with identity theft?

Yes, most of the leading credit repair companies such as and Lexington Law offer this service as part of their plans. Other credit repair companies may offer it as an add-on service. also offers identity theft protection insurance. So, whether the service will be offered or not will depend on the company that you hire and the package that you choose.

Wrapping it Up

If you find it hard to secure a mortgage, car loan, or personal loan due to a poor credit score, hiring a credit repair company may provide some relief.

While you can repair the report yourself, credit repair companies can achieve faster results, thanks to their experience and expertise. And when it’s time to hire one, you can check out one of the companies we’ve reviewed and choose one that aligns best with your budget and preferences.

If you decide to go for a company outside our list, ensure you follow our handy buying guide.


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Best Credit Repair Companies & Services To Improve Credit Score & Credit Clean Up in 2021 Wed, 06 Oct 2021 18:42:20 +0000 Your credit score affects several areas of your life. It determines your ability to borrow various types of loans such as mortgages, personal loans, and car loans. Sometimes, it may also affect your ability to land and keep a job, rent a house, and set up utility accounts. It could even determine your insurance premiums. […]]]>

Your credit score affects several areas of your life. It determines your ability to borrow various types of loans such as mortgages, personal loans, and car loans.

Sometimes, it may also affect your ability to land and keep a job, rent a house, and set up utility accounts. It could even determine your insurance premiums. Hence, if you have a poor credit score, it will negatively affect most financial aspects of your life.

Unfortunately, your credit score can be damaged in various ways. For instance, there could be some misreporting, causing negative items to end up on your credit report erroneously.

Or you could be a victim of identity theft, with the thief opening several new credit lines in your name, leading to heavy debts and missed payments.

The good news is, credit repair companies can help to repair your credit report and improve your credit score.

Legitimate credit repair companies will work with the major credit bureau to identify the errors on your credit report, challenge them and follow up with the credit reporting agencies to ensure they are removed.

But with thousands of credit repair companies out there, there’s always a risk of falling into the hands of credit repair scammers. And when that happens, you will lose your money to the scammers. They may also use your details to open new lines of credit in your name.

So, how do you make sure that you choose legitimate and best credit repair services? Well, that shouldn’t worry you since we’ve done the research for you and identified the best credit repair companies that offer value for money.

Our Top 5 Best Picks For Credit Repair Companies

  1. Credit Saint: Overall Best Credit Repair Company
  2. Credit Repair: Best For Credit Repair Monitoring
  3. The Credit People: Well-Known For Repairing Credit Score
  4. Sky Blue Credit: Get Best Credit Experts Online
  5. Lexington Law:Popular Credit Services

#1. Credit Saint: Overall Best Credit Repair Company

Launched in 2004, Credit Saint is a credit repair company with a positive reputation in the industry. Credit Saint is a legal and legitimate credit restoration company that adheres to all laws that govern credit repair companies. Also, it offers its services in adherence to top-most transparency.

Unlike other credit repair companies, Credit Saint never guarantees any outcome or makes lofty promises that it can’t deliver on. Instead, it will work with you and your creditors directly to develop the best possible credit restoration solution for your situation.

Since it was launched more than a decade ago, Credit Saint has gone on to serve thousands of credit repair clients. And going by the reviews and testimonials, you can say that most of the clients it has served have been satisfied.

Credit Saint is among the few credit repair companies with BBB accreditation. Also, it has managed to maintain a BBB A+ rating for several years. And it’s easy to see why more people are choosing Credit Saint as their preferred credit repair company.

Credit Saint offers a free initial consultation, where you get a chance to speak with one of the company’s credit repair professionals. During the consultation, the credit repair professional will assess your credit history and walk you through the credit repair process. The initial consultation is designed to help assess whether you can benefit from Credit Saint’s credit repair services.

While Credit Saint is mainly known as a credit repair company, its services reach beyond that. It offers its clients a holistic approach to credit restoration, thus helping prevent such issues in the future.

Credit Saint clients have three packages to choose from. These include Clean Slate, Credit Remodel, and Credit Polish. All packages are backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Credit Polish is the Credit Saint’s basic package. With this package, you get challenges to the three credit reporting agencies, creditor interventions, score analysis, and score tracker. This package is designed for clients whose credit reports need minor restoration.

Credit Remodel is a mid-tier package, which comes with all the features present in the Credit Polish package. It also adds Experian monitoring and inquiry targeting. If your credit report requires extensive credit repair, then the Clean Slate package would be the ideal choice. With this package, you get all the features offered in the other packages. It also comes with unlimited challenges to the three credit reporting agencies.


No upfront fees: Credit Saint doesn’t charge its customers an upfront fee. Instead, you get a free initial consultation, which can help you to determine whether Credit Saint is the best credit repair company for your needs.

Money-back guarantee: All Credit Saint credit repair packages come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t see any notable changes in your credit report after three months, you are free to cancel your Credit Saint subscription.

Flexible pricing options: Credit Saint understands that people have different needs when it comes to credit repair. To this end, it offers multiple pricing options and packages designed to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

Reliable credit repair experts: If you hire Credit Saint to repair your credit report, it will assign you a credit advisory team, which will work closely with you, updating you on the progress and answering any questions you may have.

Easy sign-up process: Credit Saint offers an easy online sign-up process. You simply need to visit its official website, provide your contact information, choose your package, pay, and confirm it.


  • BBB accredited credit repair company
  • A+ BBB rating
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Flexible pricing
  • Free initial consultation


  • Services not offered in some states

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Credit Saint

#2. Credit Repair:Best For Credit Repair Monitoring


Founded in 2012, Credit Repair is one of the newest companies in the industry. While it may be fairly new compared to some of its competitors, it has since established itself as one of the best credit repair companies on the market.

Since it was launched a few years ago, CreditRepair has so far executed more than 19 million disputes and challenges on behalf of its clients. And out of that number, it has overseen more than 1.8 million removals, which is not an easy accomplishment.

Like other reputable credit repair companies, CreditRepair doesn’t make guarantees or unrealistic promises. Instead, it follows a legal and transparent process, which you can monitor via the online dashboard or mobile app.

When signing up for CreditRepair services, you will be given the option to choose from three packages. The packages are the Direct Plan, Standard Plan, and Advanced Plan.

The Direct Plan is aimed at people whose credit reports require minimal intervention. Some of the services included in this package are inquiry assistance, goodwill intervention, monthly credit reporting from the three credit agencies, and quarterly credit score updates.

The Standard Plan is a middle-of-the-road package designed for people who want a couple of items removed from their credit reports. If you choose this plan, you will get all the features that CreditRepair offers in the basic package. You will also get a FICO score inquiry to assist the service.

The Advanced Plan is the company’s most aggressive credit restoration package. If you have numerous items that you want to be repaired on your credit report at once, then this package is designed for you.

Apart from getting all the services offered in the lower packages, the Advanced Plan will also add more bureau challenges, additional creditor interventions, and monthly credit score updates.

CreditRepair can help remove several negative items on your credit reports, such as collections, late payments, foreclosures, judgments, out-of-date items, charge-offs, and repossessions, among others.

Apart from its outstanding credit repair services, CreditRepair also offers a wide range of comprehensive education resources on its website, covering different topics like how to maintain a good credit report as well as handy information on identity theft, debt solutions, and financial management, among others.


When it comes to credit repair companies, you have no shortage of options. So, why choose CreditRepair instead of the other options on the market? Here are some reasons why:

Free Credit Report Evaluation: CreditRepair offers free credit evaluation during the free consultation. This evaluation will help you understand the credit repair process while identifying areas of your report that need to be addressed.

Millions of removals: CreditRepair has managed over 1.8 million credit removals since its launch. Consequently, it has helped millions of people improve their credit scores and qualify for various loans.

Flexible pricing and plans: The company offers flexible pricing and plans. Therefore, clients can easily choose a plan that aligns best with the credit restoration work that their reports need.

Easy progress monitoring: Once the credit repair process has commenced, you can easily monitor the progress via your online dashboard. This makes the entire process as transparent as possible.

Handy mobile app: Apart from the personal online dashboard, you can also monitor your financial situation through the company’s mobile app.


  • A transparent credit repair process
  • Flexible pricing and packages
  • A wide range of credit repair services
  • Comprehensive educational library
  • Handy mobile app


  • Not available in some locations

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Credit Repair

#3. The Credit People: Well-Known For Repairing Credit Score


Based in Utah, The Credit People has been providing credit repair services for more than 15 years. Its credit repair team is composed of highly trained, certified, and experienced credit repair professionals.

Unlike most other credit repair companies, The Credit People follows a comprehensive credit repair approach. So, instead of simply focusing on deleting the negatives from your credit report, The Credit People will go a step further and educate you on how you can build your credit score.

The Credit People operates in strict compliance with all the applicable laws, most notably the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Hence, you can be confident that you are dealing with a legal and legitimate credit repair company.

It’s ranked as one of the best credit repair companies by various third-party consumer review websites. Also, the majority of customer reviews and testimonials have been positive. This is a sign that customers are generally happy and satisfied with The Credit People’s services.

As one of the best credit repair companies, The Credit People follows a simple, straightforward, result-driven, and transparent credit repair process. And if you don’t see any improvements in your credit report within 60 days, you are free to cancel your subscription, and you will get a refund, thanks to its 60-day money-back guarantee.

The Credit People offers a single credit repair package. This package comes with most of the standard credit repair services that other companies offer. They include credit disputes and challenges and credit monitoring.

For credit disputes and challenges, The Credit People claims it can help to clean up your credit report by removing items like collections, foreclosures, late payments, bankruptcies, repossessions, charge-offs, tax liens, judgments, and student loans, among others.

The Credit People also offers a unique service known as debt validation, where it challenges your creditors to produce proof that they are legally permitted to collect the debt they claim you owe.


The Credit People has consistently ranked as one of the best credit restoration companies. So, what sets it apart from the competition? Here are a few highlights:

Certified Credit Repair Professionals: With The Credit People, you will be working with certified and licensed credit repair professionals who operate under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about facing legal issues along the way.

No Additional Charges: Some credit repair companies may charge you separately for things like credit reports, among other services that may be vital to the credit repair process. However, that’s not the case with The Credit People. What you pay for is exactly what you will get. If you need a credit report urgently, you can get one from The Credit People at no additional charge.

Couples Discount: The Credit People is among the few credit repair companies whose packages come with a couples discount. If you sign up as a couple, you will each get a $20 discount on your first monthly payment.

60-day Money-back Guarantee: This credit repair company doesn’t make unrealistic promises. However, it guarantees you that you will get value for your money when you subscribe to its credit repair services. If you don’t see any positive changes in your credit report or you are not satisfied with the services offered, you can cancel your subscription, and you will get a refund.

24/7 Customer Service: The Credit People has a 24/7 customer support team. You can reach the customer representatives either by phone or email. You also have access to a personalized online dashboard, where you can easily check your progress. Also, you can connect with a representative on the same portal.

Educational Resources: If you visit the company’s website, you will come across lots of valuable and informative resources covering various topics like the credit repair process, credit scores, personal finance, identity theft, and credit cards.

Unlimited Disputes: Once you sign up for The Credit People service, they will file as many disputes as possible within the billing cycle. This may considerably increase the chances of getting the negatives removed.


  • Affordable services
  • Unlimited disputes
  • Free credit reports
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Several educational resources


  • Only a single package offered

⇒ Visit the Official Website of The Credit People

#4. Sky Blue Credit:Get Best Credit Experts Online


Sky Blue Credit has been a significant player in the credit repair industry for several years. Launched in 1989, Sky Blue Credit has served thousands of customers looking for credit repair services.

