A new guide, “How to Start a Credit Repair Business in 2022”, has just been launched by E-Commerce 4 IM

SCARBOROUGH, Maine, February 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — E-Commerce 4 IM, a merchant services resource based in New England since 2013, has just released its free online guide, “How to Start a Credit Repair Business in 2022.”

Alex Roy, the president of E-Commerce 4 IM, says he released the new practical guide based on the challenges facing new credit repair businesses. Here’s how he explains it: “Starting a credit repair business in 2022 is complex and, unfortunately, comes with many surprises for a large percentage of new business owners. From making sure your URL is available and fully decided before you spend money on websites, logos and design, to make sure you sit down with a lawyer and CPA before starting your business, to choose software that allows you to integrate friendly payment processing for credit repair, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of things to consider.”

The new guide, which is available on the E-Commerce 4 IM website, addresses many of the most common issues facing a new credit repair business. Below are some highlights from the guide that cover a range of topics.

The first topic covered in the guide is choosing a legal entity – or structure – for a new debt collection company. The new guide strongly emphasizes the value of sitting down with both a qualified attorney and a CPA before deciding what type of business you will establish. Later in this same section, the guide provides links to SBA resources that detail all common entity types with their pros and cons.

The second section deals with the creation of a business current account. He makes the following suggestion: “Sometimes a small local bank or credit union will be the best choice in terms of flexibility and available options.”

Then the guide “How to start a credit repair business in 2022” explains how to choose a website address for a new credit repair business, as well as an in-depth section on choosing a website builder or a customer relationship management (CRM) that enables the integration of high-risk payment processing. According to Alex Roy, this piece is often overlooked by new agencies. “All too often,” says Alex, “new business owners don’t realize that the systems, email invoicing programs, shopping carts, or CRMs they’ve invested in allow limited integration of high-risk payments. This can be a nightmare for business owners, who then have to delay launching their business and often have to start over with new technologies.”

Credit repair is considered a “high risk” industry due to increased regulatory scrutiny and increased likelihood of consumer disputes or “chargebacks.” In practice, this means that most common payment gateways and merchant account providers do not allow debt repair companies to use their services.

According to E-Commerce 4 IM, their mission is to provide “specialized processing for specialized industries”. By limiting their types of online merchant account and chargeback mitigation clients, which now include credit repair, EC4IM staff can better specialize and provide more personalized information.

“We are focused on helping businesses with payment processing and chargeback mitigation services,” says Alex. “Our model is one of the goals. We specifically deal in credit repair, credit education, credit counseling, online courses, recurring billing and event companies from business training. This focus means that our staff have experience in credit repair payments and are better able to provide specific advice on credit card processing. This new guide simply builds on what we are already doing, which helps business owners succeed.

E-Commerce 4 IM’s new “How to Start a Credit Repair Business in 2022” guide is free and available without providing any personal information or signing up for a mailing list. You can read the guide directly at https://ecommerce4im.com/how-to-start-a-credit-repair-business-complete-guide/

E-Commerce 4 Internet Marketers is an Internet marketing payment service and chargeback mitigation provider focused on the credit repair industry and online education. For more information, visit http://ecommerce4im.com or call 1-800-570-1347.

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