Advan Research Announces Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS) Foot Traffic Data


NEW YORK, February 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Advan Research Corporation, the leading provider of geolocation data and analytics platform serving the financial industry, has announced the launch of a CMBS pedestrian traffic counting product . Daily visitors, employees, residents and dwell times on every CMBS property, loan and transaction are now available on Advan’s FiT terminal and as a data feed. Traffic data is a clear leading indicator of CMBS spreads, which were provided by Solve Advisors for testing.

“CMBS investors have to wait 3 months or more to get net operating income from properties in each CMBS transaction; our pedestrian traffic and the number of employees offer the same visibility with a lag of one day. This is not only a completely new paradigm for the market, but it is especially important in these unprecedented times when historical assumptions about properties are difficult or impossible to apply, ”said Yiannis Tsiounis, Ph.D. , founder and CEO of Advan.

Advan’s foot traffic data has been used extensively by stock analysts over the past 5 years to accurately forecast the performance of 2,800 businesses, including all REITS shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, offices and residences, and other locations typically underlying CMBS transactions. The correlation between foot traffic and revenue is greater than 0.95 on an annual basis for many businesses. Advan has tested CMBS traffic data against live prices and spreads from Solve Advisor, and verified that these correlations not only hold, but also dominate the 1-3 month market.

“The part that excites us the most is that we can bring almost continuous data to a market that previously worked with quarterly and semi-annual fundamental updates. It’s a pretty revolutionary leap forward that will inevitably bring more transparency to a market that desperately needs it, ”added Grigorios Reppas, COO of Advan.

About Advan Research
Advan provides hedge funds, real estate investors, retailers and corporations with pedestrian and vehicle traffic and behavior information that enables them to make better business and investment decisions. Its institutional-level analyzes provide rapid and actionable insights into customer behavior and business activity. Advan processes billions of foot traffic daily observations from thousands of mobile phone apps at 150 million sites and 2,800 businesses across industries. Using its exclusive manual geofencing, it has developed the most comprehensive and accurate location data, available in seconds via a self-service dashboard. Advan also calculates 20 years of weather data on all of its covered locations as well as 6 years of commercial truck traffic data.

Advan is headquartered in New York. For more information, please visit

About Solve Advisors
Solve is a New York-based financial technology company founded in 2011 and a leading market price provider in the fixed income markets. Across structured products, corporate bonds, syndicated bank loans, CDS and municipalities, the SolveQuotes platform aggregates real-time offers, deals, BWIC price discussions and covers, among other data market, helping to provide unparalleled price transparency. Powerful workflow tools take the hassle out of the BWIC process, consolidate dealer inventories, and streamline month-end for the back office. The Solve team, led by co-founders Eugene Grinberg and Gerard Nealon, has extensive expertise and a passion for financial markets and the development of innovative technologies.

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