Being in the industry for such a long time is enough proof that its customers have been satisfied with the services they have been getting. If the company’s services were poor, there’s a high chance it wouldn’t even be around today.

Sky Blue Credit provides services per the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Therefore, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands when dealing with Sky Blue Credit.

Like other reputable credit repair companies, Sky Blue Credit helps consumers identify outdated and incorrect details on their credit reports. It then sends disputes on behalf of the consumer to credit reporting agencies to have the erroneous information struck off from the record.

Sky Blue Credit only offers a single plan, charged monthly. After signing up, one of the company’s credit repair professionals conducts a review of your credit report with you over the phone. This review will help to identify areas in your credit report that need to be looked into.

When it comes to credit repair, Sky Blue Credit offers three main services. These are automatic disputes, score assistance, and score assistance. Sky Blue Credit also offers debt validation, cease and desist letters, debt settlement, debt negotiation, and goodwill letters. All the extra services are provided at no additional cost.

Sky Blue Credit stands behind its services with a 90-day, unconditional money-back guarantee. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with its services within the first 90 days after signing up, you just need to notify one of the company’s representatives, and you will get a refund.


Transparent Pricing: Sky Blue Credit is transparent and straightforward. All the details regarding the pricing have been clearly laid out on the company’s website. Hence, this company will not surprise you with hidden charges along the way.

90-day Money-back Guarantee: As mentioned above, Sky Blue Credit backs its services with a 90-day money-back guarantee. And unlike other guarantees that some other companies offer, this one is unconditional.

Couples Discount: Couples who sign up with Sky Blue Credit will get a discount. Upon signing up as a couple, the second person will get a 50% discount on both the set-up and monthly fees. It’s worth mentioning that you don’t need to be married to qualify for this discount. You simply need to have two people sign up at the same time.

Pause and Resume Service: Sky Blue Credit gives you the option to pause and resume the service whenever you want to take a break. Once you pause the services, Sky Blue Credit will stop charging your credit card until you resume the services.

Free Additional Services: Some credit repair companies will charge you extra for additional services. But with Sky Blue Credit, you will get all the additional services for free.


  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Excellent customer support
  • Couples discount
  • Free additional services
  • Honest and transparent pricing
  • Pause and resume option


  • It doesn’t offer financial management tools

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Sky Blue Credit

#5. Lexington Law: Popular Credit Services


Lexington Law has been providing credit repair services since 2004. It’s one of the largest and most established credit repair companies in the country.

They have an impressive track record when it comes to credit repair services. According to the information posted on its website, Lexington Law has so far helped to remove over 7,000,000 negatives from its clients’ credit reports. And this was in 2020 alone.

Lexington Law claims to have helped remove approximately 56 million negatives since it was launched in 2004.

Lexington Law offers three credit repair packages. These are Concord Standard, Concord Premier, and Premier Plus. The three plans range from basic to premium, thus ensuring that consumers only choose a package that offers the services they are looking for.

The Concord Standard is an entry-level credit repair package. This plan comes with two main services – credit disputes and creditor interventions. Under credit disputes, Lexington Law will examine your credit report and identify the negative items. It will then dispute those items to have them removed. As for creditor interventions, Lexington Law will send legal correspondence to your creditors.

Concord Premier is a mid-level plan designed for people looking for services beyond what the basic plan offers. Under this plan, you will get all the services that Concord Standard offers. It also adds ongoing credit monitoring and credit score analysis. You will also get alerts whenever your credit score changes.

Premier Plus is the company’s premium package. It’s also the most aggressive credit repair plan that this company offers. With this package, you will be eligible for all the services that the lower tiers offer. The Premier Plus plan also adds cease and desist letters and the FICO score tracker. You will also get access to handy financial tools, which you can access through the company’s mobile app. This plan also adds identity theft protection.


Legal Expertise: When you hire Lexington Law to repair your credit, you won’t be hiring a run-of-the-mill firm. Instead, you will enjoy the services of experienced paralegals and lawyers.

No Long-term Contracts: Lexington Law will not require you to sign a long-term contract. Instead, you will be charged monthly. With this arrangement, you can cancel the contract at any time without incurring penalties.

No Initial Work Fee: Lexington Law offers a free initial consultation. After that consultation, it’s up to you to decide whether to sign up for its services or not.

Reliable Customer Service: Lexington Law is a step ahead of most other credit repair firms when it comes to customer service. You can reach its representatives via email or phone.

App Support: Apart from that, Lexington Law has a mobile app available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. This mobile app provides a convenient means for the client to follow the credit repair process.


  • Free consultations
  • Experienced and licensed financial attorneys
  • Multiple discounts
  • A reliable and reputable credit repair company
  • Flexible pricing and plans


  • Unavailable in North Carolina and Oregon

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Lexington Law

How We Made Our List Of Top Credit Repair Services?

To come up with the best credit repair companies, we first did a surface-level online search and compiled a list of some of the most popular companies on the market.

After compiling that list, we then evaluated each of the companies that had made our list by checking customer reviews and testimonials.

We also checked whether the companies had valuable services, suitable packages, and brand reputation.

Using this approach, we managed to remove the majority of the credit repair companies that appeared illegitimate and those whose customer satisfaction ratings were poor.

From there, we checked for other areas like legality and customer support. By combining all these parameters, we managed to identify the top 5 best credit repair companies on the market. Continue reading as we’ve reviewed all these companies in this article.

What We Looked For

  • Whether a credit repair company is stable and the number of years it has been operational
  • Whether a company is reputable and reliable
  • The services and packages that each company offers
  • Whether a company provides educational resources to potential clients
  • How each company handles customer complaints and feedback
  • Whether a company is licensed and accredited in the states it operates in
  • Whether a company operates in line with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  • Whether or not a company is readily accessible via the phone, email, or other communication channels

After checking all these factors closely, combined with input from industry experts, we selected reliable and legitimate credit repair companies that offer the best value for money.

Things To Look For When Selecting The Best Credit Repair Company

Your credit score is tied to your financial security. Therefore, if you have a poor credit score, hiring a credit repair company would be highly advisable. The best credit repair company will assess your credit report and then identify areas that need some work.

However, credit repair scams are also common, meaning you can end up paying money without getting the service. Worse still, some unscrupulous credit repair companies steal and sell your social security number, leading to serious consequences.

Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that you choose a legitimate credit repair company to ensure that you get value for your money. Here are the key factors to consider when hiring a credit repair company:

  • Track Record and Experience

Before you hire a credit repair company, you should first check its experience and track record. If a company was launched a year ago, it might not have the expertise to handle complex credit repair work. Consequently, it may end up sinking with your money.

On the other hand, if a company has been in business for more than five years, it already understands the ins and outs of credit restoration. Hence, you should prioritize credit repair companies that are well established.

Customer experience is also a vital consideration when choosing a credit repair company.

If customer experience is positive, then it’s an indication that the company is meeting its customers’ expectations. On the other hand, if the customer experience is generally negative, then there’s a high chance the company is not fulfilling its promises.

For customer experience, you can check reviews and testimonials on platforms like Google, Yelp, Better Business Bureau (BBB), and other third-party websites. You should only hire a credit repair company with a high customer satisfaction rating as a rule of thumb.

It would be best if you also asked for references whenever you are checking out different credit repair companies. References may include previous customers who have used the company’s credit repair services.

These references will help you to assess how competent and credible a particular credit repair company is. If a company refuses to provide references citing confidentiality of customer information, it’s likely a shady company.

Credit repair companies offer different packages. For instance, some may offer multi-tiered packages, with each package having different services. Others may offer a single package that comes with all the credit repair services.

For pricing, some companies will charge you a single monthly fee, covering the removal of negatives from your credit report per billing cycle. Others will charge you for every negative item they delete from your credit report.

However, the pay per delete method is not always reliable. Also, it’s becoming outdated. Hence, it’s best to choose a credit repair company that uses a monthly pricing model.

Credit repair agencies have to operate under the applicable state and federal laws for them to be accredited.

And besides being licensed, a reputable credit repair company should acquire a bond, which will protect its customers against any issues of misconduct it may engage in.

During your initial contact with the credit repair company, you should ask whether they have the relevant licensing and accreditation. You should also confirm whether it’s bonded. If it’s not, you should move on to the next one and ask the same questions.

Credit repair companies are legally obliged to provide consumers with a written contract that explains the consumer’s rights. It should also include details of the services to be offered and the money to be paid.

The best credit repair companies will have no problem giving you a written contract. On the other hand, if a company is unwilling to provide you with a written contract, you should explore other options.

A reliable and reputable credit repair company should always be available to its customers. Hence, if a particular company cannot guarantee that it will be available when you want to get in touch, then you should look for alternatives.

You should also check how you can reach a potential credit repair company. Can you reach its representatives via phone, email, or online chat? The more options, the better for you.


Q1. What is credit repair?

Credit repair entails correcting or restoring a poor credit score after being damaged by financial setbacks, credit reporting errors, or identity theft.

Other issues that can damage your credit score include incurring too much debt, missing too many payments, filing for bankruptcy, and repossession, just to name a few.

However, the repair process will only remove inaccurate items from your report.

Q2. How does credit repair work?

Credit repair is a multi-step process. First, you need to figure out what has damaged your credit report and the extent of the damage. And you can do this by requesting a copy of your credit report from any of the three credit reporting agencies.

These are Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. It’s your legal right to get one free credit report from any of the three agencies every month. Once you’ve obtained the copy, you should go through it meticulously and check whether the negatives affecting your credit score are accurate.

If the negatives are correct, the only available option is to practice better credit habits moving forward. On the other hand, you can challenge them by writing to the bureaus if they are inaccurate.

Q3. Can you repair your credit report by yourself?

Yes. You can do the work yourself. However, it’s important to note that credit repair is a tedious process. It entails writing to the credit reporting agencies repeatedly to challenge the negatives on your credit report. And if you are a busy person, finding time to do this work can be a challenge.

Besides, you may end up opening a collection, thus damaging your score even further. So, if you’ve never done such work before, it would be in your best interest to hire a credit repair company.

The best credit repair company will do the heavy lifting for you, thus saving you both time and effort.

Q4. What do credit repair companies do?

Credit repair companies will first review your credit report to identify whether there is erroneous or negative information. If there are negatives on the report, the company will develop a strategy for restoring your credit.

For example, credit repair companies can write letters to credit reporting agencies on your behalf, disputing the erroneous information on your credit report. They will then follow up with the credit bureaus to ensure the negatives have been removed.

Q5. Is credit repair legal?

Yes. Credit repair is legal in 50 states nationwide. Whether you decide to do it yourself or you hire a credit repair company, it’s your legal right to challenge any erroneous information on your credit report, which may be harming your credit score.

As long as you do it right, you shouldn’t encounter any legal issues.

Q6. How can a credit repair company help my credit score?

Credit repair companies will do almost everything you can do. They will write to the credit repair companies disputing any negative information on your credit report. Credit repair companies can also negotiate with creditors on your behalf to help address the accurate negatives affecting your credit score.

What separates the DIY approach from hiring a credit repair company is that credit repair companies bring years of experience to the table. Having handled thousands of similar cases, they already know which approach to use for every situation.

Q7. Are credit repair companies legitimate?

Yes, the best credit repair companies are legitimate. They will help to repair your credit report using a legal approach. However, you may also come across some credit repair companies that are illegitimate.

Such companies may offer unrealistic guarantees, fail to disclose your consumer rights, avoid answering legitimate questions, or ask you to misrepresent your personal information.

Some illegitimate credit repair companies may also offer to give you a clean slate after paying a certain amount of money – which is entirely impossible. So, make sure you watch out for such red flags when hiring a credit repair company.

