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A credit score is a numerical representation that determines a consumer’s ability to pay bills on time. This number affects nearly every aspect of a person’s life. A person with a low credit score is likely to pay more per year in car insurance, mortgage costs, or loan payments.

In a worst-case scenario, a bad credit score can prevent one from getting a job. Fortunately, good ways exist to help consumers fax a lousy credit score. Reputable credit repair services are available for consumers to utilize annually to boost their credit scores. By choosing a good credit repair service, one can improve a credit score by hundreds of points.

Each credit repair company claims to help users fix a bad credit score. However, not all credit repair services can deliver their promises. Besides, some charge very expensively for their services while others offer good services at competitive prices. With many companies offering credit repair services, consumers face a challenge in selecting the best provider.

Which company provides the best credit repair services? How can one spot the best credit repair service? To separate the best providers from the rest, we tested and rated different companies that provide credit repair services online.

The Top 14 Credit Repair Services in 2021

After careful analysis and testing of several credit repair services, we ranked the best credit repair services available, which are best suited for an average citizen seeking to improve their credit score. Here are our rankings of the best credit repair services in 2021:

  • Sky Blue Credit
  • Credit Saint
  • Lexington Law
  • TransUnion
  • Credit Sesame
  • Credit Karma
  • The Credit Watcher
  • Credit Monkey
  • MyFICO
  • CuraDebt
  • FreeScore360
  • The Credit People
  • Leap Credit

To understand how these credit services work, let’s discuss each of them individually.

Sky Blue Credit

Sky Blue Credit takes the first slot as one of the best credit repair companies to consider in 2021. The company charges its services at $79 per month and comes with a free 6-day trial period. All purchases are also backed by a 90-day moneyback guarantee—something unavailable from other credit repair companies.

Sky Blue Credit has been operational since 1989, making it one of the oldest providers on this list. Besides, the company can identify credit issues other providers ignore. This gives users a better score improvement than they can get from other providers on this list.

Other advantages of this company include faster dispute resolution (15-35 days), professional analysis, state law research for each debt collection issue, and customized disputes. Importantly, Sky Blue Credit is the top-ranked credit repair company listed here with thoughtful challenges and actionable improvements in credit score.

Credit Saint

image 12

Credit Saint is one of the best credit repair companies to consider in 2021. The company offers a credit restoration service that claims to be number one in challenging any inaccurate credit information. Credit Saint grants a free consultation up front, making it easy for consumers to see exactly how the company works and how it can help them. More importantly, Credit Saint is one of the companies listed here that offer a 90-day moneyback guarantee. This provision allows users to request a complete refund on their orders within 90 days.

Credit Saint is best-known for running a private dashboard, its top-notch educational resources, and overall experience. Consumers using this credit repair service can improve their scores fast, efficiently, and effectively. The company also offers free services apart from its paid credit repair service. Such freebies include free credit evaluation for consumers who would want to start using credit repair services.

Lexington Law

image 6

Lexington Law is available online at This company offers an efficient credit repair process backed by a professional law firm. Good credit repair doesn’t happen instantly. Instead, it takes time, effort, and legal expertise. Lexington Law allows users to get that expertise and help them repair their credit scores.

To accomplish its goals, Lexington Law begins by researching and reviewing the credit score of its clients. The company then analyzes the credit report and determines which negative aspects are wrongfully affecting the score. It challenges each item and files a dispute against each of them.

After filing a dispute against each item, the company asks the bureaus and creditors to review the negative pieces and verify them as accurate and fair. If they fail to verify the information as accurate, then they should legally remove them. Most importantly, Lexington Law can manage and supervise its clients’ credit scores over time while dealing with new issues as they arise on their reports.

Additionally, Lexington Law is among the most experienced credit repair companies listed here. Established in 2004, the firm has helped remove more than 70 million faulty items from its client’s credit reports. The company boasts nearly two decades of experience in credit repair service, making it one of the best options available.

image 10

This company offers many free rewards that are unavailable from other providers listed here. For instance, it provides a free negative item review, a free credit score, and summary, as well as a free credit improvement plan—all of which are lacking from other providers on this list.

Once a client gets this free information, they can proceed with’s complete services. The company works similarly to other top-ranked credit repair services on this list. scans it’s client’s report for any erroneous entry, in which case it challenges the bureaus and lenders to confirm the accuracy of the disputed entries.

According to law, bureaus must delete any entry that they cannot verify. This is how the company improves the credit score of its members. So far, has helped delete 1.8 million entries since 2012. Since its launch, the company has filed more than 19 million challenges and disputes.