Q8. How long does credit repair take?

On average, the credit repair process will take approximately three to six months. However, you should see some notable changes within 60 to 90 days. As you may expect, the exact duration will depend on the extent of the repair work.

If you only have a few negatives to be addressed, then the process will not take long. On the other hand, if your credit report has multiple negatives to be disputed, then the process will take longer.

Q9. How much does credit repair cost?

The cost will depend on the method that you use. You can do it yourself, use credit monitoring software, or hire a credit repair company. If you do it yourself, you will spend around $30 or less, mainly incurred from the letters you send to the three credit reporting bureaus.

If you opt for credit monitoring software, you will spend approximately $200 to buy a reliable one. And if you decide to hire a credit repair company, you will spend around $50 to $150 per month.

Hiring a credit repair company is the most convenient option for most people.


A poor credit score can prevent you from becoming financially secure. It will make it hard to qualify for various types of loans. And if you do qualify for a loan, you will be forced to pay higher-than-average interest rates. So, it would be in your best interests to repair your credit score as soon as possible.

Either you can do it yourself, or you can hire a credit repair company. Hiring a credit repair company is the best option for most people, as they understand how the entire process works. Therefore, they may manage to deliver faster results than doing it yourself.

All the five credit repair companies we’ve reviewed here are reliable and credible. But if you decide to check out other options, make sure you follow our guide.

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Best Credit Repair Companies (Review Credit Repair Services) Wed, 06 Oct 2021 10:27:35 +0000 This article contains affiliate links to products. Discover may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. A credit score can be the one number in someone’s life that makes or breaks their financial opportunities. They impact every part of an individual’s life, including where they live, how much they pay for insurance, and […]]]>

This article contains affiliate links to products. Discover may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

A credit score can be the one number in someone’s life that makes or breaks their financial opportunities. They impact every part of an individual’s life, including where they live, how much they pay for insurance, and how much money they have to spend to set up utilities whenever they move. It can impact future life decisions as well, restricting individuals with a low score to fewer or more expensive opportunities. 

Credit repair services can be incredibly helpful to individuals since it helps them to restore the health of their credit score with time. With the right service, a score that was once 450 could rise to over 700, but what exactly do all of these numbers mean? What impact can a credit repair service have? Are these services necessary or helpful? 

In this guide, consumers will quickly learn what these companies can do for them, as well as what credit can impact as their life progresses. No one should have to deal with bad credit, and the right moves can turn everything around. 

Rankings for the Best Credit Repair Services in 2021 

After browsing the different credit repair services available, this guide ultimately narrowed down the top options on the market to: 

  • Sky Blue Credit 

  • Credit Saint 

  • Lexington Law 


  • TransUnion 

  • Credit Sesame 

  • Credit Karma 

  • The Credit Watcher 

  • Credit Monkey 

  • MyFICO 

  • CuraDebt 

  • FreeScore360 

  • The Credit People 

Read on below to learn a few extra details about these credit repair services. 

Sky Blue Credit


Sky Blue Credit’s services are available for $79 per month, though users will have access to a free trial period for the first six days to make sure that it is the right match for their needs. This company is one of the long-standing options for consumers today, and it has been around since 1989. They also look for problems in the user’s credit that most companies don’t focus on for better odds of an improvement. 

This service allows users to get professional analysis of their score, as well as quicker resolution to disputes. The disputes can be customized to the user’s experience, and they can process up to 15 items every month. Plus, there’s access to state law research, and they focus completely on supporting their customers. 

Credit Saint 


Credit Saint helps to restore credit by guiding users through the process of correcting inaccurate credit data, and it allegedly is the top service to do so. There’s a free consultation available for new customers, which means that consumers can get a better idea of what they will be benefiting from. 

Like a few other companies on this list, this service provides users with 90 days to get their money back if it doesn’t work for them. Furthermore, the private dashboard gives users a complete view of the different details that they need to know about their current credit situation, helping users to improve their credit score with educational materials that provide better guidance. 

Lexington Law 


Lexington Law is one of the longest-standing credit repair institutions in the world today. The repair process is backed up by an actual law firm, though it can take a little time for consumers to see the changes happen. Good repair is not a fast process, but the legal expertise offered with this service can make an incredible impact. 

As users launch these services for themselves, they start off with researching exactly what makes the user’s credit score so low. They examine the user’s credit report and determine which negative items could be incorrectly adjusting the user’s score. Each of these items are disputed by Lexington Law directly, forcing the creditors to prove that each claim is valid. They also monitor the user’s credit score over time to deal with issues as they arise. 

The company boasts plenty of experience with repairing credit services, and it was originally founded in 2004. Since its launch, it has already helped over 70 million erroneous and inaccurate items to be removed from credit reports. has more free perks than other companies on this list, allowing users to have free access to their credit score and a summary of their history. It also reviews negative items for free and provides a free improvement plan to rebuild a healthy credit score. These services are not currently available to other providers on the list, but users are able to get full access to the repair services after paying a subscription fee as well. 

The services offered by are fairly similar to what is offered by other top-rated providers, seeking out the inaccurate entries and challenging the items. The lenders are required to remove improvable items, helping to boost the user’s credit store. 

Since the company launched in 2012, they have already helped to removed 1.8 million incorrect items, and they’ve challenged 19 million items in the process. Just in 2019, the company sent over 1 million interventions, and they have a reputation amongst customers at one of the top repair services options. They also offer flexible pricing options for customers to choose from. 


TransUnion, though it is a credit bureau, is also an opportunity for individuals to repair their credit and protect their future changes in their credit. Primarily, TransUnion provides the chance for users to track their credit score as their main money-making business, offering subscription services for individuals that want to improve their score gradually. 

With a $25 monthly subscription, users will get access to different services, like Credit Lock Plus and CreditCompass. While Credit Lock Plus allows users to protect credit reports, CreditCompass shows users how to redirect their credit correctly. These defenses protect the user’s credit score if their personal information is ever compromised. 

One more unique service of TransUnion is the ID theft insurance that they offer. If the user’s information is ever used by someone else, they are covered by a $1 million policy.  

Credit Sesame  

Credit Sesame provides users with information about their current credit score, along with tools that they can leverage. It can easily be accessed on a mobile app with the same login information, which is available on both Android and iOS devices. 

The main purpose of this service is to allow the user to manage their credit directly. Customers are able to get a clear view of any issue that may be on their credit report for free at any time, and they can get exclusive information about what their credit score actually means. 

This service is completely free, even though the majority of other providers require that users pay a fee to even access a credit report. The company also provides many personalized offers (though some are affiliated with Credit Sesame directly) that will help users to leverage their credit. 

Credit Karma 


Credit Karma is one of the most popular credit repair services on the market, featured in countless commercials and online advertisements. Though many people may be worried about the costs associated with this monitoring, Credit Karma is one of the few services that is completely free. Users are able to access Credit Karma through the website or the app, joining over 100 million members that already use the services. 

Users will get access to credit card offers, as well as opportunities to sign up for loans, new accounts, savings accounts, financing for home or auto loans, and more. There’s no requirement to participate in these opportunities, but most of the offers are based on the user’s current credit status. 

Rather than doing the work for the user, Credit Karma simply provides the opportunity to manage the user’s credit repair efforts. The process of disputing these incorrect items is rather easy, and users are updated on the status as changes are made. 

The Credit Watcher  

The Credit Watcher provides users with quick access to the three credit scores provided by the major credit bureaus. Users can get reports and updates to their score daily, and access to these details is provided instantly. 

While it is not a full-service company to repair credit, it seems to primarily focus on monitoring and reporting. It provides users with the information that they need to track their credit improvements and avoid incorrect items. 

One of the disadvantages to using this service sems to be the cost. While other companies offer relatively similar details, The Credit Watcher charges $39.90 per month for access to prevent information from being sold. 

Credit Monkey  

Credit Monkey ranges greatly in price ($99 to $499 monthly), but it is accessible in any state. They help consumers to remove erroneous entries, claiming that up to 89% of credit reports have mistakes and errors. They seek out errors as small as inquiries or as significant as collections issues and bankruptcies. All of these issues can have a negative effect on the user’s credit score. 

The total cost that consumers will have to pay for their monthly Credit Monkey subscription will be determined by which of the six plans that the user offers. The plans are divided by the number and types of items that can be removed. Individuals on the basic plan can remove up to 5 negative items for $99. However, individuals that purchase the $499 monthly plan will be able to remove an unlimited number of negative items, establish a $10,000 credit line, secure 5 active credit cards, and more. 



MyFICO is part of FICO, which uses information from all three credit bureaus to calculate an average score. Users are able to purchase one of two different subscriptions (up to $39.95) for constant monitoring each month to continually check for any potential errors. 

The data collected by this service is considered to be an all-in-one solution for repairs, ensuring that customers know exactly what all of the bureaus have on record. Lenders already have access to the user’s FICO score, so users that enlist the help of their service will also know what is in the hands of the entities that create these financial opportunities. 

Along with the coverage from all three bureaus, users of the subscription-based service will also have access to a $1 million identity theft insurance policy, constant identity restoration services, and constant monitoring of the user’s score and history. The frequency of the updates is determined by the subscription that the user chose, offering monthly updates (Premier) or updates every three months (Advanced). 


CuraDebt has been offering relief services since 2000, showing users how to rectify problems with credit cards, medical bills, tax payments, and unsecured debts. They have free estimates that show how much users can save by using their services, which 200,000 customers have already elected to do. The team is well-versed in matters regarding tax debt, auditing, payment plans, and more. They even offer non-collectible resolutions. 

The easiest way to improve an individual’s credit score is to simply reduce the amount of debt owed. Using a company for debt relief like CuraDebt can help users to raise their score as they reduce the amount of debt owed. 



FreeScore360 offers a $29.95 monthly subscription to let users track their credit daily and receive alerts, though they also have a learning center to educate users on their credit. Users start off with a 7-day trial, but they will automatically receive a charge every month for the subscription after. 

The credit monitoring and reporting offered by FreeScore360 is fairly similar to that of other repair services, though it hasn’t quite earned the reputation that others have. Individuals that want to save a little money on improving their credit may still be able to find what they need with its subscription. 

The Credit People  

The Credit People focuses on bringing the user’s score up by between 53 and 187 points when using the services that they offer. They have a quite positive reputation amongst customers on Consumer Affairs and other websites that review these types of services, and they’ve already removed over 1.4 million false items from credit reports. With the work they’ve done, approximately, 71% of the users have already been approved for home loans, and 78% have been able to secure auto loans with the changes. 

Users that enroll in this service will be able to access their credit scores from all three bureaus, and they should see a massive change in their credit within just 60 days. The company has been working to better the credit score and report of customers for 15 years, starting at just $19 for support. 

Leap Credit  

Leap Credit works with individuals of all credit levels to make it easier to procure loans, credit cards, and other financial solutions. It doesn’t take long to get approved, and the application process is rather simple. The only requirements of customers that want to sign up is that they need to have reliable income, an active checking account, and US citizenship. They must also be an adult to get a loan, and users will have the financial support that they seek within 2 business days. 

Deciding on the Rankings of the Credit Repair Services 

No matter which credit repair service is chosen, all of these different companies say that they use reputable methods that are proven to help. Unfortunately, living up to the claims is a much different story. In creating this list, the guide considered the following factors. 

Ability to improve the user’s credit score. The entire point of using a credit repair service is to improve the user’s score. The most important factor in determining the products on this list was the amount of points that users could improve their credit score. With the right match, consumers can potentially increase their score by hundreds of points. 

Price and value of the service. Everyone has a different budget, but it shouldn’t dictate how capable they are of repairing their credit store. The price and value of each of the different services on this list were important factors in ensuring that anyone can get their finances on track. 

Transparency towards clients. Far too many companies say that they can offer services that they simply cannot follow through with. Companies that say that they can increase a user’s credit score in one week are completely false, as there is no way to make this claim come to fruition. The services that came through on this list were honest about the expectation that users should have. 

Accurate and realistic estimated increases for the credit score. Reliable companies tend to track the successful results that they have when working with their clients, averaging the increase that credit scores have gone up. 

Repairing credit (rather than monitoring it). Credit monitoring is a service that allows users to keep an eye on the changes that occur in their credit report, but it won’t change the details. Credit monitoring services can be helpful, but the companies on this list had to specifically offer repair services in some way to even be considered. 

Methods used to repair credit. Most often, companies will correct a credit report by challenging the data that is not necessarily accurate. This type of adjustment can be done by practically anyone by reaching out to one of the bureaus. The top companies that offer repair services will go above and beyond, challenging the bureaus to prove the erroneous claims. 

Refund policy. Even though these services are known for their ability to help consumers to improve credit, these companies do not often guarantee that the improvement will occur. That’s why users are often provided with a satisfaction guarantee that gives a complete refund if they are not able to improve their score. 

User-friendly dashboard. When signing into one of these websites, customers want to easily be able to navigate their dashboard and the interface of the website. The customer experience was heavily prioritized in the rankings, siding more frequently with companies that had better reviews. 

Reputation of the company. The companies chosen for this list had to have a good reputation for accuracy and service. Some companies have survived decades, while others are just recently launched, but their reputation was still a factor. 

Why Should You Check Your Credit Score? 

A credit score will follow an individual for their entire life and checking this score for any necessary repairs can make a significant difference in their future. With a good score, renting or buying a home becomes much easier than to get approved. It can even help with the cost of auto or home insurance, and it removes financial restrictions when seeking a spouse or roommate. 

Here are the top benefits of establishing repairs to a credit score, as well as the positive impact that a good credit score can have. 

Marrying financial freedom. According to a recent survey by MarketWatch, over half of Americans would not want to wed someone that has significant debt already on their credit report. Nowadays, nothing seems to be off the table for dating, including checking a credit report on someone before getting too deep in a relationship. With a bad credit score, it may be a red flag that this potential partner does not have a good handle on their relationship with money. 

Finding cheaper auto insurance. For an entire year of auto insurance coverage, the average cost is approximately $1,450 for Americans. If the individual has bad credit, they could pay much more each year, and auto insurance companies across the US can choose to use a credit report to determine the premium. Individuals that don’t have as high of a credit score are much greater of a risk to insurers, which is why they charge higher rates. 

Getting access to better credit cards with higher limits. When someone improves their credit score, they will have a newfound opportunity to sign up for new credit cards that offer more credit. A good and repaired credit score shows these companies that repaying loans is not difficult for the individual, which makes them want to lend more money. While someone with a lower or newer score may only have a limit of $2,500, others may have a limit of $25,000 with perks and rewards as incentives to spend. Some of these perks may include cash back, frequent flyer miles, or no fees. 

Easier approval odds when securing a mortgage rate. When it comes to buying a house, everyone needs to qualify for a mortgage (unless they are paying the entire balance in full). Without a good credit score, finding a lender that will approve such a loan can prove to be practically impossible. Even if the individual finds a company who will take on their risk, their bad credit could cause them to deal with much higher rates (which means thousands of dollars extra to buy their home). Making an improvement of even 20 points can have an incredibly positive effect on the cost of this mortgage. 

Easier approval odds when renting a home. Though it is often easier to qualify for a rental agreement than a mortgage, good credit is still important to securing it. The majority of property management companies and independent property owners will get a credit report to show what the risk is of renting to someone new. With bad credit, finding a safe and affordable apartment or house to rent can be rather difficult. If competing with other applicants, these companies often side with an individual that has a better credit report. 

Greater negotiating power. Someone with a bad credit score has very little in their favor to negotiate with a lender. There’s no positive reputation to back up the claim that they are a good bet, and they are at the mercy of the rates given to them by lenders. There are no bargaining options available, and lenders are well aware of it. By repairing credit scores and credit history, lenders will see that there is competition to secure the individual as a client, which puts the client in a much better negotiating position. 

Better rates with cell phone companies. Just like auto insurance companies and mortgage lenders, the rates for cell phone companies improve significantly. Often, companies that see that the individual has a bad credit score will require a security deposit as compensation for establishing an account. Individuals who have bad credit even run the risk that they’ll have to use a prepaid phone or establish a pay-as-you-go plant that doesn’t have nearly as good of a rate. 

Freedom from security deposits for utility. Utility companies will check their new customers’ credit scores online to determine if a security deposit has to be assigned to the account to establish service. These companies have an understanding that individuals that have a bad credit score are more likely to miss payments, and the deposits that they require often range from $100 to $300. Improving the credit score can eliminate these security deposits entirely, leaving the individual with more cash in their wallet. 

Cheaper premiums for homeowner’s insurance. Homeowners insurance can be thousands of dollars annually to establish protection for a home. As with any insurance company, bad credit can lead to rates that are nearly twice as high as what is assigned to a customer with good credit. Insurers penalize individuals that have poor credit because they are a higher risk for the company to take on, and the higher rates allow them to compensate themselves before payments are missed. 

Even with all of these financial advantages, most individuals with good credit are rather responsible. A good credit score shows others that they have control over a good financial future, even without having to brag. 

FAQs About Credit Repair Companies 

What exactly is credit? 

Credit is a term that describes the exchange of money, services, or goods for the promise to pay it back in the future. This exchange often comes with added fees (or interest) during payback. 

What is a credit score? 

A credit score rates the individual on their trustworthiness and reliability as someone to lend to. The score is between 300 and 850, and it is calculated from the debts that the individual has taken on a paid back, how much credit they’ve used out of their total amount available, and the number of times an inquiry has hit their account. Other factors also play a role in this calculation. 

What role does a credit score play in interacting with a lender? 

Lenders use the credit score to determine what the risk would be if they were to issue credit to the interested client. Individuals will consistent missing payments or defaulted loans may be unable to get a loan or may have to pay higher rates to get one. By having a higher score, lenders will issue better rates because they can trust that the client will pay it back in the right amount of time. 

What is considered a good credit score? 

Anything over 670 is typically considered to be a good score. 

What is a bad score? 

A bad credit score is anything below the 670 thresholds. 

What do customers do to lower their credit score? 

A credit score can be lowered over time or rapidly, depending on the factors that cause this drop. Late payments, bankruptcy, or a mortgage foreclosure can have detrimental effects. Individuals should also avoid applying for too many credit-based accounts (especially in close proximity to one another) or consistently using too much of the available credit allotted to them on existing credit cards. Ignoring negative items that need attention will also be damaging to a credit score. 

Once a negative item appearance on a credit report, how long will it stay there? 

The specific type of account and the bureau to which is it reported will determine how long the problem stays on the credit report. Typically, items will be on the account for between 7 and 10 years. 

How low can someone’s credit score be? 

The worst possible credit score that someone can have is 300. 

How high can someone’s credit score be? 

A perfect credit score is 850. The score cannot exceed this number. 

Why does one individual have three different credit scores? 

Each of the three major credit bureaus track credit scores, and their criteria varies from one to the next (albeit slightly). These credit bureaus also have different types of account reported to them, so the records from one bureau aren’t necessarily the same records sourced by another. Still, the credit score should be relatively similar between the three bureaus. 

What is a credit bureau? 

A credit bureau is a private company that exists solely for the purpose of tracking credit history and credit scores. They watch every individual for changes in payments, their credit usage, and several other factors to make their determinations. 

What bureaus track credit scores and credit histories? 

The primary bureaus that calculate these scores are TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. 

How will a lender check a possible client’s credit score? 

A lender will need to contact one of the major credit bureaus to get a copy of the report. Typically, this type of search requires the potential client’s social security number. 

How is a credit score different from a credit report? 

While a credit score is a number that rates an individual’s likelihood to be a good borrower, a credit report is a detailed list of the actions that the individual has taken to impact their credit, including missed payments, collections accounts, and other data. 

What is a FICO score, and how is it calculated? 

A FICO score is similar to a credit score, issuing a three-digit number that is an average of the compilation of the three credit bureaus. This score is calculated by a private company (FICO), and it is used by 90% of lenders today. However, FICO doesn’t actually track an individual’s credit. 

To calculate the score, FICO considers payment history (35%), the amount that the individual current owes back in credit (30%), how long their credit history has been established (15%), the mixture of different types of credit accounts (10%), and any new credit that they’ve established (10%). 

What does an individual have to do to get a good credit score? 

By maintaining on-time payments, reducing the amount of credit used, establishing different types of credit, and paying off debt, the average consumer can achieve a good credit score with ease. 

If the credit score of a potential client is damaged, what can they do to fix it? 

The first step that any client should take to rectify their credit is to eliminate entries on the report that have been posted in error, which is rather common. Eliminating the errors can drastically improve the individual’s credit score. 

What records are included on an individual’s credit report? 

A credit report will include the individual’s credit score, first and foremost. It also includes credit limits established by various accounts, names of lenders, lines of credit, information that identifies the individual, a complete history of accounts, collections, and late payments. It will also include public records for the individual. 

Can an individual’s attempt to secure employment be impacted by a credit score? 

Unfortunately, yes. Federal law permits employers to see a skewed version of the applicant’s credit report to determine how small or large of a risk an individual would pose if they were hired. Poor credit scores often reduce the likelihood that an individual will be hired or will qualify for promotion. 

When seeking out a mortgage lender, what credit score should a new borrower attempt to reach? 

The majority of experts agree that having a credit score of 620 is necessary. This is the lowest approval score that the majority of home lenders will accept. If an individual has a score below this threshold, some lenders may consider a co-borrower, which requires another individual to use their credit score to procure the loan instead. 

When seeking out a car loan, what credit store should a borrower have? 

Car lenders are a little more flexible, requiring a score of at least 550. Individuals with scores as low as 500 may still be able to get a loan, though the interest rates assigned to them will likely be higher. 

How can an individual get a full copy of their credit report for free? 

Every year, all three major credit bureaus are required to offer a single credit report for free by law. These credit reports can be viewed at from all three providers. Individuals that would prefer to speak with a live agent can call 1-877-322-8228. 

What is credit repair? 

Credit repair is a process that helps to improve the credit score with the removal of items that negatively impact a credit report. 

How does a credit repair company help consumers? 

The purpose of a credit repair company is to start by alerting of any inaccuracies in the credit report before removing them. Many companies will challenge these entries to force the lenders who posted them to prove their validity. This verification is required by law, and any false or incorrect reports must either be proven to be accurate or removed entirely. 

Are these types of services legitimate? 

Yes. Many online providers exist that truly offer support to individuals who are trying to repair their credit. However, it is important to be careful in the selection of such a company since there are always bad actors that can negatively use credit data. 

How long will users have to pursue credit repair changes to improve their score and history? 

Credit repair is not a quick fix. While there are some adjustments that only take a few weeks, other changes can take a year to make a difference. Everyone has different concerns that they have to resolve on their credit report, but consistent work to improve the user’s credit can raise their score by 40 points in a matter of four months. 

What does it cost to establish repairs to credit? 

The cost will vary from company to company. While some people pay nothing, others pay thousands of dollars. 

Is it possible to repair credit without an online service? 

Absolutely. Consumers can contact credit bureaus directly to deal with any issues that they may find on a credit report. After accessing this report, reach out to lenders to remove the entries that are not accurate. 

Will a student loan be harmful to an individual’s credit score? 