In 2019 alone, the company sent more than one million interventions. These reasons and more make one of the top-ranked credit repair services on the market today. It’s also one of the few companies on this list with flexible pricing options, including aggressive, moderate, and basic plans according to how clients want to improve their credit scores.


image 1

TransUnion is among the three major credit bureaus in the US, alongside Experian and Equifax. In addition to credit repair, the company offers other credit protection services. It monitors credit scores as a non-profit business and provides subscription services to help it monitor and improve credit scores over time.

TransUnion provides several tools that can help improve credit scores. For only $25 per month, subscribers can get enough tools such as CreditCompass and Credit Lock Plus to improve their credit scores. With CreditCompass, users can get recommendations to point their credit scores in the right direction. Similarly, Credit Lock Plus allows users to protect their TransUnion reports in just a few clicks. This covers the reports from further damage when the information is compromised.

Another benefit of subscribing to TransUnion services is ID theft insurance. With this service, subscribers get up to $1 million of insurance against identity theft. In that case, if a subscriber’s information is compromised, leading to loss of money, then TransUnion can compensate the subscriber. Additionally, TransUnion offers adequate tools to help users repair and manage their credit scores with free ID protection, among other benefits.

Credit Sesame

image 11

Credit Sesame allows users to understand, access, and maximize the use of their credit scores. The company is among the few providers on this list with an effective mobile app. Users can access the Credit Sesame app on both Android and iOS devices. This makes it easy to manage and repair credit scores on the go.

More importantly, Credit Sesame’s app focuses on the personal credit management platform. This platform allows users to monitor and observe all issues associated with the user’s credit. Users can access their credit score, view their credit report free at any time, and learn more about credit scores.

The best part of this company is that its services are free. Unlike other providers on this list that charge a fee to access a credit report, Credit Sesame is free to use. Besides, the company provides personalized assistance based on the user’s credit, which allows them to utilize their credit for different opportunities.

Credit Karma

image 14

Credit Karma is among the best credit repair companies to consider in 2021. The company is one of the best-known credit repair services on the market today, with a wide range of credit repair services and other credit-related products. It comes with a free app, which users can download to join a community of more than 100 million members.

Like Credit Sesame, Credit Karma is free. The company provides free insight into the user’s credit score and report. In return, they use the information to present users with offers. Credit Karma has multiple presentations for credit cards, loans, accounts, savings opportunities, auto financing, and mortgages, among others.

Since the app is free to use, customers don’t have to take advantage of these opportunities. In some cases, the best credit repair services are the ones managed by the user. Credit Karma allows users to manage and monitor their credit score, thereby helping them to avoid erroneous entries and penalties.

The Credit Watcher

image 2

The Credit Watcher allows users to instantly access their three credit scores from the three major bureaus. Users can get secure online delivery of their three credit reports immediately while they continue receiving their credit scores and credit reports daily.

The Credit Watcher is also among the credit repair companies listed here that work as a monitoring and reporting service. Users should note that Credit Watcher is not a full-service credit repair company. The company gives users the information they need about their credit, which allows them to track their improvements over time and avoid erroneous entries.

The main disadvantage of using The Credit Watcher is its price. The company charges $39.90 per month for its services. Besides, the company doesn’t give users the same personalized assistance as other companies on this list do. However, users can pay a premium to avoid having their information sold.

Credit Monkey

image 13

Credit Monkey charges its services from $99 to $499 per month, available in all 50 states in the US. Notably, the company claims to give users meaningful improvement to their credit score by deleting any erroneous entries. As revealed by the company, 89% of credit reports have false entries and other mistakes. While such errors could be as simple as inquiries, there are significant errors such as collection issues, bankruptcies, late payments, or charge-offs. All these can lower a person’s credit score.

Credit Monkey provides users with six different plans to improve their credit score. The more a user pays, the more entries can be removed from their credit report. For example, the basic plan, which costs $99 per month, can remove up to five negative items from a credit report.

The highest-level plan costs $499 per month. It includes five active credit cards, deletion of an unlimited number of public records, negative items, and a $10,000 credit line.


image 5

MyFICO is the registered consumer division of FICO, an analytics company that monitors credit scores using information from all three bureaus. MyFICO offers two plans—an advanced plan for $29.95 per month and a premier subscription service that costs $39.95 per month. Both subscriptions allow users to monitor their credit score, thereby checking for errors and mistaken entries.

Overall, MyFICO displays its credit repair and tracking services as an all-in-one solution. Users can get data from all three bureaus instead of getting it from one or two bureaus. Users should note that their lenders already use their FICO score, so they should make sure to know their FICO score, including how it works.