Yes. Any type of loan can have a negative impact on an individual’s credit score. Paying back student loans will gradually promote a better score over time. 

Final Thoughts 

A credit score and credit history will follow individuals around for years, which is why it is so important to prioritize good financial habits. With bad credit, it is practically impossible to secure a good rate on a home or vehicle (if it is possible at all). Individuals that want to repair their credit to open the opportunity for changes and improvements that are hard to make without a little help. 

After all the research and reviews of the best credit repair services in 2021, there is no doubt the following credit repairing companies and branded programs are your best bet to follow through with this year and beyond: 

By using one of the services listen above, consumers have a distinct advantage of having many opportunities to choose from. 

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Best Credit Repair Companies to Use for Boosting Credit Scores Tue, 05 Oct 2021 22:36:46 +0000 A credit score is a numerical representation that determines a consumer’s ability to pay bills on time. This number affects nearly every aspect of a person’s life. A person with a low credit score is likely to pay more per year in car insurance, mortgage costs, or loan payments. In a worst-case scenario, a bad […]]]>

A credit score is a numerical representation that determines a consumer’s ability to pay bills on time. This number affects nearly every aspect of a person’s life. A person with a low credit score is likely to pay more per year in car insurance, mortgage costs, or loan payments.

In a worst-case scenario, a bad credit score can prevent one from getting a job. Fortunately, good ways exist to help consumers fax a lousy credit score. Reputable credit repair services are available for consumers to utilize annually to boost their credit scores. By choosing a good credit repair service, one can improve a credit score by hundreds of points.

Each credit repair company claims to help users fix a bad credit score. However, not all credit repair services can deliver their promises. Besides, some charge very expensively for their services while others offer good services at competitive prices. With many companies offering credit repair services, consumers face a challenge in selecting the best provider.

Which company provides the best credit repair services? How can one spot the best credit repair service? To separate the best providers from the rest, we tested and rated different companies that provide credit repair services online.

The Top 14 Credit Repair Services in 2021

After careful analysis and testing of several credit repair services, we ranked the best credit repair services available, which are best suited for an average citizen seeking to improve their credit score. Here are our rankings of the best credit repair services in 2021:

  • Sky Blue Credit
  • Credit Saint
  • Lexington Law
  • TransUnion
  • Credit Sesame
  • Credit Karma
  • The Credit Watcher
  • Credit Monkey
  • MyFICO
  • CuraDebt
  • FreeScore360
  • The Credit People
  • Leap Credit

To understand how these credit services work, let’s discuss each of them individually.

Sky Blue Credit

Sky Blue Credit takes the first slot as one of the best credit repair companies to consider in 2021. The company charges its services at $79 per month and comes with a free 6-day trial period. All purchases are also backed by a 90-day moneyback guarantee—something unavailable from other credit repair companies.

Sky Blue Credit has been operational since 1989, making it one of the oldest providers on this list. Besides, the company can identify credit issues other providers ignore. This gives users a better score improvement than they can get from other providers on this list.

Other advantages of this company include faster dispute resolution (15-35 days), professional analysis, state law research for each debt collection issue, and customized disputes. Importantly, Sky Blue Credit is the top-ranked credit repair company listed here with thoughtful challenges and actionable improvements in credit score.

Credit Saint

image 12

Credit Saint is one of the best credit repair companies to consider in 2021. The company offers a credit restoration service that claims to be number one in challenging any inaccurate credit information. Credit Saint grants a free consultation up front, making it easy for consumers to see exactly how the company works and how it can help them. More importantly, Credit Saint is one of the companies listed here that offer a 90-day moneyback guarantee. This provision allows users to request a complete refund on their orders within 90 days.

Credit Saint is best-known for running a private dashboard, its top-notch educational resources, and overall experience. Consumers using this credit repair service can improve their scores fast, efficiently, and effectively. The company also offers free services apart from its paid credit repair service. Such freebies include free credit evaluation for consumers who would want to start using credit repair services.

Lexington Law

image 6

Lexington Law is available online at This company offers an efficient credit repair process backed by a professional law firm. Good credit repair doesn’t happen instantly. Instead, it takes time, effort, and legal expertise. Lexington Law allows users to get that expertise and help them repair their credit scores.

To accomplish its goals, Lexington Law begins by researching and reviewing the credit score of its clients. The company then analyzes the credit report and determines which negative aspects are wrongfully affecting the score. It challenges each item and files a dispute against each of them.

After filing a dispute against each item, the company asks the bureaus and creditors to review the negative pieces and verify them as accurate and fair. If they fail to verify the information as accurate, then they should legally remove them. Most importantly, Lexington Law can manage and supervise its clients’ credit scores over time while dealing with new issues as they arise on their reports.

Additionally, Lexington Law is among the most experienced credit repair companies listed here. Established in 2004, the firm has helped remove more than 70 million faulty items from its client’s credit reports. The company boasts nearly two decades of experience in credit repair service, making it one of the best options available.

image 10

This company offers many free rewards that are unavailable from other providers listed here. For instance, it provides a free negative item review, a free credit score, and summary, as well as a free credit improvement plan—all of which are lacking from other providers on this list.

Once a client gets this free information, they can proceed with’s complete services. The company works similarly to other top-ranked credit repair services on this list. scans it’s client’s report for any erroneous entry, in which case it challenges the bureaus and lenders to confirm the accuracy of the disputed entries.

According to law, bureaus must delete any entry that they cannot verify. This is how the company improves the credit score of its members. So far, has helped delete 1.8 million entries since 2012. Since its launch, the company has filed more than 19 million challenges and disputes.

In 2019 alone, the company sent more than one million interventions. These reasons and more make one of the top-ranked credit repair services on the market today. It’s also one of the few companies on this list with flexible pricing options, including aggressive, moderate, and basic plans according to how clients want to improve their credit scores.


image 1

TransUnion is among the three major credit bureaus in the US, alongside Experian and Equifax. In addition to credit repair, the company offers other credit protection services. It monitors credit scores as a non-profit business and provides subscription services to help it monitor and improve credit scores over time.

TransUnion provides several tools that can help improve credit scores. For only $25 per month, subscribers can get enough tools such as CreditCompass and Credit Lock Plus to improve their credit scores. With CreditCompass, users can get recommendations to point their credit scores in the right direction. Similarly, Credit Lock Plus allows users to protect their TransUnion reports in just a few clicks. This covers the reports from further damage when the information is compromised.

Another benefit of subscribing to TransUnion services is ID theft insurance. With this service, subscribers get up to $1 million of insurance against identity theft. In that case, if a subscriber’s information is compromised, leading to loss of money, then TransUnion can compensate the subscriber. Additionally, TransUnion offers adequate tools to help users repair and manage their credit scores with free ID protection, among other benefits.

Credit Sesame

image 11

Credit Sesame allows users to understand, access, and maximize the use of their credit scores. The company is among the few providers on this list with an effective mobile app. Users can access the Credit Sesame app on both Android and iOS devices. This makes it easy to manage and repair credit scores on the go.

More importantly, Credit Sesame’s app focuses on the personal credit management platform. This platform allows users to monitor and observe all issues associated with the user’s credit. Users can access their credit score, view their credit report free at any time, and learn more about credit scores.

The best part of this company is that its services are free. Unlike other providers on this list that charge a fee to access a credit report, Credit Sesame is free to use. Besides, the company provides personalized assistance based on the user’s credit, which allows them to utilize their credit for different opportunities.

Credit Karma

image 14

Credit Karma is among the best credit repair companies to consider in 2021. The company is one of the best-known credit repair services on the market today, with a wide range of credit repair services and other credit-related products. It comes with a free app, which users can download to join a community of more than 100 million members.

Like Credit Sesame, Credit Karma is free. The company provides free insight into the user’s credit score and report. In return, they use the information to present users with offers. Credit Karma has multiple presentations for credit cards, loans, accounts, savings opportunities, auto financing, and mortgages, among others.

Since the app is free to use, customers don’t have to take advantage of these opportunities. In some cases, the best credit repair services are the ones managed by the user. Credit Karma allows users to manage and monitor their credit score, thereby helping them to avoid erroneous entries and penalties.

The Credit Watcher

image 2

The Credit Watcher allows users to instantly access their three credit scores from the three major bureaus. Users can get secure online delivery of their three credit reports immediately while they continue receiving their credit scores and credit reports daily.

The Credit Watcher is also among the credit repair companies listed here that work as a monitoring and reporting service. Users should note that Credit Watcher is not a full-service credit repair company. The company gives users the information they need about their credit, which allows them to track their improvements over time and avoid erroneous entries.

The main disadvantage of using The Credit Watcher is its price. The company charges $39.90 per month for its services. Besides, the company doesn’t give users the same personalized assistance as other companies on this list do. However, users can pay a premium to avoid having their information sold.

Credit Monkey

image 13

Credit Monkey charges its services from $99 to $499 per month, available in all 50 states in the US. Notably, the company claims to give users meaningful improvement to their credit score by deleting any erroneous entries. As revealed by the company, 89% of credit reports have false entries and other mistakes. While such errors could be as simple as inquiries, there are significant errors such as collection issues, bankruptcies, late payments, or charge-offs. All these can lower a person’s credit score.

Credit Monkey provides users with six different plans to improve their credit score. The more a user pays, the more entries can be removed from their credit report. For example, the basic plan, which costs $99 per month, can remove up to five negative items from a credit report.

The highest-level plan costs $499 per month. It includes five active credit cards, deletion of an unlimited number of public records, negative items, and a $10,000 credit line.


image 5

MyFICO is the registered consumer division of FICO, an analytics company that monitors credit scores using information from all three bureaus. MyFICO offers two plans—an advanced plan for $29.95 per month and a premier subscription service that costs $39.95 per month. Both subscriptions allow users to monitor their credit score, thereby checking for errors and mistaken entries.

Overall, MyFICO displays its credit repair and tracking services as an all-in-one solution. Users can get data from all three bureaus instead of getting it from one or two bureaus. Users should note that their lenders already use their FICO score, so they should make sure to know their FICO score, including how it works.

Ninety percent of lenders already use FICO scores to calculate rates, which is why MyFICO makes it easy to track the critical metric to help boost credit scores. Upon subscribing to MyFICO’s services, users can receive complete three-bureau coverage, amongst other perks:

  • Up to $1 million of identity theft protection
  • 24/7 identity restoration service
  • Continuous tracking of credit score
  • Credit report
  • Identity

The only difference between the two plans offered by MyFICO is that the Advanced plan gives users updates every three months, while the Premier plan provides updates every month.


image 9

Launched in 2000, CuraDebt has offered debt relief services in the United States and helping users with tax debt, medical bills, credit card issues, and other unsecured debt. The company offers a free savings estimate that enables users to see how much they can save before ordering anything from the company.

In the last two decades, the company has served more than 200,000 clients. This makes it one of the top-ranked debt relief companies that could help lighten the financial burden. Besides, CuraDebt boasts a strong team with more than 100 years of combined experience in solving tax and debt problems.

The company focuses on tax resolutions, complex resolutions, audit defense, partial payment plans, and non-collectible resolutions. By reducing their debt, users can improve their credit scores. CuraDebt helps users lower the amount they can owe, thereby helping them raise their credit score.


image 8

This company offers credit repair services by providing credit scores from all the three mainstream bureaus in the US. It charges a $29.95 monthly subscription fee for its services. FreeScore360 gives users a seven-day free trial, which allows them to access their credit scores immediately they sign up.

On the seventh day after sign-up, the company starts charging $29.95 every month if the user hasn’t cancel the subscription. The subscription runs every month for ongoing tracking until the user cancels. Once subscribed, users get access to FreeScore360’s ScoreSense system, which provides daily monitoring and alerts.

Besides, the company runs an interactive learning center that gives users further insight into their credit score and its functions. For those looking to monitor their credit score at affordable costs, FreeScore360 could be the best option.

The Credit People

image 3

The Credit People is another company to consider when it comes to credit repair. According to their estimates, an average customer could increase their credit score by 53 – 187 points when using their services. This company boasts strong reviews online from Consumer Affairs and other mainstream review websites.

So far, The Credit People has helped remove over 1.4 million issues from its customers’ reports. Additionally, up to 78% of its employees have received loan approvals, 71% home loan approvals, and 81% credit approvals, among other benefits by using their service.

Available online at, this company helps users access all three credit reports and credit scores once they sign up. The users get guaranteed results in less than 60 days while the company takes specific steps to improve their credit score.

While it appears like a new service, The Credit People has served for 15 years, offering credit repair services for as low as $19. It’s currently one of the top-ranked credit repair services on the market, which go beyond mentoring services.

Leap Credit

image 7

Leap Credit makes it easy for users with all credit levels to get the money they need faster. Leap Credit offers a simple application process and fast approval, among other advantages for users with all credit levels.

Leap Credit offers loans to users based on basic terms such as a verifiable source of income, an open checking account, and a US citizen of at least 18 years old. Once all the conditions are met, the money is sent to the user’s account in as little as two business days.

How We Ranked the Best Credit Repair Companies 2021

All credit repair companies promise to help users improve their credit scores by applying proven and reputable methods. However, not all credit repair companies live up to that promise. To come up with this ranking of the best credit repair services, the following metrics were applied:

Credit Score Improvement

People use credit repair services to improve their credit scores. After analyzing several credit score companies, the most important thing that stood out was the number of points they improved users’ credit scores on average. Top-ranked credit repair companies can improve a score by at least 100 points.

Price and Value

Some clients can comfortably spend thousands of dollars on improving their credit scores. However, most people can only afford less than that. This ranking considered the price and value of each service.

Transparency and Honesty

Some credit repair companies exaggerate their claims regarding their services. For example, some providers claim they can improve credit scores by hundreds of points in just one week, which is near impossible. This ranking preferred providers that were transparent and honest with their benefits.

Accurate Estimated Credit Score Increases

Top-rated credit repair companies can monitor the average number of points by which they could improve customers’ credit scores. For instance, gives an estimated credit score improvement of 53-187 points depending on the average increase from previous customers.

Repairs Versus Monitoring

Some credit companies focus on monitoring while others take specific steps to repair users’ credit scores. Consumers with limited knowledge often find it difficult to know how each credit repair company works. This ranking preferred companies that prioritize credit repair services as opposed to basic monitoring.

Credit Repair Methods

Most credit repair services work by disputing erroneous data on a user’s credit report. This is easy, and anyone can simply do it by contacting the three credit bureaus. However, the best credit repair services go beyond this and provide proof for each item on a credit report.

Satisfaction Guarantee and Refund Policy

Credit repair companies seldom guarantee an increase in credit scores. However, the best credit repair companies support their claims with a moneyback guarantee and other customer satisfaction promises. For instance, Credit Saint provides a 90-day moneyback guarantee to all its clients.

Dashboard, User Interface, and Overall Convenience

Some credit repair websites have a user dashboard that is easy to use, making it easy for users to monitor and manage their credit scores. This listing considered overall customer experience, with a preference to companies that maximized customer experience to help them improve their credit scores.

Company Experience and Reputation

Some credit repair companies have many years of experience in helping people repair their credit scores online. Others are still new in the industry with limited experience, having launched their services in the last few years. This ranking considered a provider’s experience and overall reputation.

Top 10 Surprising Benefits of Repairing Your Credit Score

Repairing a credit score is one of the best decisions one can make. With a good credit score, one can get a mortgage or rent a home. It could also help improve chances of employment and save thousands of dollars in auto insurance.

With that in mind, here are the top 10 benefits of improving a credit score:

Marry the person of your dreams

According to Market Watch, 58 percent of Americans said they would not marry a partner with significant debt. In some cases, people go as far as running a credit report on a preferred partner before they begin a serious relationship. Bad credit could be a red flag that prevents a person from getting a life partner.

Cheaper Auto Insurance

A good credit score leads to cheaper auto insurance. For instance, the average American spends $1450 per year on full coverage auto insurance. However, the average person with lousy credit parts with more than $2100 per year on auto insurance.

This means a bad credit score could make one pay more than $1000 more every year than the average citizen. In nearly every state (except Hawaii, Massachusetts, and California), insurance companies are mandated by law to calculate insurance premiums based on the customer’s credit score.

Better Credit Cards and Higher Limits

Improved credit scores could help one get new credit cards with higher limits. People with a good credit score are considered good at repaying loans. This attracts more companies to lend them money, coupled with other rewards and annual perks. Repairing a credit score also unlocks better opportunities.

Cheaper Mortgage Rates and Easier Approval

People with bad credit scores can find it more challenging to get a mortgage. Even if they get a mortgage, they could pay significantly higher rates than those with a good credit score. A good credit score can reduce mortgage costs by thousands of dollars.

Easier Approval When Renting a Home

For those who are renting, many proprietors and property management companies often require a credit report. People with bad credit could struggle to rent a property at a safe and affordable price. All other factors constant, landlords and property management firms will choose the applicant with the better credit score.

Superior Negotiating Power

With a bad credit score, one can have no negotiating power. In that case, there’s no option but to take the rates offered by the lenders. With few other options, one is pushed to make a costly final decision. Improving a credit score could help boost negotiating power.

Better Cell Phone Rates

Smartphone manufacturers give better rates to reputable lenders. People with good credit scores can get a smartphone on contract without a security deposit. Such users can end up with a better phone than they would typically get. On the other hand, people with bad credit are forced to buy prepaid cell phones or use pay-as-you-go plans that deliver substandard rates.

No Security Deposit on Utilities

People with bad credit scores are required to pay a security deposit on all utilities. This is because utility companies suspect them to struggle with payments. The security deposit, which ranges between $100 and $300, can cover any late payments. However, an improved credit score can remove the need for security deposits, giving users peace of mind.

Cheaper Homeowners Insurance Premiums

One can pay thousands of dollars in homeowners’ insurance costs every year. A homeowner with bad credit is likely to pay more, even twice as much on the same. Homeowners with bad credit are often considered riskier to insure, as insurers believe they risk missing payments or committing insurance fraud.

Improved Confidence and Peace of Mind

Having a better credit score gives one peace of mind. It also proves the person is a responsible adult in charge of their financial future. This means one can have bragging rights and more confidence, even if they don’t tell anyone about it.

The Top 14 Credit Repair Services in 2021 Conclusion

Millions of Americans struggle with their credit score, many of them with errors on their credit reports. As noted earlier in this guide, a bad credit score can affect some of the essential parts of a person’s life. It can lower the chances of getting a job, mortgage, or getting a car loan, among others.

With an increased credit score, one can build a good financial record and improve their financial future. Reputable credit repair companies use certified strategies to target and repair credit scores in various ways. This guide provides the best credit repair companies that one can consider in 2021.

This list will be updated continually as new revelations come upon improving a credit score quickly. Users should be keen to apply due diligence beyond this post. However, it’s worthwhile to try one or two of the companies mentioned on this list. Everyone can improve their credit score regardless of their position today. To get started, consult one of the best credit repair companies listed here.

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Affiliate Disclosure:

The links contained in this product review may result in a small commission if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you. This goes towards supporting our research and editorial team and please know we only recommend high quality products.


Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary as the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Should you use the so called 609 credit repair flaw? Sun, 03 Oct 2021 14:05:00 +0000 A popular online search to fix your credit score quickly and affordably has been called the 609 loophole. “Loophole 609 is a section of the Fair Credit Reporting Act that says if something is incorrect on your credit report, you have the right to write a letter disputing it,” said Robin saks frankel, a personal […]]]>

A popular online search to fix your credit score quickly and affordably has been called the 609 loophole.

“Loophole 609 is a section of the Fair Credit Reporting Act that says if something is incorrect on your credit report, you have the right to write a letter disputing it,” said Robin saks frankel, a personal finance expert at Forbes Advisor.

The theory is that a credit bureau removes a specific mark if it cannot be proven. It’s a good thing if there is a legitimate error on your report.

But some YouTubers and credit repair companies promise to use loophole 609 to erase the real debts people owe without paying them.

This is done by writing what is called 609 letters to remove the old addresses from your account. Then additional letters are written indicating that the debt related to these addresses is not related to you. So the credit bureaus should remove it. But Saks Frankel said it was really a waste of time.

“It doesn’t matter how you submit it. There is no magic bullet or combination of words that will suddenly make your debt go away,” Saks Frankel said.

Even if you manage to get an address deleted, the debt is still tied to you through other means, like social security numbers, so the debt is still there when you apply for a loan or credit card. .

“The best way to repair your credit, unfortunately, takes time,” Saks Frankel said. “You are not going to go from a horrible credit score to a great credit score in six months.”

The first step to increasing your score: check for reporting errors and use the so-called 609 letters for their actual purpose.

You can get a free report each year from each of the three bureaus at

The second step is to “start with something like a secured credit card,” Saks Frankel said. You deposit the amount of money you want to borrow, and after establishing a history with the lender, you can get that money back or exchange it for a regular credit card.

It’s important to remember that the things credit repair agencies say they can do for you, you can do for yourself, and for free.

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Best Credit Repair Company Services to Review and Use in 2021 Sat, 02 Oct 2021 07:28:26 +0000 Your credit score has a significant impact on almost every part of your life. Low-credit-score individuals will spend extra money each year on mortgage prices, loan payments, and vehicle insurance. Moreover, a poor credit score may even cause you trouble while you are trying to get employed. Nevertheless, there are ways to improve your low […]]]>

Your credit score has a significant impact on almost every part of your life. Low-credit-score individuals will spend extra money each year on mortgage prices, loan payments, and vehicle insurance. Moreover, a poor credit score may even cause you trouble while you are trying to get employed.

Nevertheless, there are ways to improve your low credit score. On an annual basis, consumers use trustworthy credit repair businesses to improve their credit scores. Your credit score can be adjusted by massive margins with the help of a good credit repair business. However, finding a good credit revival service is not a walk in the park.

Each respective company promises to, to some degree, improve your low credit score. Unfortunately, only a pitiful portion of them live up to the expectation. Luckily, some companies will genuinely increase your credit score for a reasonable price.

We will help you find the most effective credit repair services, including a guideline for which credit repair firm you should use. We put the most well-known credit repair services to the test and rated them. This is what we discovered:

Top 14 Credit Repair Services and Companies for 2021

We have combined our expertise and carefully examined the results of our testing to provide you with a list of the top 14 credit repair services and companies for 2021.

If you are looking forward to improving your credit score, these are the best credit repair services you can find:

  • Credit Saint
  • CreditRepair
  • Sky Blue Credit
  • CuraDebt
  • MyFICO
  • Credit Monkey
  • Credit Karma
  • TransUnion
  • Lexington Law
  • Leap Credit
  • The Credit People
  • Free Score 360
  • Credit Sesame
  • The Credit Watcher

Without further ado, this is what you can expect from each of the top-ranked credit repair services:

Credit Saint

Credit Saint is a credit restoration agency claiming to be the best at disputing false credit information. Credit Saint offers you an in advance consultation free of charge. This will paint a clearer picture of how the firm operates and how it might assist you.

Credit Saint’s private dashboard, educational resources, and overall client experience have received relatively high praise. The company betters your credit score via a simplified, efficient, and speedy process.