Ninety percent of lenders already use FICO scores to calculate rates, which is why MyFICO makes it easy to track the critical metric to help boost credit scores. Upon subscribing to MyFICO’s services, users can receive complete three-bureau coverage, amongst other perks:

  • Up to $1 million of identity theft protection
  • 24/7 identity restoration service
  • Continuous tracking of credit score
  • Credit report
  • Identity

The only difference between the two plans offered by MyFICO is that the Advanced plan gives users updates every three months, while the Premier plan provides updates every month.


image 9

Launched in 2000, CuraDebt has offered debt relief services in the United States and helping users with tax debt, medical bills, credit card issues, and other unsecured debt. The company offers a free savings estimate that enables users to see how much they can save before ordering anything from the company.

In the last two decades, the company has served more than 200,000 clients. This makes it one of the top-ranked debt relief companies that could help lighten the financial burden. Besides, CuraDebt boasts a strong team with more than 100 years of combined experience in solving tax and debt problems.

The company focuses on tax resolutions, complex resolutions, audit defense, partial payment plans, and non-collectible resolutions. By reducing their debt, users can improve their credit scores. CuraDebt helps users lower the amount they can owe, thereby helping them raise their credit score.


image 8

This company offers credit repair services by providing credit scores from all the three mainstream bureaus in the US. It charges a $29.95 monthly subscription fee for its services. FreeScore360 gives users a seven-day free trial, which allows them to access their credit scores immediately they sign up.

On the seventh day after sign-up, the company starts charging $29.95 every month if the user hasn’t cancel the subscription. The subscription runs every month for ongoing tracking until the user cancels. Once subscribed, users get access to FreeScore360’s ScoreSense system, which provides daily monitoring and alerts.

Besides, the company runs an interactive learning center that gives users further insight into their credit score and its functions. For those looking to monitor their credit score at affordable costs, FreeScore360 could be the best option.

The Credit People

image 3

The Credit People is another company to consider when it comes to credit repair. According to their estimates, an average customer could increase their credit score by 53 – 187 points when using their services. This company boasts strong reviews online from Consumer Affairs and other mainstream review websites.

So far, The Credit People has helped remove over 1.4 million issues from its customers’ reports. Additionally, up to 78% of its employees have received loan approvals, 71% home loan approvals, and 81% credit approvals, among other benefits by using their service.

Available online at, this company helps users access all three credit reports and credit scores once they sign up. The users get guaranteed results in less than 60 days while the company takes specific steps to improve their credit score.

While it appears like a new service, The Credit People has served for 15 years, offering credit repair services for as low as $19. It’s currently one of the top-ranked credit repair services on the market, which go beyond mentoring services.

Leap Credit

image 7

Leap Credit makes it easy for users with all credit levels to get the money they need faster. Leap Credit offers a simple application process and fast approval, among other advantages for users with all credit levels.

Leap Credit offers loans to users based on basic terms such as a verifiable source of income, an open checking account, and a US citizen of at least 18 years old. Once all the conditions are met, the money is sent to the user’s account in as little as two business days.

How We Ranked the Best Credit Repair Companies 2021

All credit repair companies promise to help users improve their credit scores by applying proven and reputable methods. However, not all credit repair companies live up to that promise. To come up with this ranking of the best credit repair services, the following metrics were applied:

Credit Score Improvement

People use credit repair services to improve their credit scores. After analyzing several credit score companies, the most important thing that stood out was the number of points they improved users’ credit scores on average. Top-ranked credit repair companies can improve a score by at least 100 points.

Price and Value

Some clients can comfortably spend thousands of dollars on improving their credit scores. However, most people can only afford less than that. This ranking considered the price and value of each service.

Transparency and Honesty

Some credit repair companies exaggerate their claims regarding their services. For example, some providers claim they can improve credit scores by hundreds of points in just one week, which is near impossible. This ranking preferred providers that were transparent and honest with their benefits.

Accurate Estimated Credit Score Increases

Top-rated credit repair companies can monitor the average number of points by which they could improve customers’ credit scores. For instance, gives an estimated credit score improvement of 53-187 points depending on the average increase from previous customers.

Repairs Versus Monitoring

Some credit companies focus on monitoring while others take specific steps to repair users’ credit scores. Consumers with limited knowledge often find it difficult to know how each credit repair company works. This ranking preferred companies that prioritize credit repair services as opposed to basic monitoring.

Credit Repair Methods

Most credit repair services work by disputing erroneous data on a user’s credit report. This is easy, and anyone can simply do it by contacting the three credit bureaus. However, the best credit repair services go beyond this and provide proof for each item on a credit report.