Beyond its paid credit repair service, Credit Saint also offers complimentary services. Such include a free credit evaluation for anyone interested in dipping themselves into the realm of credit restoration.

Moreover, Credit Saint is one of the businesses on this list that offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. You have 90 days to obtain a full refund on your purchase. If you aren’t happy with the results of Credit Saint or how it boosted your credit score, you can get a full refund.



CreditRepair is an exceptional company that offers various free-of-charge services that we haven’t found with other companies while researching. The services feature a free credit summary, a credit improvement plan, and a free negative item review. You can then choose to proceed with CreditRepair’s comprehensive credit repair services.

Since 2012, CreditRepair has assisted with over 1.8 million deletions. The provider has tended to over 19 million disputes since its founding. In addition, they sent over one million interventions solely in 2019.

CreditRepair is one of the top-rated credit repair services accessible today. It is also among the very few on this list that offer a variety of price alternatives. These are basic, moderate, and aggressive programs, depending on how much you want to raise your credit score.

Nevertheless, CreditRepair is comparable to the other top-rated services on this list. Especially in terms of how it operates. The firm examines your credit report for errors. It further encourages credit agencies and lenders to double-check the information validity.

Bureaus are legally obliged to remove any entries that they cannot vouch for. Hence, CreditRepair may be able to improve your credit score drastically using this strategy.

Sky Blue Credit


Sky Blue Credit has been a service provider ever since 1989. This makes them one of the most experienced companies on this list. Its main advantage is that the company recognizes credit difficulties that other companies most often overlook. With this, they potentially improve your credit score faster than any other supplier on our list.

Sky Blue Credit is a credit rehabilitation service that costs $79 per month and comes with a free six-day trial. A 90-day money-back guarantee also backs all purchases. This is a feature we rarely see with other credit repair firms.

Professional analysis, unique disputes tailored to your case, and state law study for each debt collection matter are just a few of the benefits of Sky Blue Credit.

With deliberate challenges and tangible credit score improvements, Sky Blue Credit certainly deserves to be part of the top-ranked credit restoration organizations.

Cura Debt


Since the year 2000, CuraDebt has provided debt help to all individuals throughout the United States.

CuraDebt is a top-rated debt relief firm that has serviced more than 200,000 clients throughout the last 20 years. It enables applicants to overcome debt, regardless of how challenging their status may be.

Tax debts, credit cards, medical bills, or any other unsecured debt are all part of the debt-related issues addressed by Cura Debt today. Before purchasing anything from CuraDebt, you are eligible for a free savings estimate. This will help you discover how much money you could potentially save.

CuraDebt’s experts have more than a century of total tax debt settlement experience. Their emphasis is on tax resolutions, partial payment arrangements, audit defense, complex remedies, and non-collectible solutions.

To boost your credit score, consider reducing debts. CuraDebt may help you lower the amount of money you owe, allowing you to improve your credit score swiftly.



MyFICO is FICO’s official consumer division. It is an analytics firm that analyzes your credit score using information from three of its credit agencies.

The advanced subscription costs $29.95 per month, while the premier subscription plan comes at a monthly price of $39.95. Both types enable you to monitor your credit score at all times. This makes it simple to spot inaccuracies and incorrect data.

You get a total of three-bureau coverage – $1 million in fraud prevention, 24/7 identity restoration support, and constant monitoring of your score, credit report, and identity. What differentiates the Advanced and Premier programs is that the Advanced plan provides updates every third month. At the same time, the Premier plan provides updated monthly.

MyFICO promotes its credit restoration and monitoring service delivered as an all-in-one package. Instead of acquiring information from one or two credit bureaus – you get information from all three sources.

Your lenders are already using a FICO score; therefore, you should understand what FICO is and how it works. Moreover, FICO scores are used by 90% of top lenders to compute rates. Thus, MyFICO can help you keep track of the essential measure and essentially increase your credit score.

Credit Monkey


CreditMonkey is a credit rehabilitation business that can be accessed online. The service is available in all US states, varying between $99 to $499 a month.

Credit Monkey has six different programs you can choose from. Naturally, the more you spend, the more entries from your credit record you can eliminate.

For instance, the basic $99/month service will clear up to five negative items from your record. On the other hand, for $499/month, the most expensive plan of Credit Monkey includes five operational credit cards, a $10,000 credit line, and the removal of an infinite number of public records, negative inquiries, and more.

Furthermore, by deleting erroneous data, Credit Monkey guarantees to boost your credit score significantly. Credit Money’s research shows that 89% of credit records include typos or significant issues.

Moreover, common mistakes are as simple as inquiries. On the other hand, charge-offs, bankruptcies, collections difficulties, and missed fees can all negatively impact your credit score.

Credit Karma


One of the most well-known credit restoration programs accessible today is Credit Karma.

The company provides a wide range of credit restoration and other credit-related services and goods.

By downloading the free Credit Karma app today, you can join a community of over 100 million people who use Credit Karma to improve their financial situation.

Credit Karma is an entirely free service. In exchange for utilizing the information to provide you with offers, the corporation gives you free access to your credit score and credit report – a fair deal, we’d say.

Credit Karma shows offers for loans, accounts, credit cards, savings accounts, vehicle financing, mortgages, and other financial products. However, you are under no obligation to take advantage of any of these options, as you can use the app for free.

Credit Karma makes it simple for you to manage and track your credit score by providing you the opportunity to avoid inaccurate entities’ fines.



Right next to the most prominent credit US bureaus Experian and Equifax are TransUnion. TransUnion offers credit revival and remaining credit-related services.

TransUnion is a for-profit company that records your credit score and provides subscription services to assist you in tracking and improving your credit score over time.

TransUnion has a handful of resources to lend a helping hand in improving your credit score. You can obtain features like CreditCompass and Credit Lock Plus by subscribing to TransUnion’s subscription services for as little as $25 per month.

CreditCompass also shares tips and tricks on how to improve your credit score. Credit Lock Plus, on the other hand, protects your TransUnion and Equifax reports in mere clicks. This saves you from further harm in case your information gets stolen.

The ID theft insurance is yet another benefit of TransUnion’s subscription. Subscribers are covered for $1 million in identity theft. Moreover, TransUnion will pay you if your information is misused and you have lost money along the way.

Additionally, TransUnion also offers free ID protection and other benefits to help you restore and manage your credit.

Lexington Law


Lexington Law counts as one of the most reputable and acknowledged credit revival providers. Since its beginning in 2004, the company has helped customers remove over 70 million items from their credit reports. Lexington Law has continued to be one of the most excellent solutions available, with 17 years of expertise in restoring credit scores for customers.

Lexington Law offers a reliable credit restoration service backed by a reputable law practice. The firm operates under the belief that credit restoration doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it takes time, effort, and legal knowledge.

Lexington Law puts this knowledge to work for you, assisting you in repairing your credit score. Lexington Law begins by looking into and analyzing your credit score.

The company examines your credit report to see what is incorrectly lowering your credit score. Once they are done, they challenge and contest each item, requesting confirmation from the credit agencies and your creditors that the negative details are factual and fair.

And the best part is, Lexington Law keeps track of your credit score throughout time, addressing new problems as they arise.

Leap Credit


Leap Credit makes it simple for people of all credit levels to acquire the money they need in the shortest time frame possible.

For consumers with all types of credit, the organization offers a simple application process, quick approval, and other benefits.

You should be able to acquire a loan from Leap Credit provided you have a verifiable source of income, an open bank account, and are a US citizen of at least 18 years old.

The corporation will deposit funds into your account within two business days, making LeapCredit one of the fastest credit approval companies.

The Credit People


The Credit People states that, after using their method, the average customer’s credit score will improve between 53 to 187 points.

Consumer Affairs and other major review websites have given the company high marks. The Credit People has helped consumers resolve over 1.4 million credit concerns. After using the service, the report stated that 78 percent of its users were accepted for auto loans, 71 percent for home loans, and 81 percent for new credit.

The Credit People allows you instant access to all three credit records and credit scores. The Credit People guarantees result in less than two months by taking precise procedures to boost your credit score. Although The Credit People appears to be a new business, the website has been around for 15 years.

The Credit People is a top credit revival name in the business. Its services cost only $19. The organization also provides repair services in addition to the monitoring mentioned above services.

Free Score 360


For a monthly subscription price of $29.95, FreeScore360 delivers credit ratings from all three bureaus.

With Free Score 360, you get a seven-day free trial, which allows you to get your credit scores for free – and right away. FreeScore360 will charge you $29.95 a month and continue to impose the same amount unless you decide to unsubscribe.

Moreover, your subscription includes the ScoreSense system from FreeScore360, which offers daily credit monitoring and notifications.

In addition, there is an online learning hub where you can learn more about your credit score and everything related to it.

Credit Sesame


Credit Sesame makes it easy to find, understand, and use your credit score.

Additionally, it is a rare sight for a credit repair company to have an excellent mobile app – and Credit Sesame does. The Credit Sesame mobile app for Android and iOS makes it simple to manage and repair your credit score wherever you are.

The personal credit management (PCM) platform is at the heart of Credit Sesame’s app. You may monitor and observe all credit-related difficulties through this platform. Even more, you may acquire a free credit score and credit report copies. Finally, you can learn more about what your credit score signifies.

The organization makes customized offers based on your credit history, allowing you to use your credit for various purposes.

Credit Sesame’s most attractive feature is that it is entirely free. Credit Sesame is free to use, unlike the majority of the other services on our top-ranked list who demand a fee for you to obtain your credit report. Instead, Credit Sesame gets a cut if you take advantage of those opportunities. Meanwhile, anyone can use the program free of charge.

The Credit Watcher


The Credit Watcher offers a service that grants you fast access to your three credit ratings. All three stem from the three predominant credit bureaus.

With Credit Watcher, you’ll receive your three credit reports via safe online delivery right away. You’ll also be able to acquire your credit scores and reports daily after that.

Like Credit Karma and Credit Sesame, the Credit Watcher is best used as a monitoring and reporting service. Unfortunately, The Credit Watcher isn’t a full-fledged credit repair firm. The company can only provide you with the information you need about your credit. It then allows you to follow your progress over time.

However, The Credit Watcher’s major flaw is its cost. $39.90 monthly gives equivalent information to the free credit monitoring programs that we have already covered.

You won’t get the exact personalized offers as you would with Credit Sesame or Credit Karma. But, you will pay way more to prevent the selling of your data.

Our Methodology – Explained

All credit repair businesses guarantee to raise your credit score utilizing tried-and-true procedures.

However, not all businesses live up to their name. Therefore, we utilized the following criteria to distinguish between the best and worst credit restoration services. Credit score improvement, price, credit repair methods, monitoring vs. repairing, transparency, business experience, user interface, refunding policy, and correctly estimated credit score improvements.

Credit Score Improvement

You are trying to improve your credit score by employing a credit repair service. The number of points by which credit score firms increased credit ratings on average was the most crucial factor we evaluated. To conclude, your credit score can be improved by hundreds of points with the help of a good credit repair company.

Correctly Estimated Credit Score Improvements

The finest credit repair organizations record how many points their clientele’s credit scores increased on average. For instance, given the average rise from prior clients, TheCreditPeople estimates a credit score boost of 53 to 187 points. Therefore, we have ranked better the companies that have publicly announced their results.

Credit Repair Methods

The majority of credit repair businesses work by disputing erroneous information on your credit record. This is a simple procedure that anyone may perform by just contacting the three largest credit bureaus. On the other hand, the most significant credit repair agencies do more than just deleting inaccurate information from your credit report.

As we have already mentioned, credit bureaus are challenged to prove all items on the credit report – and if they fail, the item gets deleted.

Monitoring vs. Repairing

While some credit companies place a strong emphasis on monitoring, others will take particular steps to help you improve your credit score. Hence, it is difficult for those unfamiliar with credit repair services to understand how each organization operates. Instead of basic credit monitoring, we picked credit companies that offered concrete credit rehabilitation services.


While people can pay hundreds of dollars per month to improve their credit score, the majority would want to spend less and gain more. That is why the price tag and the value are included in our ranking system of each credit repairing service.


We consider transparency and honesty to be the best way for companies to obtain new clientele. Therefore, we have ranked only the most transparent providers that vouch for the service they offer, as opposed to firms that guarantee you an impossible-to-provide improvement on your credit score.

User Interface

Most credit restoration firms offer a user interface that makes managing and monitoring your credit score simple. Still, some have complicated websites. Hence, we have ranked organizations based on their entire customer experience. We also gave bonus points to those offering the most seamless customer experience.

Refunding Policy

It is common among credit repair organizations to only make suggestions on how they would be able to help. Nevertheless, the best-ranked credit repair firms strongly believe in their work. They also offer money-back guarantees for clients dissatisfied with their work. The satisfaction guarantee is known to range from a week to up to 3 months.

Business Experience

The company experience was another critical factor for us while ranking the best credit repair services for 2021. Some firms happen to have decades of experience. Others are relatively new on the market, as they have been running only for a couple of years. Naturally, the company’s expertise and reputation have played a significant role in our ranking system.

The Perks of Credit Score Repairments: What to Expect

Improving your credit score can indeed alter your lifestyle. If you are contemplating whether you should do it or not – you definitely should!

For instance, it is simpler to rent an apartment or obtain a bank loan with a strong credit score. And the most significant part is – improved credit score has the potential to accelerate your work prospects, too.

Moreover, it can help you save extra money on your auto and house insurance policies. What’s more, it might even make finding a companion easier.

The top 10 most essential advantages of fixing your credit score are listed below:

Pay Less for Automobile Insurance

Full coverage auto insurance costs the typical American $1,450 per year. Nonetheless, the average citizen with terrible credit spends more than $2,100 a year.

The worst thing is you might spend one thousand dollars a year more than the average American with a low credit score.

Insurance providers could use your credit rating to compute premiums in practically every state. The exceptions to the rule are Hawaii, California, and Massachusetts.

Furthermore, firms charge substantially higher premiums to drivers with low credit scores since they are generally riskier to cover.

Therefore, if you decide to lower your credit score now – you might be able to save a significant amount of money on insurance premiums over the next couple of years.

Pay Less for Homeowners Insurance

The cost of US homeowner’s insurance is thousands of dollars every year.

If you happen to have a terrible credit rating, you could end up paying almost double as much for homeowners insurance. This is because homeowners with poor credit ratings are considered to be more tricky to insure.

The reason why insurers charge higher fees is that they rely on statistics. These report that a poor credit rating means you are more likely to commit insurance fraud, miss, or late payments.

Obtain High Limits & Superior Credit Cards

As your credit score rises, you’ll be able to apply for new credit cards with more considerable limits.

This is because a strong credit score indicates that you are capable of settling your debts. This shows that businesses are more interested in lending you money, as you would not represent a significant risk.

The differences in credit card limits are enormous – a good credit rating brings you plenty of benefits and ten times the standard limit. This is opposed to low credit card limits when you have a poor credit rate.

Furthermore, better prospects and new credit cards become available to you as soon as you repair your credit rating. A simple example would be credit card companies providing cashback deals to specific consumers with good credit ratings.

Enjoy Lower Mortgage Rates & Trouble-free Approval

Getting a mortgage is difficult for everyone. However, it can be incredibly hard for those with poor credit scores. Moreover, it may be tough to secure a mortgage if you’ve had a poor credit score.

Additionally, even if you manage to receive a mortgage, you could end up paying for considerably higher interest rates than most. This might potentially add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your yearly mortgage bill.

Thereby, with a slight improvement of 20 to 50 points, you could potentially save thousands of dollars on your mortgage.

Find Your Perfect Rental Home

The first thing that lenders do when you intend to rent their place is checking your credit score. In addition, some of them also require a full credit report.

Therefore, by having a poor credit rating, you could lose the chance to acquire your perfect new home. Moreover, the prices might happen to be far from affordable for you.

However, if you have a good credit score, you will always be a top choice for property managers. You will also have the chance to get the perfect rental home.

Acquire Greater Bargaining Power

The sad truth is, when your credit score is poor, you practically have no bargaining power. Instead, you are supposed to take the rates imposed onto you by the lenders.

This is a common practice among lenders, as they are aware of your situation, and they know you have very few options.

Moreover, the fact that you have less negotiating power can impact every financial decision you make. However, your negotiating power increases as your credit score rises. It, therefore, allows you to bargain with the lenders.

More-solid Future Preparations

Having a good credit score puts you in a pretty positive place. You will most likely be able to come to terms with your lender or be granted the credit you applied for.

That said, having great credit rates allows you to have a more solid future. Hence, it will be more likely to be approved for a credit card with 0% APR.

Pay Lower Mobile Phone Rates

Well-qualified borrowers get lower prices from cell phone carriers – and that is a fact.

If you happen to have a strong credit rating, you may be able to purchase a cell phone on contract without having to pay a security deposit. This will allow you to receive a pricey cell at a lower price.

On the other hand, if you happen to have a poor credit score, you might be compelled to purchase a prepaid phone. Or to obtain a pay-as-you-go plan with subpar rates.

No Required Security Deposits on Utilities

It is commonly known that if you have a bad credit score, you will be asked to pay a security deposit on utilities.

Contradictory as it sounds, utility organizations know that you might struggle to make ends meet. Therefore, they will ask for you to pay for security deposits in case you miss your payments.

Moreover, deposits range from $100 to $400, depending on the state and the lender.

You can prevent the requirement for security deposits by raising your credit score.

Live Life to the Fullest

Our credit scores seem to affect our everyday life, and they do that to a great extent.

Therefore, fixing or improving your credit score will only help you live your best life while balancing your financial situation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Credit Repair Companies

If you want to check your credit score, credit report, or you want to approach a credit repair service, but you have no idea where to start – we have your back.

These are the 30 most frequently asked questions, and you can use the answers as a guide to improving your credit score.

Q: What is the difference between a credit and a mortgage?

A: While mortgages are typically used by people that want to purchase a home or an automobile, credit loans can be used for anything. Mortgages also have a lower rate when compared to credit lines.

Q: What are credit scores?

A: A credit score is a three-digit figure used as a rating of your lender’s trustworthiness. Your credit score is determined by the amount of credit you have had in the past, the number of inquiries you have made, and other criteria.

Q: Why do lenders ask for my credit score?

A: The main reason why lenders ask for your credit score is so they can make a risk assessment. Based on the kind of risk you might pose for the lenders, they will propose their rates. The higher risk you pose, the higher the rates will be.

Q: How to tell if I have a good credit score?

A: According to experts, any credit score calculated at more than 671 points is considered a good credit score.

Q: How do I tell if my credit score is bad?

A: You have a bad credit score if it is less than 670.

Q: What counts towards lowering my crediting rating?

A: Multiple factors can cause significant drops in your credit score. Such are submitting late payments, foreclosures, holding excessive credit card balances, and ignoring wrong items on your credit records.

Q: For how long is an item a part of my credit record?

A: This is mainly dependent on the item and the bureau at hand. Each bureau has its regulations. However, most commonly, items remain on your credit report for seven to ten years.

Q: How many credit scores do I have, and can I have more than one?

A: Yes. You have three. Three different bureaus track the three credit scores. More often than not, the numbers are relatively close in all three.

Q: Is there a limit for credit score rating?

A: Yes. There is a minimum and maximum possible credit score, with the minimum being set at 300, while the maximum is at 850 points.

Q: What can increase my credit score?

A: Limiting the number you apply for new accounts, never missing payments, catching up on past-due bills, and building your credit file are all factors that can increase your credit score.

Q: Who can check my credit score?

A: Your credit score is evaluated by all lenders. These also include mortgage lenders, car lenders, and credit card issuers.

Q: Which organizations keep track of my credit score?

A: Three main bureaus in the US keep track of your credit score: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

Q: What are credit bureaus?

A: Credit bureaus are private corporations that keep track of applicants’ creditworthiness. Credit bureaus monitor every criterion to assess your creditworthiness.

Q: Credit report vs. credit score: How are they different?

A: Credit reports contain a list of items that affect your credit rating. A credit score is a three-digit number that indicates your creditworthiness.

Q: Should I know what a FICO score is?

A: FICO score represents the credit score created by the private organization. They do not keep track of your information on their own. But, they collect your data from the three major US bureaus and attach a number to your credit.

Q: Who calculates my FICO score, and how is it done?

A: The private organization FICO calculates your credit score. The factors examined include payment history, amounts owed, lengthiness of your credit history, the new credit, and a mix of credits.

Q: How do I obtain a good credit score?

A: Paying your bills before their due date, keeping credit card balances down, using several sources of credit, and avoiding excessive debt are the best ways to improve your credit score.

Q: Who can fix my credit rating?

A: Besides yourself, you can contact a credit repair company to fix your credit rating.

Q: How do credit repair companies operate?

A: First, you contact a credit repair company and ask for their services. Then, they examine your credit record for any incorrect entries and then erase them. Lenders and credit bureaus are required by law to prove each entry on your credit record or erase it.

Q: What can I find on my credit record?

A: A lot of information is stored on your credit record. Such are your account name, ID information, credit history and inquiries, your credit rating, credit limits, late payments, and your public records.

Q: What is the minimum credit score that will allow me to purchase a house?

A: The minimum credit score that will allow you to purchase a house is set at 620 points.

Q: What is the minimum credit score that will allow me to purchase a vehicle?

A: You can find lenders to let you purchase a vehicle with a scoring rate of 500. Yet, the recommended credit score for you to buy a car is 550.

Q: Can my credit score affect my working experience, and how?

A: Unfortunately, your credit score can affect your employment. Having a poor credit score could potentially lower your chances of acquiring a job or even getting promoted.

Q: Can I get a free credit report?

A: Yes, you can. Once a year, all three major credit bureaus are lawfully obliged to provide you with your credit report.

Q: What does credit repairing mean?

A: Credit repairing is essentially the process of raising your credit score.

Q: What is the fastest way to repair my credit?

A: The fastest way to repair your credit is to contact the best credit repairing company to best address your needs.

Q: How fast can a credit repairing company improve my score?

A: Some credit repairing companies claim to improve your score within a few weeks. But, most credit repairing organizations guarantee an improvement after several months.

Q: Can I boost my credit score for free?

A: You can. You can use a free organization to help you monitor your credit score. You can also follow the guidelines for improving your credit score.

Q: What types of credits affect my credit scores?

A: Simply put – every type of credit affects your credit score.

Q: Can I improve my credit score on my own?

A: Yes. You can improve your credit score on your own by following the guidelines to having a better credit score. Or by contacting the credit bureaus to address errors and request their removal.

Top 14 Credit Repair Services and Companies for 2021 Conclusion

A stellar credit score is a dream of every American. However, the reality is different.

Countless people have inconsistencies in their credit records which lead to worse credit scores. And credit ratings are known to affect every aspect of our lives.

If you know how your credit score impacts your life and want to change that – choosing a good repair company is your first step there.

Our team has put in an incredible amount of work while conducting the research. Filtering out the top-notch choices was our highest priority.

The top 2021 credit repair companies are here to ensure you get the results you aspire to in the fastest way possible.

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