Satisfaction Guarantee and Refund Policy

Credit repair companies seldom guarantee an increase in credit scores. However, the best credit repair companies support their claims with a moneyback guarantee and other customer satisfaction promises. For instance, Credit Saint provides a 90-day moneyback guarantee to all its clients.

Dashboard, User Interface, and Overall Convenience

Some credit repair websites have a user dashboard that is easy to use, making it easy for users to monitor and manage their credit scores. This listing considered overall customer experience, with a preference to companies that maximized customer experience to help them improve their credit scores.

Company Experience and Reputation

Some credit repair companies have many years of experience in helping people repair their credit scores online. Others are still new in the industry with limited experience, having launched their services in the last few years. This ranking considered a provider’s experience and overall reputation.

Top 10 Surprising Benefits of Repairing Your Credit Score

Repairing a credit score is one of the best decisions one can make. With a good credit score, one can get a mortgage or rent a home. It could also help improve chances of employment and save thousands of dollars in auto insurance.

With that in mind, here are the top 10 benefits of improving a credit score:

Marry the person of your dreams

According to Market Watch, 58 percent of Americans said they would not marry a partner with significant debt. In some cases, people go as far as running a credit report on a preferred partner before they begin a serious relationship. Bad credit could be a red flag that prevents a person from getting a life partner.

Cheaper Auto Insurance

A good credit score leads to cheaper auto insurance. For instance, the average American spends $1450 per year on full coverage auto insurance. However, the average person with lousy credit parts with more than $2100 per year on auto insurance.

This means a bad credit score could make one pay more than $1000 more every year than the average citizen. In nearly every state (except Hawaii, Massachusetts, and California), insurance companies are mandated by law to calculate insurance premiums based on the customer’s credit score.

Better Credit Cards and Higher Limits

Improved credit scores could help one get new credit cards with higher limits. People with a good credit score are considered good at repaying loans. This attracts more companies to lend them money, coupled with other rewards and annual perks. Repairing a credit score also unlocks better opportunities.

Cheaper Mortgage Rates and Easier Approval

People with bad credit scores can find it more challenging to get a mortgage. Even if they get a mortgage, they could pay significantly higher rates than those with a good credit score. A good credit score can reduce mortgage costs by thousands of dollars.

Easier Approval When Renting a Home

For those who are renting, many proprietors and property management companies often require a credit report. People with bad credit could struggle to rent a property at a safe and affordable price. All other factors constant, landlords and property management firms will choose the applicant with the better credit score.

Superior Negotiating Power

With a bad credit score, one can have no negotiating power. In that case, there’s no option but to take the rates offered by the lenders. With few other options, one is pushed to make a costly final decision. Improving a credit score could help boost negotiating power.

Better Cell Phone Rates

Smartphone manufacturers give better rates to reputable lenders. People with good credit scores can get a smartphone on contract without a security deposit. Such users can end up with a better phone than they would typically get. On the other hand, people with bad credit are forced to buy prepaid cell phones or use pay-as-you-go plans that deliver substandard rates.

No Security Deposit on Utilities

People with bad credit scores are required to pay a security deposit on all utilities. This is because utility companies suspect them to struggle with payments. The security deposit, which ranges between $100 and $300, can cover any late payments. However, an improved credit score can remove the need for security deposits, giving users peace of mind.

Cheaper Homeowners Insurance Premiums

One can pay thousands of dollars in homeowners’ insurance costs every year. A homeowner with bad credit is likely to pay more, even twice as much on the same. Homeowners with bad credit are often considered riskier to insure, as insurers believe they risk missing payments or committing insurance fraud.

Improved Confidence and Peace of Mind

Having a better credit score gives one peace of mind. It also proves the person is a responsible adult in charge of their financial future. This means one can have bragging rights and more confidence, even if they don’t tell anyone about it.

The Top 14 Credit Repair Services in 2021 Conclusion

Millions of Americans struggle with their credit score, many of them with errors on their credit reports. As noted earlier in this guide, a bad credit score can affect some of the essential parts of a person’s life. It can lower the chances of getting a job, mortgage, or getting a car loan, among others.

With an increased credit score, one can build a good financial record and improve their financial future. Reputable credit repair companies use certified strategies to target and repair credit scores in various ways. This guide provides the best credit repair companies that one can consider in 2021.

This list will be updated continually as new revelations come upon improving a credit score quickly. Users should be keen to apply due diligence beyond this post. However, it’s worthwhile to try one or two of the companies mentioned on this list. Everyone can improve their credit score regardless of their position today. To get started, consult one of the best credit repair companies listed here.

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